Huskies Will Go Undefeated in 2021: Do You Agree?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials 35 Comments

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Oh brother, Ryan Leaf, the former great WSU quarterback has predicted the Huskies to go 12-0? I do not which I did not see coming more … a Cougar writing that, or it concerning “the-mistake-by-the-Lake?”

I will let you read his reasons why in the link above, but I thought this would be a ponder-point to howl about on a Saturday. I just checked the Washington Football Schedule and I am predicting the Huskies to finish 8-4 in the regular season. I see the reasons for optimism, and while the recruiting for them has not be stellar recently–that component really doesn’t show up for another year or two.
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Right now they do have about half the squad at 4/5-Star players on Rivals, and thus have the potential to be quite good. But they are reliant on primarily tight-ends to be the major pass-receivers, especially since so many wide receivers have transferred out in the off-season.  I also do not have confidence in their offensive coordinator; if current Oregon State Head Coach Jonathan Smith was still in Seattle as OC–I would be very concerned.

Tom Corno

Travis Dye is going to be pumped to play at Montlake again…

Thank goodness Jimmy Lake is not as good at recruiting coaches as Mario Cristobal is! The game in Seattle will be epic, as both sides love to hate their rival!

How do you think the Huskies will finish?

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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I think Mr. Leaf is, somehow, confusing football with rowing.


Delayed response: Honestly I think UW is set for a down year. they have lost a significant amount of talent and they aren’t replacing it. I would not be surprised if they landed anywhere between 4-8 and 8-4.

Sure fire wins: Montana, Arkansas, Arizona and WSU.(Win by 2td+)

Likely win: Col(win by 7-13 points)

50/50: UCLA, Stan, ASU**(win or lose by 7 points)

Likely Losses: OSU, CAL, Ore(lose by 7-13 points

Sure Fire Loss: Mich(lose by 2td+)

I’m not sold on UW…


I’ll stand by what I said last season, and now seeing what Leaf believes, it isn’t all that outrageous.

Oregon will win the North. Stanford might end up in 2nd place, or maybe 3rd. But, wherever the Huskies finish, they’ll be looking up at Oregon State. Smith is doing everything right at good ol’ OS. They don’t have the pull to get quality recruiting #’s, but did a great job in the transfer portal. Smith comes off to me as the genuine article, not even in the corny aw shucks way that Riley took on at the end of his run, and certainly more real than the Lake that was left in Washington when Petersen left.

Washington, 12-0 is real Fantasy Football.

J Duck

I’m guessing Leaf is back in rehab and going through painful delerium tremens, or the barbituate equivalent. 8-4 is the dogpoo ceiling this year.


Btw, Jalil Tucker quacked last night.
Go Ducks!


A fun memory of mine from 2009 I think, there was construction on Hwy 217 in Oregon. A bucket truck was parked over the weekend fully extended along the shoulder. Some fan had climbed to the top and hung a purple UW flag, in Oregon!!

The next day I drove by and someone had climbed up and spray painted 0 – 12 on it.
That was their record in 2008!
I wanted that flag left up there for weeks!

I think Mr. Leaf must have a dawg fan he is trying to impress! No way they run the table. I too think they end up with at least 3 maybe 4 losses.
Same picks as Notalot.
Must say though, if it was possible, I would like to see both Michigan and the Dawgs lose that game. A tie?


How about a 0-0 game that ends with Michigan getting a safety as time runs out to win, 2-0?

David Marsh

No no no NO!

I think there is too much emphasis on Washington “winning” the Pac-12 North last year. They couldn’t play Oregon they forfeited, yes, I know forfeits weren’t a thing last year, but that doesn’t mean Washington won the North. For more on this particular rant about how last year was dumb… see the article I wrote about it last year.

As for Washington’s team outlook this year… they had a dud of a recruiting class. This might not hurt them too bad for a year or two but it will come back to haunt them.

Washington’s offense was bad last year and doesn’t project to be much better this year. They lost a ton of receivers and their starting running backs. Their offensive line is supposed to be good but we will just have to wait and see how true that is. Sure, Washington has some talent but how DEEP is that talent? That is what you need to have to go 12-0.

But Washington is going to have a good defense right? Well maybe… Washington lost their long time defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski to Texas, this is the guy who really created some strong defenses for Petersen at both Washington and Boise State. Jimmy Lake was a rising star, of sorts, and sort of took the defensive crown from Kwiakowski at least publicly… but will Lake’s defense preform to the same standard without Kwiakowski to help? We will just have to see.

Sure Washington gets help with their schedule… but I think the notion they are favored against Michigan is a bit silly. They are going TO Michigan. This is the FIRST road trip a Lake team is going to make… ever! Once at Michigan they will have to deal with a Jim Harbaugh team that is hungry to prove Harbaugh’s worth. Harbaugh is an experienced coach who has struggled some at Michigan and he has his back against the wall. Is a second year coach in Lake going to be able to out coach a desperate Harbaugh? Unlikely.

