How Many Starts will Anthony Brown Earn?

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Anthony Brown was officially named starting quarterback a few days ago for Our Beloved Ducks in the season opener, which will be this Saturday against Fresno State.

No surprise there.

As fans, we’ve been clamoring over Oregon’s quarterback question all summer, so it’s nice to finally have a definitive answer from head coach Mario Cristobal on who will be leading our Ducks’ offense into 2021.

Unfortunately for Brown, however, the job may not be his to keep throughout the year.

Tom Corno

Anthony Brown had flashes last year, but could lose the starting job this season if talent around the hungry quarterback room elevates.

By way of star-studded recruiting, the Ducks have amassed incredible surrounding talent at the quarterback position for the team’s brighter-than-ever future.

Jay Butterfield
Robby Ashford, and super-talent Ty Thompson make up a quarterback room of recruits that rival any in Oregon history. I by no means am claiming Brown shouldn’t be the starter, since he did get significant experience (limited, but significant) last season in this offense, and is a senior with something to prove. But isn’t it entirely possible that if some of these games don’t go well for the Ducks, we see a change at quarterback?

It would be more likely to then see Ashford or Butterfield this season with their experience, but I will be honest: I want to see Thompson play. Whether or not he’s ready is a different story, though once Thompson gets a chance, I wholeheartedly believe he’ll elevate to Mariota-esque heights.

If another quarterback were to get an opportunity this season, when could you see them starting? If Brown finishes out the season, what do you see as the “ceiling” for our Ducks this year with him at quarterback?

Alex Heining
Santa Barbara, California
Top Photo by: John McGillen, USC Athletics

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Crazy, Far-Out Views are Welcome on FishDuck!

Normally I call the views that are way-out-there as “end-of-the-spectrum” views, but we can call them what they are since we all have them from time to time depending upon the topic.

I’ve had people say to me, “I don’t know if I should post because my view on this topic is so different than everyone else’s and it is way-out-there!

And I tell them that FishDuck is the perfect place for that wild opinion…in fact it is the only place to express those thoughts because no matter how crazy people may think it is–they still have to be nice to you!

I want to see all views on a topic, as it makes me more informed, thoughtful and ultimately a better fan.

Fans in 2012_Kevin Cline.jpg

All Ducks quarterbacks go down in the first half and Charles comes out of the stands and throws a for 400 and 6 TDs

When I said wild views…I did not see this one coming!

Almost snorted my coffee through my nose again, thanks to VdbtrD!


I think Thompson has a great shot at being the next great QB! He just needs game time. Pretty good QB who can do everything with talent that should show. He really should have had a 5 star ranking. Butterfield and Ashford are also real good talents so this is all about competition.


My very first comment!

I became a faithful FishDuck follower while attending UO in the Kelly days (I was there from 06-09). And I’ve long had this site bookmarked, finding the articles thought-provoking and the comments well-articulated. Cheers to you, Charles, for creating this space!

I figured that, after all these years, I’d take the plunge and jump in the conversation. May it be a nice respite from the grind of work and daily life!

One thing in particular separates Anthony Brown for me from other transfer quarterbacks we’ve had: we’ve seen him play in the system. Albeit with virtually no practice time and in a strange real-time QB battle, but we have seen him be effective in limited action. His decision-making in the RPO game was strong. He was accurate. And he brought a sense of stability to the offense. We didn’t get that luxury with other transfers.

I’m in the minority with Charles, here. I think AB keeps the job for the year, continues his career improvement, and is a solid QB for us while the youngsters mature. He has spent extra hours building chemistry with our other-worldly WR room and sat in the fire behind this OL last year. Cristobal notes that his explosive play ratio has been high against a defense that we all think will be stellar. I’m donning my emerald glasses and predicting that he’s going to surprise some folks.

One more sleep to Fresno State!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck


Great to see you join the commenting and hope you would continue as you have well-written and thoughtful takes on this. (Of course I love it when people agree with me, but regardless–I love to see what people are thinking.)

While I want Brown to prevail–I would love the other QBs to get some game time experience too. So let’s score a bunch and get a lead to allow them in often!

Thanks again WolfDuck.


I have a theory and it goes like this: never go to the transfer portal for a QB unless it’s Joe Burrow or Justin Fields….other wise you may wind up with an average QB you can justify playing over more talented younger QB’s due to his “experience”….Of course the problem becomes exaggerated knowing that next year you’ll have a monster team and an inexperienced QB…..which may cost you a shot at the Big Prize.

Adding insult to injury would find this experienced QB running the ball 15-18 times a game…..toss in another 25 or so running plays to your backs and Bingo!!! the high caliber wide outs you worked so hard to get are standing around watching or playing down field blocker all game with maybe a target or two…..don’t really think this works.

