The Final Days of Larry Scott

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Larry Scott, the embattled Pac-12 Commissioner, is finally making his way out the door. Jon Wilner of the Pac-12 Hotline, in an article also posted on, takes one of his final parting shots at Scott. I’m sure he’ll have a few more before Scott’s reign ends on Jun 30th.

I’ve taken my fair share of shots at Scott over the years. There’s just something about the man’s underperformance mixed with an arrogance that tends to rub most decent folks the wrong way. And amazingly nothing is ever his fault. His exit is long overdue.

What are your thoughts as the Pac-12 is on the eve of changing leadership?

Darren Perkins
Spokane, Washington
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Larry’s leaving makes me want to break into the Hallelujah chorus. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Now, on to more important people. How about that women’s 10k win for the Ducks by Cardela Cardama Baez a few minutes ago? What a gutsy win. A toast to the champ!

Santa Rosa Duck

My only comment is don’t let the door hit you on your way out!


I’d say he was an ineffective con man, but he did con the PAC 12 admins out of some $45M.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Perfect final sentence that says it all!


Did he really con anyone? Wasn’t he just buds with the four most powerful/oldest presidents of the pac12 universities? Those idiots should be stripped of any position or say.


I agree with the general consensus; Scott’s personality and demeanor are disagreeable and not to my liking. However, I have never met the man. Any comments I might make as to who Larry Scott is or what his inner motivations may be would be purely speculative.

Darren points to Scott’s “under performance “ as the head of the conference. I couldn’t agree more Darren. To over promise and under deliver rarely goes over well.

I confess to being initially swayed by the Siren’s song of millions in media revenue which Scott sang when launching the PAC 12 Network. I should have poured wax in my ears. That ship ended broken on the rocks.

It is to be seen whether or not the New Guy can deliver. Unfortunately, I see more than a few similarities between Scott and his successor. The biggest of which is neither is a football guy. I’m taking an optimistic, wait and see attitude.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

He conned me at first too, as I thought the new Pac-12 contract at the beginning was the first step in great things to come. Little did I know that it was actually the high-point…


I think we’ve all seen the likes of Larry Scott before. He seems to be a smart, articulate, persuasive person who is also essentially a salesman gone bad; a grifter and a con-man. Whatever he does is really all about him, not the organization he is supposed to serve.

Big dollar deals, expensive real estate, private jets, all designed to make him look like a player. He knew that as long as he kept the few presidents on the committee happy, everyone else didn’t matter, and he knew how to play those presidents, like all successful salesmen do.

I sure hope the people who were apparently blind to Scott for many years have opened their eyes in making a new hire.


Agree the guy who went to a prep school and then an Ivy League school is very impressive to some on the west coast. He also is fluent in a Romance language, but only really speaks BS.

The Peter principle hits these types hard. They look like they know it all, but what they know is merely how to look like they know it all. They also know how to get themselves into advantageous situations. The WTA worked out for him, but when real work had to be done with the Pac-12 job he failed.

Agree, not sure how the leadership of the Pac-12 kept being bamboozled, but they did. Hopefully we can move onward and forward, with an emphasis on forward!


I work with a guy that has similar qualities. He spends more time and effort not doing the job he’s paid to do rather than just doing it. Our boss turns a blind eye because he hates confrontations. No one wants to admit they made a mistake.


What really bothered me about this “ordeal” is that it took so long to finally fire Larry Scott. Part of the problem appears to be the leadership that reviewed his performance and budget on a regular basis.


I think it is, many times, not so much support, but a lack of ability to admit they had made a mistake. We paid an extreme price for a group of individuals who couldn’t admit they had blundered the hiring of the commissioner. Larry put some stupid value on the network and they just looked all nodded their heads.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Drake–you are right on about the incompetence of the conference Presidents who allowed this nonsense to go on so long. They fiddled while the Pac-12 burned…


I couldn’t say it any better, “the man’s underperformance mixed with an arrogance that tends to rub most decent folks the wrong way!” All I could do was add an exclamation mark.


I agree with your point where you said “amazingly nothing is ever his fault.” That is why Larry Scott reminds me of the Danish literary folktale “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” As we all know this story is about a vain emperor who gets exposed before his subjects. I believe he started out with great intentions, but so many things began to unravel and went radically wrong. He never righted the ship which cost the PAC12 dearly.

As Jon Wilner pointed out, Larry Scott never saw himself at fault. He never apologized for his mistakes or tried to make amends for those mistakes to turn this conference around. Whether he actually realized it or not, he began to look out for his own interests and not the schools.

His parting words says it all from Jon Wilner’s article, “He blamed the schools for the Pac-12′s primary ills,” that says it all. That is why he is the vain emperor!

Here’s hoping the new commissioner will be the opposite of Larry Scott and make good financial decisions. Who will have all the schools interests in mind and bring this conference back to prominence.

Again, love this site! Go Ducks!!


unfortunately, he can now afford to be..