Ducks on the Verge of Becoming a Basketball Powerhouse?

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247Sports five-star point guard Dior Johnson committed to the Ducks on Tuesday. He is the No. 3 prospect and No. 1 point guard for the class of 2022. He is considered a sure-fire, one-and-done future NBA lottery pick. Think of what Jalen Suggs did for Gonzaga this past season, and Johnson might be even better.

Over the past decade, head coach Dana Altman has transformed Oregon basketball from a mediocre to a very good program that is a perennial Sweet-16 team. Now, with Oregon’s recent influx of talent via recruiting and the transfer portal, the Ducks are on the cusp of turning into an “it” program where anything less than the Final Four could be considered a disappointment.

The Ducks did it in football and now they are doing it in basketball. To that, I just have one thing to say: Hell yeah!

How do you feel about our Ducks’ basketball program performance in the past few seasons? How much does coach Altman have to do with the team’s success as of late?

Darren Perkins
Spokane, Washington
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Call me cynical, but I worry that our getting all these blue chip players means there is behind the scenes shenanigans.

But until proven otherwise, I’ll believe the best. Altman certainly seems to put together competitive teams every year.
He is a master.

Not a fan of one and done, but with transfer rules and NIL changes, I expect to see much more movement among players and quicker roster changes year to year.


Just gotta avoid the injury curse!

Santa Rosa Duck

This all makes my head swim with the one and done’s and constantly changing perspective. If this is what happens to football, I will probably be one and done myself. But I do love my DUCKS!


Heck yeah! I concur. LOL and I also would love to see us get JT real soon because our D can use that type of a player on the D line. I just don’t believe he’s all Ohio Sts because if that were the case he’d already be done with recruiting because he’d of already signed with them. I believe they are out or 3rd behind us and BAMA. I still believe he will be a Duck because of all the great things we have to offer now.

As far as our new PG this is absolutely a game changer for this team. If he sticks it out with all the talent already here then I wouldn’t doubt we are a Final four team. Thanks Darren.

Jon Joseph

But with Saint Nick making the final pitch?


Side note, tOSU had their player with JTT’s high school number give it up. They then all dressed in that number to meet him at the airport for his recruiting trip. I am all about competing to sign a recruit, but that is pathetic.

I hope we sign JTT, but we don’t need to embarrass the program.

Glad we have Dior committed, and recruitment which is creative, aggressive and still full of integrity.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Meh. If we did it–I’d call it brilliant. (And we may have for all we know!)

Just might be true, but it was tOSU doing it so it must have been pathetic. The green goggles do blur things sometimes I’ll admit.

I will also say giving a kid his high school number is about a 2 on the creative scale. Oregon is known for pushing the scale not falling off it.


I’d like to apply a bit of air brake to this train. Johnson has a school playing track record of a jack rabbit. He has attended 5 different high schools…all for basketball reasons. I believe that he even announced once that he was going straight to the G-league. He was committed to Syracuse for 7 months before bailing on them. Johnson claims to have matured and taken responsibility for what he has been doing…that he wants to be more stable. But we’ll see. Leopards and all…..

Altman has been a gem of a find for the Ducks. He has brought in solid players and had blended them into winning teams. That said, his choice of the weave offense drives me nuts. I know the theory behind the offense, but it bores me to tears and is ineffective most of the time…breaking down into last second scrambles or ill advised shots.

Still, the man delivers and I’m appreciative of the joy he has provided us Oregon sports junkies.


You make a good point in terms of the kid’s mobility……he’s been all over the place. And he’s about to transfer out of his last high school, Centennial, to play his senior year elsewhere.

I place it at 50-50, at best, that he ever suits up for Oregon.

But if he does, he’ll be referred to as a “student athlete.”

Jon Joseph

After the recent SCOTUS pasting of the NCAA I’m not sure the nomenclature ‘student-athlete’ still exists?

J Duck

I look at Baylor and UVA winning titles the last couple years and the experienced rosters that pulled it off and then contrast with KY having 2 full platoons of top 25 recruits to put on the floor but many were one-and-done lottery picks. I think a non-starter that year was a lottery pick. They went 38-0 then lost in the semi’s to a team with Jr and Sr starters, like Baylor and UVA had.

