Oregon Fans: What’s Your FAVORITE Memory of the Decade?

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The football gods have been kind to Oregon football in recent years. Since 2010, the Ducks have been one of the most successful teams in college football, making a couple of National Championship Games, winning multiple BCS/NY6 bowl games, and perhaps most importantly, delivering some of the most memorable moments in program history.

There are the obvious plays and games that will forever be entrenched in the memories of the Oregon faithful, such as the Ducks’ historic blowout of Florida State in the 2015 Rose Bowl, LaMichael James’ ridiculous touchdown scamper against Tennessee in 2010, Marcus Mariota’s Houdini act against Michigan State in 2014, and De’Anthony Thomas’ electric touchdown run in the 2012 Rose Bowl. But there are so many others that deserve a mention, such as Vernon Adams Jr.’s otherworldly effort against Arizona State in a 2015 instant classic, Justin Herbert’s last-second touchdown strike to upset No. 12 Utah in 2016, or even Oregon’s shocking upset of the CFP-contending Utes in 2019.

The Ducks have been blessed with a decade of numerous exciting players, downright wild games, and a handful of can’t-miss performances. As we take some time to reminisce on the most successful decade in Oregon football history, what is your favorite memory or moment from the 2010s?

Joshua Whitted 
Morgantown, West Virginia
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Oregon prevails as Barner burns USC for 5 TDs
Kenjon Barner rushed for a school-record 321 yards and five touchdowns in 2012.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Santa Rosa Duck mentioned this game too below, and it never gets old. It was an epic game!

Kenjon Barner 2012 KC.jpg

So many great moments…
One for me is the Josh Huff td against the Beavers in 2013.
We were behind with 29 seconds left, Marcus fires a bit behind Huff but he turns back and makes a great catch to give us a 36-35 victory!

Santa Rosa Duck

I have mentioned this one before and will probably mention it again.

November 3, 2012 Memorial Coliseum, Oregon 62 vs USC 51

My wife and I had great seats among the USC faithful. I doubt I will ever see another performance in my lifetime as good as Kenjon Barner exploding for 321 yards and 5 TD’s. Marcus Mariota was hardly a slouch going 20/23 and 304 yards including 4 TD’s. The USC fans were in shock as USC played great but lost. Several said “We hope you go all the way this year”. Meanwhile I was yelling Kenjon Barner for President!


We too were at that game. What a great memory!


Undoubtably smashing FSU. Had marginal tickets and then my Oregon college friend’s boss and guests didn’t show. We used their tickets and Walked in to a fully stocked suite next to the ESPN 50 yard line camera with Phil knight on the opposite side. Needless to say a fully stocked bar catered food and that many points watching from the 50 led to a LOT of fun. Too much fun. So much fun that I now live in a van down by the river.

Brian Libby

I love all the memories people have mentioned so far, but one big favorite of mine that I don’t think anyone has touched upon yet is the De’Anthony Thomas kickoff-return TD to open the 2012 Fiesta Bowl. It’s not just that it was an amazing way to open the game. And it was just one of Thomas’s amazing long touchdowns in a January bowl.

But that night I actually had tears in my eyes as DAT ran the kick back. We all knew at that point that it would be Chip Kelly’s last game. It felt like that night was possibly going to become the end of Oregon’s golden age. That turned out to not exactly be the case. But I’ve scarcely felt such cathartic joy as I did after that play.


The Kstate fan sitting behind me was being a bit of a jerk, and he had just agreed on a beer bet on which team would score first. 90 seconds later he hands me a twenty and says, I’ll buy it, but I ain’t gonna get it! Lol. A great “dat” moment.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

That was for the best, as you would not want a disgruntled enemy fan considering putting “foreign” materials in your beer!

Santa Rosa Duck

“There he goes, and there he goes!”


Sitting behind the end zone in the Rose Bowl in 2012, seeing DeAnthony Thomas disappear into the line with a hand-off, only to emerge 91 yards later with a touchdown. Given the sight lines, all I was thinking was, “Where did he go?”.


I’ve mentioned this pay before but I think it still holds true for me.

The 100 yard fumble return against Utah in 2014. Few reasons why I love the play.

  1. Being in the Eccles stadium.
  2. Hearing Eccles go from an absolute frenzy to silence(The air was literally sucked from the stadium)
  3. Bragging to friends and coworkers at the time
  4. the fact that the play flipped the game. oregon hadn’t played well to that point but following the fumble TD they scored on every possession to close the half.

I think the Caelin Klay tape is probably also shown at almost all schools now to show the importance of walking through the back of the endzone before celebrating.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

There are so many for me, but a more recent one was in the Rose Bowl with ESPN’s Chris Fowler shouting, “Quarterback in the Clear!”

Quarterback in the Clear!_Tom Corno.jpg

Blowing out Florida State in the very first playoff game and seeing Jameis Winston fumble as he falls flat on his back is an outstanding moment for me.


The Constitutionalist

I was going to say the exact same. I was in the Marines at that time and one of my Marines was a die hard FSU fan. After all the hype around Winston and constantly hearing about how he was the best quarterback in a generation, it was refreshing to see the Ducks give them a solid thrashing. The next game though… oof.


I gotta go with Annie on this one. When Tony Washington scooped up Winston’s fumble, directly in front of our group and ran unscathed into the end zone it made the trip to Pasadena and the all too familiar inconvenience of parking and getting in and out of the Rose Bowl well worth the hassle. While Oregon was in charge at that point in the game, leading 39-20, Winston’s gaffe sealed the victory for the Ducks.

Another one of my favorite moments, which comes in just under the 10-year mark, is Dennis Dixon’s Statue of Liberty fake against Michigan in 2011 at the Big House. The sight of Dixon prancing untouched into the end zone while Michigan’s befuddled defenders had no clue who actually had the football, is an image that always brings a smile to my face.


I think the great moments culminated in Mariota winning the Heisman Trophy. It was also a moment acknowledging the power shift away from the other schools in the conference to Oregon.

That shift has again manifested itself with the recruiting, now it is time to win it all in this decade!


Some great examples Josh….

I loved the Oregon fans mock-chanting “SEC SEC SEC” when Tennessee was getting thrashed back in 2013. I still think those early decade teams had an honest shot at beating Bama when they still ran their outdated offence.

The Mariota Magic vs Michigan State for sure is up there.

Florida State’s whipping was great too. Watching Florida State’s DT Eddie Goldman with his hands on his hips the whole game trying to breath was awesome to see.