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Offense/Defense: What are Your Number Goals for 2021 Ducks?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

We throw around a ton of stats and make our predictions, yet some fundamental ones are often bypassed. I am curious as to what your goals for the Oregon Football team in 2021 in terms of points scored and points allowed. You are also invited to give your numbers as to what you think they should be, and you think they will be. Want to play?


In 2019 we had the best year in recent memory giving up only 16 points per game, but that is not the norm. In 2020 we gave up just over 28 points per game and that will not win at any major level. Other years are below, as I was trying not to take the highest scoring years on offense, yet give us a good sampling.

2001: 21 points per game
2005: 23 points per game
2007: 24 points per game
2009: 24 points per game
2013: 20 points per game
2014: 23 points per game
2019: 16 points per game
2020: 28 points per game

It seems to me that to have a year where the Ducks finish in the Top-20 or better–we need to see the scoring average where the Ducks hold opponents to 25 points per game and below.

I think the Ducks should only allow 18 points per game, but I think the Ducks will actually give up 26 points per game this year. I am excited to see changes with Coach Tim DeRuyter, but I am concerned about the severe lack of experience at corner with recent events that have depleted the spot opposite Mykael Wright. At linebacker we have projected starters that are young: two have a year of playing, (Noah Sewell and Mase Funa) while other two have little-to-no-experience in Adrian Jackson and Justin Flowe.

Travis Dye won’t Duck a challenge in 2021.


The Oregon offense has been discussed quite a bit on FishDuck as Cristobal has averaged a touch less than 34 points per game of scoring average per game over his three years. It has been shown that the Playoff-3 have averaged 45 points per game over the last three years, so this one becomes a bit tougher. Our heart and optimism may say one number while your head tells you another.

I think the Ducks should score 45 points a game to make the Playoffs, but I think they will average 39 points per game. (Hubba-Hubba! Mr. FishDuck is aggressive with his prediction?) I am very optimistic and enthused to see the Coach Joe Moorhead offense in the hands of an experienced quarterback, and some exciting receivers as this season unfolds. I was also impressed with the new plays introduced last year, and I am expecting to see a ton more among all these plays he is known for.

So many components enter into it including how much the Pistol is used, quarterback play, coverage from the corners and bad luck with injuries. The suspension of the players in the defensive backfield might be the toughest variable left for this 2021 team that has a ton of upside. Yet it could all turn out just fine!

What are your point predictions and why?

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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