The alternative is to ride with the talent…the “throw first” QB who can run if need be but looks down the field first…..inexperienced but big play capable combined with talented young receivers and a very winnable home game to get his feet wet….next to Ohio State and a “tough as it gets environment” and a very talented opponent gives the kid a look at “as good as it will get” early – let the chips fall where they may….game three is another very winnable game at home and by now he’s ready to go….start the PAC-12 season 2-1 at worst with a talented now to be 3-4 year starter and the future looks great…..and you still may win the conference.

Love MC….but he’s going with AB….Oregon goes 9-3 (“stubborn” can have a price)….and let the shoulda coulda woulda’s begin.

And maybe I’m all wrong and AB, who I’m sure is a good kid, will bring home the bacon…..we’ll soon see….I’ll be rooting for him all the way.


Your theory = checkmate in 22 or 23 in my mind. Let’s move the rook now to make a big move in the future.

Really insightful about the receivers too. These guys aren’t going to be happy being thrown to 20 times a game. They need to see 35 offers a game at the low end.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I cannot imagine the QB running the ball that much per game. If so–it is almost a guarantee that Brown will get hurt and you will see the other QBs.

I like “the-threat” of the QB running via the Zone Read out of the Shotgun, because in reality–he rarely runs unless it is wide open.

Justin Herbert Hurt_Video.jpg

I’m in the minority here, but AB is the qb Morehead wants to start. It’s his gig cuz he earned it.
Pittman and JJ3 both speak confidently about his ability and leadership.
Yes, playing TT now will help for next year. But what of this year? We have the pieces in place to start winning now.
I don’t want to wait.

Don’t expect to see backups playing till game 3. Against FS, Brown needs to get as many game reps as possible.
I’m hoping for more playing time for the “3” in games like AZ, CU, WSU, and clearly Stonybrook.

Who plans to watch tOSU tonight?

Can’t wait for Saturday! Go DUCKS!!


Oregon vs Ohio State University – 10:00 AM PT – Fox
OSU is a 11.5 point favorite.
OSU currently has The best odds of winning the B1G.(-170)
(For teams that played less than 8 games in 2020 I will be reviewing their 2019 team as well)
Record: 2020 7-1(3 canceled games)
Notable losses:

QB Justin Fields Draft pick 11 
LB Pete Werner Draft Pick 60 
C Josh Myers Pick 62
G Wyatt Davis Pick 86
RB Trey Sermon Pick 88
LB Baron Browning Pick 105
DT Tommy Togiai Pick 132 
TE Luke Farrell Pick 145
CB Shaun Wade Pick 160
DE Jonathon Cooper 239 

Recruiting and Transfers:

This is a top level recruiting team(not that that really needed to be said). With this they also haven’t experienced a lot of attrition in the transfer portal. When they do reach out to the transfer portal themselves it is to take high level players most notably Fields and Sermon. 

Offensively Ohio state has two major ‘concerns’. First is obvious in that with fields now in the NFL it will interesting to see how Stroud comes in and replaces him. CJ Stroud announced as the started by Coach Day is a pro set QB that does not have the wheels that were often needed by fields.

Next is the reshuffling at Oline. Ohio state lost their starting center and Right guard from a year ago. To fix this they have literally reshuffled their entire oline. They moved their LG to Center, LT to LG and RT to LT. I am not an offensive line coach but this seems like a lot of movement especially considering some of these guys graded quite well at their position. I am excited to see how they now perform.

As for the rest of the offense, OSU has the best WR core in all of college football period. They have probably their best receiving TE in the history of the school although I am not sure how big of a difference he makes as the WR’s will get more balls thrown their way based on Day’s offense.

Finally RB, Ohio state appears to be moving smaller. The reports are indicating that Miyan Williams has won the starting job. He is 5-8 and significantly shorter than the standard 5-10/6 RB’s OSU is used to. I am not sure at his height if he will be efficient in pass protection and will more than likely be swung out as a check down or they will rely on the long term backup Master Teague in that situation.


First I am not really certain what the OSU Defense is going to be in 2021. OSU has typically ran a 4-3 but instead of 2 corners and 2 safeties they run a single high safety with a “bullet” replacing the strong safety. Who was functionally another linebacker creating more of a 4-4 defense with a single high safety. The problem with this is OSU was 122nd in Passing yards/game in 2020. They allowed 304 yards a game. It was safe to say it was awful…

Because of this I think they will transition to a “4-2” this season. They will likely drop the sam linebacker in preference for a safety. From my research they appear to be keeping their “bullet” position. 

Now for the expectations. Despite losing two starters at dline, I wouldn’t expect much of a drop off. OSU recruits the position and coaches the position probably better than any team in the nation.

As for the rest of the defense they have a quality returning safety and I would expect teams to avoid throwing the ball in his direction. 

