Oregon QB Number Madness: Where Does it End?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

The trend of receivers wanting quarterback numbers began years ago, and now has drifted to running backs. But to see Fat-Mac above with Joey Harrington‘s number–a Nose Tackle wearing a quarterback number?

That is so wrong.

So where did the No. 3 move to? On offense we saw Johnny Johnson III snag it, and now on defense we see that Brandon Dorlus has gone from No. 97 to No. 3. Madness, my friends, quarterback numbering madness!

Below is from GoDucks.com and look at the log-jam of players from No. 0 through No. 16, as it is an astounding 35 players on the team!

No. 0 Seven McGee  RB
No. 0 DJ James  CB
No. 1 Trey Benson  RB
No. 1 Noah Sewell  LB
No. 2 Devon Williams  WR
No. 2 Mykael Wright  CB
No. 3 Brandon Dorlus
No. 3 Johnny Johnson  WR
No. 4 Daymon David  S
No. 4 Mycah Pittman  WR
No. 5 Sean Dollars  RB
No. 5 Kayvon Thibodeaux  DE
No. 6 Jaylin Davies  CB
No. 6 Robby Ashford  QB
No. 6 Jaylon Redd  WR
No. 7 Steve Stephens IV  S
No. 7 CJ Verdell  RB
No. 8 Dontae Manning  CB
No. 8 Moliki Matavao  TE
No. 9 Jay Butterfield  QB
No. 9 Jaden Navarrette  OLB
No. 10 Justin Flowe  LB
No. 10 Dont’e Thornton  WR
No. 11 Trikwese Bridges  CB
No. 11 Troy Franklin  WR
No. 12 A. J. Abbott  QB
No. 12 DJ Johnson
No. 13 Bryan Addison  DB
No. 13 Anthony Brown  QB
No. 13 Ty Thompson  QB
No. 14 Kris Hutson  WR
No. 14 Terrell Tilmon  OLB
No. 15 Isaiah Brevard  WR
No. 16 Donj’rael Brooks  DB
No. 16 Bradley Yaffe  QB

If Oregon had a hot-shot quarterback join us–what number is left and available for him?

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So how do they solve two quarterbacks with No. 13?

There are more weird changes such DJ Johnson going from No. 89 to No. 12? And I believe some challenges for the coaches are coming up in how they work this out with players on offense. Last year Jaylon Redd was No. 30, but now has moved to No. 6, the same as Robby Ashford. How is that going to work when both are on the field?

Crazier yet is how among the six quarterbacks on the roster–two them have the same No. 13 in Ty Thompson and Anthony Brown. I guess they won’t be on the field at the same time, but doesn’t that complicate things for sportscasters and fans?

Look, I understand how this helps in recruiting, but in my view–it is another reflection of the times. Why can’t a receiver use a receiver number? Or a running back use a usual running back number? Come-on … a tight end using No. 8?

And defensive linemen? Don’t get me going further because this is quarterback numbering madness.

Life is tough for an Ol’ Fuddy-Dud like Mr. FishDuck. So many things for him to wrap his head around!

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by UO Athletics

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