After that Washington do get most their toughest games at home… but Cristobal and the Ducks aren’t going to make life easy on them. I also see Stanford as a very tough game for them, especially as they lost to Stanford last year.. at home I might add… because Washington didn’t leave their home stadium last year!

So… no… Washington will certainly not go 12-0.


Charles, you put up the wrong headline! It should have read: Loser QB thinks the dawgys go undefeated in 2021! LMFAO!

I agree with the general discussion of who cares! This is a site for talking about our beloved Ducks. Imagine my confusion, sleeping in and waking to such an unthinkable thought! Undefeated huskies! UCONN sure, u-dub, NEVER.

To be fair, I read the ramblings you linked to. It felt more like the writer was incredulous that Leaf would actually tweet such a thing. However, given Leaf’s history, thinking, saying, and doing less than brilliant things is kind of his forte.

Looking at the Dawg’s schedule (and my eyes are still burning, thanks for that link) I have to think they will be lucky to get to 8-4. Not that anyone cares.

Now, to get my Duck brother and sisters to feeling good again, how about, on November 6, the Ducks go up to the mistake on the lake and throw down a 72-0 dawg woopin?

In fact the best outcome is not necessarily ANOTHER 0-For husky season, which was VERY NICE, but for them to play better each week and come into the Oregon game playing as well as can be, with supremely high expectations, talking lots of smack, and THEN get beat down like the scroungy rabid mangy purple cull mutts we love to loathe.


How do I think the Puppies will finish? Never thought about it. Never will. Besides, why should I (or any other Duck fan) even CARE how the Puppies will finish?
The Fuskies are our rivals. Or more simply, the enemy. My dislike of them burns hotter than the fire of a thousand green and yellow suns. The game against That School Up North may be the only time I will EVER root for a Jimmy No Rings team to win a game.

Mr. Fishduck. You founded this site as a place where we can come and talk about ‘Our Beloved Ducks’. Why are you writing about a prediction that has the Puppies going undefeated?
Please just stop writing anything that implies that Duck fans should care anything about the UDub season other than that it should include a loss to Oregon (and hopefully a lot of other games as well).
Either that or buy a lot of ugly purple gear, move to the Smelly Fishing Village and change your name to FishDawg,
Your call.
(Please note that any suggestions for name, location, or wardrobe change were made fully in jest. Or mostly fully. #scoducks. (Insert anti-Washington hashtag here).

I thought Fischdawg was your gang name?


You came very close to nailing the general attitude, slkornya!

Although I gotta say I ALWAYS root for little brother to beat the pups. I think I would even root for an SEC team to beat the pups.

I am stunned, however, that even in jest, you could suggest putting fish and dawg in the same word. Blasphemy man, blasphemy.


A 12 – 0 prediction is the ultimate in pre-season optimism. That prediction is as sound as Ryan’s NFL career where he personally set back an NFL franchise by being their first pick of the draft.


There is a website called fairy tale generator which will create a title to any story you want to write. I think Ryan went there and plugged in Washington Football, and it came up with ‘Huskies will go undefeated in 2021.’ Pure fantasy as the dawgs will lose multiple games.

Let’s look at history. The dawgs have elevated two assistants in the past Lambright and Gilbertson. Both of these hires ended in firings and the program struggling, Gilbertson ended with a 1-10 and 0-8 in the Pac-12.

While this hire may be closer to Helfrich, the keys to a well tuned car have been handed off, the outcome will be similar, in the end. The main problem with Lakes car is there are no receivers, the parts are already falling off this car. He may have been handed a modern EV, but it won’t hold up in the real battle ahead. His first season was disappointing, like Helfrich’s first year the difference is the second year won’t be the same as Helfrich’s. Leaf is really just trying to rewrite another fairy tale.

Helfrich made the playoffs in his second year, Lake won’t even make the Pac-12 championship game in his second season. This will continue the downward trend for the dawgs and ultimately a second string of 12 straight losses to the Ducks. Helfrich was helped by a Heisman Trophy winner, Lake is relying on a fairy tale type story, from another program. There isn’t enough juice in the program to take Lake anywhere, but the preseason favorites, the rightful place for this storied preseason favorite program.

Saw a recent picture of the UW doggie day care stadium parking lots.

Absolutely Filled with tents in rabid dog like anticipation of the Duck game. Trash everywhere. Looks like the tailgating has really amped up for this years game!

Correction. That was just the homeless🤷‍♂️

Santa Rosa Duck

My standard Poodle, Cosmo told me he is not afraid of no stinking Huskie!


Karnack says, “The Huskies will lose in 2021 to Michigan, Oregon State, Stanford, and Oregon”. Poor Huskies.

Beavers are known to build sturdy dams. The ’21 OSU Beavers are building a dog trap.