Game expectations:

OSU is the best team we face in 2021. Just like Oregon they have the question of QB. I am interested to see how Stroud will do in Day’s system. Stroud just isn’t as athletic(speed and quick) as what has been in the OSU system the last few years.

The next question is what does OSU do to improve their defensive scheme. They have no problem in the run game but have shown some significant weakness in defending the pass. 

If Oregon wants a chance to beat OSU they first need to pass the ball. I’m thinking a minimum of 40 passes in this game. And they really need to find a way to punish the press coverage at CB. 
Next is take advantage of the new bodies on the right side of the OSU’s offensive line and hopefully create a few mismatches were a lanky DE just has to drive through the shorter RB in Miyan. 

All in all, I think this game is winnable but the offense has to be ready to let the ball fly and they have to take advantage of a QB who will be in his second collegiate start.

Ohio State plays Minnesota tonight on Fox at 5 PM PT. In a game that I think was scheduled on a thursday night intentionally to give OSU more prep time for Oregon.


Doesn’t the Duck-Buckeye games start at 9:00 am PT?


My guess is he’ll start every game until he’s injured. Then who knows. A backup QB still has not been determined. You’ve got 3 QB’s with different styles and none can separate from the others. If Brown does go down we might see 2 QB’s still battling it out on game day.
My fan mind wants Ty but my gut says Brown.

Jon Sousa

AB may have started last year if he wasn’t recovering from injury. We don’t know.

One thing I do know is that back when Prukop was here SurferDude (our QB coach) wanted to start Justin Herbert from the first game but Helfrich overrode that decision. Prukop was proven inadequate for the job and JH started his first game against Washington. If we hadn’t waisted 5 warm up games, JH could have led UO to a victory against the Huskies. We will never know that either.

I HOPE that we don’t have the same thing here. I hope Moorhead isn’t wanting to start a different guy. I hope everyone is totally on the same page.

Like everyone else here, I hope other QBs get meaningful reps as backups. (I’m looking at you Stoney Brook!) AB should not play more than a quarter of game 3… especially if we win in Ohio.

More than anything, with the QB room as it is now, and more talent on the way, I HOPE that MC doesn’t go shopping the transfer porthole for another “experienced” player to come in next year.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Our defense was so bad in 2016 that I really don’t think a more experienced Herbert would have mattered, IMHO.

You mean David Yost?

David Yost in 2016_Gary Breedlove.jpg
Jon Sousa

Doesn’t he LOOK like a Surfer Dude????

I grew up in Southern California, just a couple miles from the beach.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Sure. And his hair was longer at one time…

He (on the right) looks like, who?

David Yost on left_YouTube.jpg

Jeff Daniels…..Dumb and Dumber!


One doesn’t need to be a Grandmaster to have seen Brown starting. Not suggesting at all that Cristobal is doing this to spite the clamoring from the fans to start Thompson; I would say that a coach who did start the heralded freshman over the 6 year senior, might not have the firmest grip on his team.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Thompson play, and hope that when he comes in after the Ducks have built up a solid lead, the playbook isn’t reduced to handing the ball off. Rotating QB’s doesn’t work in theory; and it certainly didn’t work against Iowa St. It makes sense to me that Brown is starting the season. Hopefully the game against Fresno State goes well, and the team is primed to go into the Horse shoe. I wouldn’t that game to be Thompson’s first.


Great to see you writing again, and this should be a fun season for you.

I’ve gone on record in a recent article stating that I believe that not only will Brown hold his position through the season, but he will flourish.

I predict him as an honorable mention All-Pac12, as he will not have the gaudy passing numbers as other QBs, but he will recognized for a cool head and great performance in key situations through the season.

Anthony Brown in Pac12 Championship_UO Athletics.jpg

I hope AB plays well and the young guns get an opportunity to play because we have a ridiculous lead in several games.

With an offense that that has designed runs for the QB, there is a good chance that there is an injury that will require QB2 at any moment.

However, there is an “it” factor at QB. As fans we know “it” when we see “it”. As a player in the huddle, you know it as well. The play that I have seen from AB doesn’t necessarily separate him from any of the “young guns”. But, game day is when it really counts.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I really sense an “it” factor with Robby Ashford, although he may not be the passer that Thompson is..

Robby Ashford and Joe Moorhead_Pac12 Video.jpg

As ironic as it may seem chess and football have a lot in common. Most on here know this.

It’s about thinking several moves ahead within a game, within a season and from season to season.

This concept is why I believe it would be a big mistake not to get Ty rolling early and often this season. I don’t mind Brown starting here early in the season, but I will continue to be vocal about Ty getting REAL game time so that once our game against Georgia comes around next season he is up to speed at the college level.

