Oregon QB Number Madness: Where Does it End?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials 38 Comments

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The trend of receivers wanting quarterback numbers began years ago, and now has drifted to running backs. But to see Fat-Mac above with Joey Harrington‘s number–a Nose Tackle wearing a quarterback number?

That is so wrong.

So where did the No. 3 move to? On offense we saw Johnny Johnson III snag it, and now on defense we see that Brandon Dorlus has gone from No. 97 to No. 3. Madness, my friends, quarterback numbering madness!

Below is from GoDucks.com and look at the log-jam of players from No. 0 through No. 16, as it is an astounding 35 players on the team!

No. 0 Seven McGee  RB
No. 0 DJ James  CB
No. 1 Trey Benson  RB
No. 1 Noah Sewell  LB
No. 2 Devon Williams  WR
No. 2 Mykael Wright  CB
No. 3 Brandon Dorlus
No. 3 Johnny Johnson  WR
No. 4 Daymon David  S
No. 4 Mycah Pittman  WR
No. 5 Sean Dollars  RB
No. 5 Kayvon Thibodeaux  DE
No. 6 Jaylin Davies  CB
No. 6 Robby Ashford  QB
No. 6 Jaylon Redd  WR
No. 7 Steve Stephens IV  S
No. 7 CJ Verdell  RB
No. 8 Dontae Manning  CB
No. 8 Moliki Matavao  TE
No. 9 Jay Butterfield  QB
No. 9 Jaden Navarrette  OLB
No. 10 Justin Flowe  LB
No. 10 Dont’e Thornton  WR
No. 11 Trikwese Bridges  CB
No. 11 Troy Franklin  WR
No. 12 A. J. Abbott  QB
No. 12 DJ Johnson
No. 13 Bryan Addison  DB
No. 13 Anthony Brown  QB
No. 13 Ty Thompson  QB
No. 14 Kris Hutson  WR
No. 14 Terrell Tilmon  OLB
No. 15 Isaiah Brevard  WR
No. 16 Donj’rael Brooks  DB
No. 16 Bradley Yaffe  QB

If Oregon had a hot-shot quarterback join us–what number is left and available for him?

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Pac-12 Video

So how do they solve two quarterbacks with No. 13?

There are more weird changes such DJ Johnson going from No. 89 to No. 12? And I believe some challenges for the coaches are coming up in how they work this out with players on offense. Last year Jaylon Redd was No. 30, but now has moved to No. 6, the same as Robby Ashford. How is that going to work when both are on the field?

Crazier yet is how among the six quarterbacks on the roster–two them have the same No. 13 in Ty Thompson and Anthony Brown. I guess they won’t be on the field at the same time, but doesn’t that complicate things for sportscasters and fans?

Look, I understand how this helps in recruiting, but in my view–it is another reflection of the times. Why can’t a receiver use a receiver number? Or a running back use a usual running back number? Come-on … a tight end using No. 8?

And defensive linemen? Don’t get me going further because this is quarterback numbering madness.

Life is tough for an Ol’ Fuddy-Dud like Mr. FishDuck. So many things for him to wrap his head around!

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by UO Athletics

Next Article is tomorrow!

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I blame Norm Van Brocklin. Duck QB #25.


Madness! Like Howard Beale, I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore…until we go up 17 on Ohio State. Then I’ll be okay.


when I played city league: soccer/baseball/hockey – I always insisted on getting number 10

hey, it matters to some guys to have the low numbers

I knew team mates who just had to have number 6 or 8 or whatever


I would speculate that they really don’t care all that much about it. They probably wish it wouldn’t be as much of a distraction as just accepting the number that they give you. But some coaches might be a little bit ‘traditional’ about it and want linebackers to have linebacker numbers.

I also would like to hear their thoughts like when no one else hears what they say about it.

As a fan, I get a little disturbed when 3 guys on a team all have the same number.

Now that ‘zero’ is a number, I wonder if they will start to include the negatives???

You didn’t get your favorite number 8? Now you can be -8


By the way, back in the 70s when I told my high school coaches what number I wanted they didn’t exactly want to hear about it.

It went something like this: coach – “You can have 53 or 58”. me – “I want (some other number)”. coach – gets right up in my face real intense like and repeats himself very LOUDLY. me – “I’ll take 58”. coach – “Good choice!”


I know this can drive fans like me crazy. But maybe that’s the point: drive players and coaches on the other team nuts.


Hey, I just read an announcement of football reschedule for 2024 season. They list 4 OOC games, Idaho, Hawaii, Texas Tech, and Boise St.
Does this mean we are going to only 8 conference games?
Anyone know?

J Duck

Teams that play Hawaii can play 13 games




Team review: Fresno State (I’ll try and post a weekly team review both here and on PuddleHuddle the week before oregon faces them)

Oregon vs Fresno State 11:00 AM PT P12N

Oregon is a 20.5 point favorite.

