Cristobal Must Achieve the PLAYOFFS in Two Years….or ELSE?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

There are many fans who look on this year as a “crossroads” point for Oregon Football. Are the Ducks going to begin showing the impact of three prize recruiting classes? Will Coach Mario Cristobal prepare his team to beat all opponents with less talent? Will the offensive attack be truly turned over to Offensive Coordinator Joe Moorhead? Can Oregon improve upon the NCAAF odds projected for the Ducks?

Big questions to answer and incredible drama to watch unfold over the football season, yet some have hinted at an impatience among some fans, an undercurrent of “the natives getting restless” if the answers to the above questions are to the negative?

I’ve written a ton of articles that are critical of how Coach Cristobal has managed the offense, and sure enough I’ve been labeled as a “Cristobal-Hater” from some quarters. No matter how many articles I write about the wonderful growth of Oregon football, the recruiting, his leadership and representation of Oregon football to the world … if I do not suck up to Cristobal in everything, then I am a hater.

Are the next two years really the Crossroad years that some speak of?

I do Critical Analysis that gives both credit and scorn where deserved, and some fans find it refreshing as they know my feelings are genuine. Yet I am not the only one who does Critical Analysis, as some in the FishDuck comments have stated that it will be “put-up, or shut-up” time over the next two years for Coach Cristobal (even if the Playoffs are not achieved–some Duck fans want to see reasonable progress toward that goal).

GODUCKS15, a reader/commenter on FishDuck made a reference to the Game of Thrones when he stated that Mario needed these recruiting classes to yield success or he would be declared…

“The Helton of the North!”

Ouch, ouch, OUCH!

Of course with success Mario won’t just be “The King of the North,” but he will deserve to be called, “The King of the West!”

And I would love that result for all of us.

When any discussion about the future of Cristobal at Oregon takes place….you have to consider the alternative. Is there any head coach out there you would want in place of Cristobal, who would actually leave his current job? The great ones won’t, and thus you are left with experimenting with a former assistant and crossing your fingers.

Hiring an assistant doesn’t always work out…

We have already done that with Cristobal, and with his recruiting of players and coaches–he will usually have the Ducks in the Top-25, so please know that I do NOT want him gone–ever. I love what he is doing, and if he brings the Ducks a high scoring offense he will become a legendary coach at Oregon. We all win in that scenario, and thus I would hope he remains here for the long term.

Your thoughts on the above?

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Pac-12 Video 

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