Oregon’s Mightiest Mustache: Appreciating Aaron Feld

Alex Heining Editorials 15 Comments

As you all may have seen in the past few seasons on the exuberant Oregon sideline, a mighty mustache has led the charge to our blue chip littered Oregon huddle. Aaron Feld, Our Beloved Ducks’ strength and conditioning coach, has brought unparalleled enthusiasm and energy to light that fire the Ducks undoubtedly need to dominate the opposition. TV timeouts have never been more exciting for fans at Autzen, with Feld perhaps being the easiest personnel on the Oregon staff to pick out even from deep in the stands. The rest of the college football world and associated media have fortunately begun to give Feld the appreciation he deserves and brought to attention how he gets the fans, players, and coaches all fired up for football season.

Having said that, it still feels necessary to reiterate how crucial figures like Feld can be for our most popular college football buzzword: culture.

Mario Cristobal’s staff has assembled a team supporting a culture that seems ready for long-term success, but that isn’t all on the shoulders of Cristobal. A team beaming with excitement and practicing as hard as anyone in the country doesn’t simply come from the head coach’s vision, the talent he’s assembled, and fan support that our Duck community has been able to provide for decades. It’s easy to forget that people like Feld are the reason that players buy into the vision by not only getting as prepared as they need to be physically, but mentally motivated to play the greatest team sport on the planet.

Eugene Johnson

Feld is always close behind Cristobal in getting our Ducks motivated coming on and off the field.

Although there were rumors this past offseason of him potentially jumping ship to Alabama, the Ducks were luckily able to keep him in Eugene and have extended him through the next two seasons. So if you haven’t seen him at a game yet in person, this is just another fantastic reason for us all (hopefully) to attend Duck games again this Fall and see the man with the mighty mustache (a new father, might I add!) in his Autzen element. 

When do you first remember noticing the great Aaron Feld at Oregon? What do you expect for the future with Feld as a cornerstone of what Cristobal’s culture is looking to build on?

Alex Heining
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo By: Craig Strobeck

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Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I am happy with the strength of the team, but in the end–it is results that count. Our rushing and scoring numbers have dropped under MC as we know, but a big part of that could be choices of scheme.

I will admit to being concerned seeing our team gassed out in the fourth quarter, and I hope that more attention to the cardio part of training will be addressed this year.


I totally agree. The vibe is evident but are the results? Athletes are looking good in the mirror but the field results are all that matters.

Defenses that play too many snaps get gassed. Three and outs keep both sides fresh. Unfortunately the offense wasn’t gassed.


I love everything about Aaron Feld but his sideline antics. They were cool for about three games but now they’ve just gotten old and cartoonish. I know that’s not a popular take.


Agree, but much like some of the uniforms choices, as long as the student athletes respond positively to them then it is ok with me. The proof is in the play during the 4th quarter, so far the jury is still out on that one, for me.


Kudos to Aaron Feld for the energy and gym dog mentality he instills.

We have heard about it and him for several years. We have heard about recruiting bigger framed guys and the effort they make in the gym. We’ve heard about adding muscle and increasing lift weights.

Will this be the year we see Feld’s contributions pay off? Will this be the year the defense and offense win the LOS? Will our Ducks tackle and man handle opponents?

The proof is in the pudding not the packaging.

Jon Joseph

Alex, OT, but I think Ducks fans will be interested in a few of Stewart Mandel’s observations in today’s Athletic, Pac-12-centric, Mailbag.

Oregon at Ohio State – “… Ohio State will score points regardless of who wins the QB job, because that’s what the Buckeyes do under Ryan Day.

The Ducks’ hopes therefore, rest in large part on QB Anthony Brown. Can a guy with a bunch of experience but no wins against any team close to Ohio State’s caliber, go into a sold-out Horseshoe and throw for a bunch of yards?”

Texas Tech – “They’re counting on Oregon transfer Tyler Shough to be their savior.”

ASU – “Make no mistake: ASU is in big [NCAA] trouble. All indications are that the program was brazenly skirting the rules during the COVID non-contact period and someone [disgruntled ASU staffers] straight up sent the compliance department the receipts.”

The situation at ASU makes Mario’s within the rules, no dumping on other programs, recruiting efforts even more noteworthy. Kudos to MC and his staff for coloring within the lines.

No comment so far from ASU athletic director Ray Anderson. Nothing from the compliance department and no internal punishment to date. Probably not the smartest approach when dealing with the NCAA?

No comment so far from ASU president, and Larry Scott supporter and apologist, Michael Crow. I hope Crow will have to eat crow. BTW, Crow is a member of the Knight Commission, the group that oversees ethics in college sports.

Lots of rumors since Herm’s arrival regarding ASU’s shady recruiting. DC Antonio Pierce looks like he’s gone. Herm?


What are the odds that Herm gets fired before the season starts or will this be a long drawn out affair like Sean Miller at Arizona?

Jon Joseph

I expect it will be the later? Looks like ASU is circling the wagons.


ASU is a strong contender to win the South, arguably the favorite. How will this story impact the performance of the team?


Tosu will score points, but it will take Oregon’s defense helping us win the turnover battle to win the game. We need to rattle the qb, and get some interceptions to make a game of it.

The focus on the offense is the obvious pundit analysis of the game. The real game will be won on turnovers. How good is Oregon’s defense, will be the storyline I will be watching. Our offense is a year away from really hitting all the gears, but the defense should be, potentially, lights out.


My only wish for Oregon’s team culture is that it be expanded to include being mentally and physically prepared for each and every game.

No more inexplicable slack efforts.


All players aren’t always motivated to get into the gym during the off season. Cristobal brought in Aaron Feld to implement his 4th quarter training program and help change the culture within the program.

Feld brings in a lot of energy into an area of need. Going to the gym and having a trainer push you to your limits isn’t always that much fun at 6am. His enthusiasm for his work, and pumping up the players is definitely noticeable.

I remember looking at photos of weight lifters from the 1800’s era. Seems like the mustache is tailored after some of the guys in those photos.

Keep up the good work Aaron.

Jon Joseph

Fun ponder point Alex, thanks.

I hope that in 2021, Henry Katleman will be another Big Stash On Campus?


Aaron Feld might be the only coach on the sideline to prevent Coach Cristobal from getting a sideline penalty.

Love the energy and passion! My wish is to see that on every Duck player and Coach!