Fresno currently has 5th best odds of winning the MW.(+1200)

(For teams that played less than 8 games in 2020 I will be reviewing their 2019 team as well)

Record: 2020 3-3(2 canceled games)
2019 4-8

notable losses 2019
LB Mykal Walker Draft 4th round
IOL Netane Muti draft 6th round
QB George Reyna Graduation
TE Jared Rice Graduation
LB Justin Rice Transfer
Notable losses 2020
IOL Quireo Woodley graduation
OT Syrus Tuitele Graduation(UDFA played every meaningful snap)
DT Alex Dumais

Recruiting and Transfers:
Overall recruiting isn’t great at Fresno state. the 2020 class saw class of 101st and 4th in the MW(per 247) and their 2021 class was improved nationally at 72nd and still 4th in the MW. they have pulled in three notable and high ranked players over the last two years though
Elijah Gates CB from UCLA
Ty Jones WR from UW
Jordan Wilmore RB from Utah
Also of note
jake Haener QB from UW
Evan Bennett from OSU


Despite significant losses across the offense they have continued to put up points in the mountain west. Haener(QB) had a good year in 2020 putting up 2021 yards on 65% completion 14 TDs to only 5 INTs. At RB they return an excellent player in ronnie Rivers who most expected to go in the draft last year but returned for a fifth year for the bulldogs. behind him is a consistent Jordan Mims.

WR is really good across the board as the return their top 6 receivers. I’d also watch out for transfer Jones who was listed in their two deep and is their tallest wr on roster.

TE was paltry last year after losing Rice. Although 2020 starter Rodriguez was injured in the first game of the season last year and never made a return. He should improve the TE room in 2021.

the loss of RT tuitele will probably felt across the OL for FSU this season but besides him injuries in 2020 allowed for a lot of players getting significant amounts of reps. I’d expect this line to be a relatively good for the MW and have a significant amount of depth. I think Bull at LT will be the best player on this line.


This is year two for the new defensive scheme at fsu. They moved from an odd man front to an even 4-2-5 with the nickel playing an LB/Safety hybrid(husky). With the second year we are seeing some positional changes across the board as 2020 LB Mosby has shifted to DE and husky Bailey moving to LB.

AS for losses, losing DT Dumais is a big hit as he played almost every snap at the position. The also lost the only major back up at DT as Brown graduated.

DB’s return every starter from 2020 and the added gates from ucla should help improve the passing defense.

All in all this was a really porous defense in 2020 with a young db core and a new front 7 design. The hosted a passing defense of 46th nationwide and a rushing defense of 106th.

Game expectations:

First I would not bet oregon to cover the spread in this game. This will be oregon’s first game under a new DC and this is a team(FSU) I expect to put up some points. With this I don’t expect oregon to lose game outright. On top of that I really think that the offensive game plan is going to call for a lot of runs. I expect FSU to improve substantially in the pass game but I do not have the same expectation for their run defense. Even a marginal increase in FSU’s run defense will not be enough to stop oregon’s run game.

As for FSU’s season I expect them to be really good but while they may have some expectations to compete for the conference they likely won’t be the same level of BSU or SDSU.

They play this saturday against connecticut on CBSS if you want to watch them play.


Thanks a lot for the scouting report on Fresno State. Their first game is their home opener, against UCONN, 11:00 AM, Aug.28 on CBSSN.

It’s D U M B. NONE of the players should be able to choose their numbers. They should once again be assigned based on position group. The list provided was ridiculous.

J Duck

Remember when the NFL dictated numbers? 1-19 was only kickers, punters, and throwers. 0 and 00 were allowed, then banned. Used to be basketball digits had to be 1 through 5 because the refs only had 5 fingers to call fouls to the table with one hand. I think some Pac 12 refs have 6 fingers…


It’s like the object under the 3 cups that magicians use. Under which cup is the nut?
All the QB’s should have the same number that way your opponent would never know which one’s out there. Oh yeah no names on the jerseys like USC. Wouldn’t that be fun?


But Charles……….you’re No.1


One step away from, “Get off my lawn!”


I absolutely hate the current numbing craze. It makes it so much harder as a fan to pick up and watch a game because even if you didn’t know the team very well you could tell who is what position by their number. now you watch a game and you have a DE next to an LB next to a safety all wearing a single digit jersey. I just hate it it.

Duck Phan Phil

Perhaps you graybeard ex linemen don’t know this, but you’re a lot quicker with a smaller number.

You’re also a LOT quicker running around the house in tighty whities but that’s not allowed on the field. If it were, and I could snag number “1” and play in my Fruit of The Looms, I’m pretty confident I’d win the Heisman.

Duck Phan Phil

Made me laugh back!


Interestingly we don’t have a qb with a 1, 2, 3, or 4, but that is the competition we soon will find out. Who is going to be the #1 at qb is the number we all want to know. The number 2 and 3 will be interesting too. The players numbers may be crazy, but the decision on who takes the field September 4th is the number one decision I want to know.

I am going to watch the starting qb decision, and then the 3rd down conversion rate come game day.

If Ty and Anthony are 1, 2 then it definitely gets a little crazy. ‘#13 Anthony Brown goes down and his doppelgänger #13 goes in, wait it’s 13B, no worries.’ Just another innovation by Oregon and their uniforms.


Now the entire world knows Coach Cristobal’s “secret sauce” for recruiting prowess. It’s all in the numbers. Yes, this is numbers madness!

I’ve never agreed with anything more than this, Mr. FishDuck. Marcus Mariota would not have cared what his number was, I don’t think that Joey H would have either. But it’s incredibly important to players now. LaMichael James did just fine with 21, Reuben Droughns, 22.

The first time I heard of a player actually desiring a single digit # was DAT It worked out fine for him, but Tyner ran pretty fast in 24. KT wearing 5 makes no sense. Two QB’s with the same number? Jerry Allen has trouble telling players apart already, if you’re just listening to a game, you’ll have no idea who the QB is.


I believe Marcus wanted 8 because Hawaii area code is 808.
Remember his face mask was made up of 808.


Thanks for sharing that information.