Ducks Football vs The Ohio State Buckeyes: A New Rivalry?

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In a recent article from 24/7 Sports, there’s word about Our Beloved Ducks being locked into a back-to-back season series against the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2032-2033. Now, 2032 is a long way away for us Duck fans today, but this says much more about the program than what the article title indicates.

The Ducks won’t just be confirmed to be playing a perennial championship contender in college football for two consecutive seasons in the future, the Ducks are being considered as approaching the status of being a dynastic program. Despite this newfound “contendership,” true Oregon fans will unfortunately never forget the College Football Playoff debut performance of the Buckeyes and Ducks’ championship game.

Outside of the championship game even, the Buckeyes have never lost to the Ducks in a college football game before (a nine game win streak dating back to 1958), why would they value a matchup with the Ducks so highly? The scheduling payout at a lofty $3.5 million has a lot to do with the matchup this year (a rescheduling/change of matchup would be even more expensive for OSU), but there’s something more to be said about what respect the Ducks’ program has earned from a particular new coach’s vision.

Mario Cristobal’s new era of Duck football.


Mario Cristobal’s infectious energy is something to behold in the new-look Ducks program.

His reign is short lived at this point, and he may not even be the Ducks’ head coach when these two games against the Buckeyes in the future are finally played. But his mark has already been realized by neighboring elite programs.

Oregon’s football program is getting the commercial respect it deserves as well as the competitive, which is something the Ducks had started to lose grasp of before Cristobal took over the program. The reality of those two factors working in tandem for the program is: the Ducks are being respected the way they deserve by elite programs (whether it be commercially or competitively). Other teams are sure to follow Ohio State’s lead from the SEC and Big-10, as Oregon again is becoming a true West Coast contender, a status in college football they flirted with in the early 2010s.

Do you think the Buckeyes could turn into a classic matchup with the Ducks in the not-so-near future? In 2032, what are the odds Cristobal is still around to coach the team that he’s elevated to such great new heights? What do you think the chances are the Ducks beat the Buckeyes this upcoming season?

Alex Heining
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by: John Giustina

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For Football Season: FishDuck Back to Seven Days a Week!

I had to shut down the daily articles on July 20th because I could no longer work the extra 3 to 12 hours per week of certain managerial/editorial duties. (beyond the usual ones with FishDuck)

I’ve had a blast writing without those duties, and now, due to a new agreement with the writers, I can announce that we will have articles seven days a week again. I wish to thank the writers publicly for their graciousness in coming to a solution, as now I still do not have do those extra duties with our agreement, and meanwhile the writers are back having fun creating articles as I am.

Everybody is happy! So below is the new schedule through football season:

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Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Ducks Win Pitchers Duel!

Oregon beat Stanford 2-1 last night as starter Robert Ahlstrom (North Eugene) was brilliant for 7.3 innings and was relieved by closer Kolby Somers (Hillsboro) who finished out all the Cardinal batters. The Oregon runs were scored on a two-run Home Run by Gabe Matthews, (South Salem) who also scored Aaron Zavala (South Salem) who got on base at the right time.

We gotta win every game we can, and they play again today at 3:00 on the Pac-12 Channel or Live-Stream. So great to see players from the State of Oregon doing so well!


I don’t think that Ohio State will turn into a rivalry outside of some fantastical reorganization of conferences. We already have an OSU rivalry, and I’d throw in the two Washington teams as well, which is enough.

I like the scheduling though, and I think it speaks well to both programs to be doing it.

In the current playoff system, power 5 teams who schedule cupcake non-conference games are rewarded with a playoff berth as long as they can handle business in the conference. Utah would be an example – if they’d beat the Ducks, they seemed to be a near lock for the playoffs.

Their non conference foes that year were BYU, Northern Illinois, and Idaho State. BYU would have to be the headliner there, at 7-6.

At some point the argument “they will rank you higher if you play a tough non-conference schedule” does not seem to match reality.

If the playoff expansion idea keeps gaining steam and becomes reality, then becoming the conference champs gets you in. And in that case, scheduling tough non-conference games helps you prepare for the post season, assuming you can keep players healthy.

I am crossing my fingers that the expansion will have happened by then, and our program is still going strong to take advantage of it.

Jon Sousa

When I was a teen, the rivalry was between Ohio State and USC. (I know, Michigan was and is their real rival). They met frequently in the Rose Bowl and often, the National Championship was on the line.

The only way this turns into a rivalry is if they meet in the playoffs with some regularity.


Hopefully we play better than the last two times we faced them. This is a huge barometer game for the program and MC.


Years ago we were a team that elite programs would schedule to pad their schedules. Today, we are a dangerous team to have on the schedule. I am looking forward to watching how this season plays out.

This years game at Ohio State is winnable, but their home field is such a “hostile environment”. Not many teams have gone to Ohio State and beat them on their home turf lately. Oregon will need to create turnovers to have a legitimate chance in this one.


It almost seems like my dream of The Oregon Football Program playing around the different regions is being realized. We go to Texas a couple times, Hawaii and the midwest over the next decade. We just need to get down to the Florida region, the south to further help our recruiting. This is a critical piece to keep Oregon in the recruits minds.

A rivalry with tOSU will hopefully happen along with Alabama and Clemson. This can only happen when we start winning some Natty’s in the coming years.

It use to be we were the innovators the rest of the nation watched. We still have the flashy uniforms, but innovation is being replaced by elite recruiting. It is too bad Oregon can’t continue to innovate on the field, and have track speed, but this is the Cristobal way, and we will have to embrace it.

We need to keep competing for the recruiting titles, the playoffs, and then the rivalry’s will take care of themselves.


Alex, I admire Ohio State for scheduling us. Although, I believe the risk of an upset in Columbus this fall is minimal.

I don’t think this game, passed meetings, or future series constitute a “rivalry .” I hate to use the pompous old dog from that team to the north’s quote but “to be a rivalry one team has to win occasionally.” 0 for 9 is not a rivalry.


I sure hope so as well Alex.

By the way, I enjoy your articles. I encourage you to continue writing. The world can use a few more good sports writers. My wife is a grad of the U of O school of journalism. She parlayed her degree into a very successful career in sales and marketing. Go Ducks!

Santa Rosa Duck

Thanks Alex. I doubt this becomes a rivalry as the games will be years apart. Scheduling games 8-12 years out makes this almost impossible. I am looking forward to this game and just fine with meeting real contenders early on the other hand I am not looking forward to Stony Brook. How did this get scheduled? I literally had never heard of them until they showed up on the schedule.

Fresno State, I am OK with. They often can be a powerhouse and hopefully we do not overlook them. GO DUCKS!