Cam McCormick has Three More Years Left?

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Sounds wild doesn’t it? A sixth year senior can still have three years left of college football eligibility? Yet it is true for Cam McCormick, the 6’4″ 259 lb. tight end from Bend, although he has not made up his mind how long he will continue his career at Oregon. For now–he is simply grateful to be on the field.

My friends, I wasn’t planning on an article today, but I do enjoy pondering an occasional subject and discussing it with you in the comments. McCormick’s story is amazing and I learned a ton from the article in the Eugene Register-Guard written by Chris Hanson as the story is worthy of our Duck-Dialogue.

The picture above is from the opening game against Bowling Green and he was injured later in the game. It began three years of surgeries that were brought about in a most unexpected way; hardware malfunctions involving the screws holding his ankle together….twice. Often we assume that some players are just injury-prone, but a failure of medical equipment two times is bad luck that this native Oregonian did not deserve.

Eugene Johnson

Cam McCormick could make the tough catch even as a redshirt freshman versus Arizona in 2017.

Last December he had the final surgery that appears to be holding up well, and his timing for joining the team is most propitious. Cam was a superb blocker and most of the tight ends for the Ducks are either receiver-types or quite young. Having McCormick showing the “lads” how to double-team with the tackle is going to benefit the running attack enormously. I’m sure CJ Verdell is looking forward to the perimeter blocking from No. 84!
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So how does a 23 year old grad student still have three years remaining? It is due to the medical redshirt rules and because the 2020 Covid year was a “do-over” allowed to all players. Thus he is actually a sophomore in football eligibility! I was stunned to see that when he was recruited during his senior year in high school it was 2015, and he signed his LOI in February of 2016 … a long time ago. He was also offered by UCLA, Washington and Michigan who, like Oregon, had different coaches at the time he signed than now.

I also have to give big-props to Coach Mario Cristobal for having the patience to give this earnest young man a chance. So many coaches would want to “hurry-along” what appears to be an injury snake-bitten player like McCormick, yet the staff stuck with him. I am thankful they did as it makes us all feel wonderful about our team and coaches.

So many things to be grateful for as…

“Oh how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer  (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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Cam is special. Very few of thousands would have the perseverance and fortitude to fight through the obstacles and rehabilitations that Cam has faced.

Thanks, Charles, for illuminating a model student athlete and true Man of Oregon.

David Marsh

Honestly… I think it all comes down to how well this year goes. I get the feeling he will see the field a bit and that would be a huge boost for him.

I think he realizes that any hope at a shot at the NFL is long gone. So he just needs to decide for himself how long does he want to play college football. Probably through getting his master’s.

I do think this will probably be his last year. There is a time when you look around and see just how much older you are than everyone else and decide it is time to move on.

Cam was recruited by Helfrich and played under Helfrich. He’s been around for a long time.

Excited to see him play this year and wish him the best.

He could have his PhD by then.


The BYU teams that did well, did well because their players were older. Back in the day of BYU strength they had a bunch of guys who would go on missions and come back play into their mid 20’s. It was men against boys when they lined up. With Cam it will be the same this year and next if he sticks around. I wish him the best, great story on that kid, young man, grad student athlete!


Don’t discount the coaching Byu Football coaching staff from the 80’s and 90’s.

Lavell edwards has probably affected football more so than any other coach.

Brett kollmann has a youtube video entitled who created the “spread” and he talks about how it developed and how Byu helped create it. He starts talking about byu around the 5:30 mark.

Steven A

Good inspiration for any of the younger guys who get hurt. Plus we could have the first tenured prof playing in two years. Imagine the NILs….geritol, grecian formula, detu creme (gonna stop there so as to not reveal all my ailments).

Duck Phan Phil

I sure hope Cam’s ankle rebuild gets him on the field but more importantly that it doesn’t become debilitating over the longer term. I don’t know what the school/state’s policy is but they owe Cam a lifetime of medical care IMO.

Recall Cam was one of the four Rhabdo victims under Taggart but chose not to pursue a claim/lawsuit. He’s been a loyal Duck.

My younger son played football with Cam at Summit HS in Bend. I think fans forget-or maybe they never knew—that Cam has plus athleticism., with breakaway speed . He was a state finalist in the long jump and 4×100, with a best of 11.2 in the 100.


Great insight on Cam. Having to keep rehabilitating shows immense character on his part. I can’t even imagine.

I think I read that Spencer Webb is his roommate. He stated he would probably shed a tear at the first game Cam gets in. He knows first hand what he has been through.

I hope and pray for his success.

If I recall, he was expected to have a break out year when he got hurt. It would be so great to see him have a good year playing.