That said, DA is the one coach who can consistently take a mish-mash of freshmen and transfers and make magic by March. He may have the most talented rosters of his Oregon tenure, on paper at least, this coming season and in near-future seasons. I wouldn’t bet against our chances in coming years, hopefully another banner hangs next to 1939 soon!


Keeping rosters together for any length of time is a challenge in college basketball and reloading via transfers, recruits, can be iffy. Altman has seemed to master it. He has shown an uncanny ability to mesh personalities and skill sets and by March his teams always seem to peak, the hallmark of a great coach,


As long as our team doesn’t get any significant injury’s. I would have to say we have all the ingredients to get far in the tourney. Also Mudslide brought out what Johnson has done in his career and in reality he’s right this youngster doesn’t have a clue in what he wants now. Hopefully he’s not wasting Coach’s time so he can recruit other positions and the PG one is done. We see from a fans view what goes down usually with players like this.

Their recruitment is a hard one to figure out but players like him that do this whirlwind type of transffering never really make anything out of their talent. We see this in Football players and it honestly doesn’t sit well with me. These kids have been told what they want to here nit what they should be told. Its like get over yourself because this attitude will not work in life.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

The first step beyond where Oregon is now is being consistently in the Top-Ten, and I believe he is on that path. When Final Four is assumed as a reasonable goal each year–then we’ve become a Powerhouse, IMHO.


I am about as excited for the upcoming sports seasons at Oregon as I can recall being.

Altman has proven to be a good fit in Eugene, which given his button down midwestern origins seems sort of odd.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Agreed. We are very lucky fans to KNOW that season to season, (the transition from fall-winter-spring, not year-to-year) Oregon fans get to watch a ton of winning.

Soak it up!

A ton of winning in multiple sports! MFB, Acrobatics & Tumbling, vollleyball, indoor track, M & W basketball, baseball, softball, track & field, M & W golf…

Outstanding coaching across thes sports as well. Unprecedented time to be a Duck fan!


Sounds like a game changer. Altman is a game changer, it will be nice to see a player who just might have as big of an impact even if it is just one season.

I think this is all Altman has needed to win it all, the one guy who can take over a game. The question will be who is going to be on the roster with him? Right now he would have some unique big men. This probably won’t be the case when he arrives.

Who will be his supporting cast, the question going forward.

Jon Joseph

Hope so.

Helps to have a roster management genius and an excellent game day coach in DA.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Spock and I would agree with you!

Spock does the O.jpg
Jon Joseph

Live Long and Prosper!


Coach Altman has everything to do with the quality and success of Oregon MBB. He’s the CEO, chief scout, head strategist and on-floor coach.

I’m not sure where this train is going, but I am on it!

The Ducks are rising, but not yet risen. The program is approaching prominence, but not yet a perennially prominent program. Duck basketball is at its highest level of modern times.

Go Ducks.

Jon Joseph

He is great at managing a roster that turns over year after year. CFB coaches will soon have to be doing the same.

Recruiting from The Portal in CFB will be almost as important as signing a new group of ‘rookies.’ More so for certain positions like QB. Mayfield + Murray at OK come to mind.

I think Utah bringing Charlie Brewer on board from Baylor to play QB in 2021 could change the calculus of the south division and perhaps the conference race?

I’m looking forward to seeing what AB can do but Brewer has played in and won far bigger games.


Agree about Brewer Jon. Also, the Beaver’s addition of Noyer is a bigger deal than it may seem.

Utah and Oregon State are poised to make some noise in their divisions.

Jon Joseph

Agreed. Noyer was a heck of a pick up by Smith. Smith is really working the transfer portal, which you would expect from a guy who does not bring in highly rated recruits.

Utah also picked up 2 transfer RBs who will help the Utes cause.


Noyer was a good get for OSU, but is still an average qb. He wouldn’t be a help to us. The Beavs are still hoping to be bowl eligible.