Oregon Sports Roundup: Olympics, MLB, Mustaches and FishDuck Goodbyes

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Well, friends, I guess George Harrison said it best: “All things must pass.”

As some may know, I will be leaving FishDuck in the near future as life and events necessitate a change. And with it, I will miss all the talented writers and editors who dedicated hours, days, weeks and months of their spare time to bring you stories about our beloved Oregon Ducks since 2011. 

Before I say goodbye, here’s a quick roundup of Ducks happenings from the past week:

  • Four Oregon Ducks baseball players — Aaron Zavala, Robert Ahlstrom, Cullen Kafka and Hunter Breaultwere selected in the Major League Baseball draft this week. Zavala, a sophomore outfielder and Pac-12 Player of the Year, was selected 38th overall by the Texas Rangers (third-highest draft pick from Oregon). 
  • A number of Oregon athletes are headed to the Tokyo Olympics, including Jade Carey (Women’s Gymnastics, future Oregon State University student); Matthew Centrowitz (Track & Field – 1,500, UO graduate); Ryan Crouser (Track & Field – Shot put, Barlow High graduate); Crystal Dunn (Women’s Soccer, plays for Portland Thorns); Scott McGough (Baseball, former UO pitcher); Janie (Takeda) Reed (Softball, former UO outfielder); Galen Rupp (Track & Field – Marathon, Central Catholic and UO graduate); Jamie (Wesner) Scott (Women’s Basketball, former OSU guard) and Mariel Zagunis (Women’s Saber Fencing, Valley Catholic High graduate). 
  • Last week, former Ducks Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner spoke to the Oregon football team, according to Twitter. “Anything worth achieving takes more work than others are willing to put in. Maximize this blessing,” Armstead said. “There are no shortcuts. You’ve got to love the grind and hold each other accountable from start to finish,” Buckner said.
  • Oregon defenders Kayvon Thibodeaux (1st Team) and Mykael Wright (4th Team) were named preseason All-Americans by Athlon Sports.
  • For those of us who want to learn more about Aaron Feld, Oregon’s mustachioed strength and conditioning coordinator (and the only person able to prevent Mario Cristobal from leaving the sidelines during games), check out this episode on The Mighty Oregon Podcast.

Now that’s out of the way…..

I started writing for FishDuck roughly seven years ago when I was attending the University of Oregon, and was eager to get into sports journalism. Charles FischerMr. FishDuck himself — took me under his wing and gave me a shot. It was a special opportunity, and now with this being my 145th article published on the site–it remains a thrill to write about the teams we so love.

When I started writing for FishDuck, Charles got media passes for the interns to attend all manner of UO sporting events. I covered Oregon football, baseball, softball and basketball — watching and reporting from the press box, rubbing elbows with professional journalists. I’ll never forget that. 


Mr. FishDuck could get cranky after learning a writer missed his deadline.

After learning how to avoid the wrath of Charles, (See above) he and I would often talk on the phone, (as what he would call Duck-Buddies) about the exciting things in Oregon Sports unfolding in Eugene. And we still do. 

I’m sad to leave, but I will always remember this special Oregon Ducks forum. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll find anything like it again. Thank you for all the memories, FishDuck. And Ducks fans, I’ll see you at Autzen! GO DUCKS!

Please share your stories for me to remember about FishDuck in the comments below.  

Jordan Ingram
San Diego, California
Top Photo By: Eric Evans, UO Athletics

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Jordan, you have been such an important part of our writing team over the years, and I look forward to helping you further your career any way I can.

You always make me laugh in our conversations, and I look forward to many more years of it with my Duck-Buddy in San Diego!

Natalie Liebhaber

Jordan, I remember your very first article (and countless others)! Always a pleasure working with you. You’re a special talent in many areas and it has been wonderful to have you on our team. All the best!

Santa Rosa Duck

Jordan, really enjoyed your input and insight. Best of luck in your new adventure!

Jon Joseph

2 more weekly tidbits.

How bad to date is Pac-12, 2021, recruiting? (247 composite rankings at 7/16/21))

USC – 23
No Pac-12 school in the top 30.
UCLA, at 40, the only school in the 40s.
UW stands at 50.

This isn’t just bad, it’s a garbage fire that hopefully can be put out before the December signing date. If things do not improve, the AAC is a threat to out-recruit the Pac-12.


Praise Be! I’ve Seen The Light!

NCAA Prez, Mark Emmert, after being undressed 9-0 by the Supreme Court, now believes that NIL is no longer an ‘existential threat’ to college sports, but is a great idea whose time has more than come.

He also believes it is more than time for the NCAA to de-centralize and turn over more decision making and oversight, to the respective conferences.

THIS, only after Mark and friends blew hundreds of millions of dollars on legal fees in defense of a suspect system created in Great Britain in the 19th century.

A system designed to assure that ‘gentlemen’ would not have to compete against the lower classes.

Jon Joseph

One of the great ways to get a field for the ‘Amateur System’ in the early 1900s in Great Britain is to watch the excellent film, Chariots of Fire.


Thank you for the great writing and interesting articles, Jordan. We’ll miss you. I hope for the best for you in your future endeavors…hopefully including continued writing, especially if it’s with the S.D. Union. Heed the words of Isaac Asimov, “If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.”


Hey Jordan. Thanks for all of your writing, editing and capitulation with Charles and the volunteers. Your articles and take will be missed.

Life has phases of ebbs and flows. I hope that your lasting memories of FishDuck.com and Mr. FishDuck himself stay golden.

As a final thought today – GO DUCKS!

Jon Joseph

Jordan, happy trails and all the best.

Have really enjoyed your takes.

BTW – the dragon has me pondering the Game of Thrones character that Sir FishDuck most resembles?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Sir Jamie, of course! (Except for the incestuous part!)

Trying to operate FishDuck without revenue is like trying to operate with one hand?

LOL! Excellent riposte.

Just don’t let a dragon inspired rock drop on your dome.


Jordon, thank you for all you have done here at Fishduck. As Erik was quoted, just continue to ‘maximize this blessing’ as you have for all of us here, in your next chapter in life!

Lou Farnsworth

Thanks for all the great articles Jordan!

Godspeed, and may He bless you abundantly in the next chapter of your career.

Drop into the site now and again, from time to time, and make a comment here or there. And please do keep us abreast of what and how you are doing.


Best of luck out there! Thanks for giving us so many good articles.



Good luck in your future Jordan! I hope to see ya in La Jolla in the future. Cheers.