Playing chess well is how head coaches lead their team to national championships.

Having said all that there is no way you will ever find me rooting against AB or hoping he fails. When he is in I will be behind him 100% and I would love to be wrong and find out he actually does have a strong downfield ball with a tight spiral and decent velocity and accuracy.


Life, and most things in it, can be viewed as a chess game. Right now it seems Cristobal is moving all his pieces well. Much like the Sicilian Defense to start a game, great first step in an aggressive match.

The question now is how does he play the game as the other variables come into play? Anyone can learn the first few moves of a great chess match, it is the grandmaster who stays ahead of the others and wins in the end.

It will be interesting to see if Cristobal comes out looking like the grandmaster, or just a neophyte learning the game at the end of the season. You point out a great concept, we need to play the long game, not just the short, safe game. I might add we still don’t know which piece, qb will be part of the final winning move, Ty might not be it.

Last year it didn’t go too well, but hopefully we are seeing him learn the game, and his title of grandmaster earned soon!

Great take and I love when chess is used to understand competition and life.

Santa Rosa Duck

I trust in Mario and Moorhead to make the right choice. I am looking for Anthony Brown to surprise a few people and just hope he can stay healthy. GO DUCKS!

Kurt Rambis

Gotta say it’s a bit discouraging to see what feels like a steady stream of articles on FishDuck that essentially take the tone of, “Sure he’s the only QB with experience and sure he’s the guy our coaching staff chose to start, but we all know that’s just temporary.”

Maybe various writers and fans with this perspective are right: Brown will be underwhelming and the Dux will switch over to one of the frosh QBs. But maybe, just maybe, his toughness and experience will serve the team well and he’ll lead Oregon to a great season. Particularly frustrating is the assumption that if Brown starts all year, the season will be mediocre. I remember having some pretty good seasons with QBs who didn’t come in with lofty expectations, like Jeremiah Masoli, Darron Thomas, Tony Graziani, and Vernon Adams.

Certainly it’s possible that Brown won’t last the season as the starter. But I think treating it like a done deal that he’ll be underwhelming and get replaced – and it’s just a matter of when – is a little unfair to him and to the team as a whole.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck


Great to see you posting again…and please know that the steady stream of any articles with the same opinion is not part of any plan on this site. I let all writers state their opinions, and then we discuss.

For example, it is nice that Coach Ken Woody agrees with my views about the Oregon offense, but it would not matter. If he came out with an article in complete support of the offense–it still gets published.

I would disagree with one item in your post; it is completely fair that people have that view. First, these players are in the public eye and know that comes with the territory. And now with NIL…they get paid for being in the public eye.

Second, it is completely fair that people here can state their views, so long as they follow our rules. You and I may not like their views–but everyone can state theirs with no repercussions.

Your and my views on Anthony Brown are the minority views here, and the great part about that is that we can state them on FishDuck with complete freedom and yet be protected from “The Trolls” who would sign up to simply spew their bile and take off. I call them “Drive-by Trolls.”

And it is nice that we can politely disagree with others and nothing goes personal.

Anthony Brown in 2021 Spring Game_Pac12 Video.jpg
Kurt Rambis

I guess it depends on how you’re defining “fair.” People absolutely have the right to have and express the view that AB isn’t good enough to start all year – or views that MC is a horrible coach, that Ty Thompson has no future at Oregon, that Butterfield will win the Heisman, that we’d be better off with Kevin Sumlin, or whatever views they have. And yes, it’s fair that they can state those views and not have it turn into a personal vendetta with someone.

But I do think it’s unfortunate that some treat it like a done deal that he’ll be benched this year. It’s entirely fair that anyone can have and state that opinion, but I don’t think that position is fair to him, as I originally stated. And I’ll stick by that statement, since I truly don’t think those folks are giving him a real chance. I’m no particular fan of AB; I only want the team to win. So if benching him after game 3 or 4 is the right way to go, then absolutely so be it. I would just rather wait until we see a demonstration that he’s not getting it done, rather than treat it as fait accompli.

So I’ll continue to say I would prefer that everyone give the kid a chance rather than pre-judging that he won’t get it done, and hopefully that disagreement came through in a respectful manner (which is how I intended it). Given the difference between the comments on this site and on what used to be the OLive site when it allowed comments, I wouldn’t want be here if it were like OLive.

Trolls belong under bridges.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Amen Duck-Brother. You were respectful and I understand/agree with your view and how you meant it. More than anything–I was clearly defining it for the other readers, some who might be new.

And years ago we would say, “Trolls belong under bridges, so don’t feed the Trolls!”

They would starve on this site.


Some fans will dismiss a player just because he didn’t come with ‘high accolades’.

To those fans, I only have two words to say to them: Patrick Chung. (drops the mike and walks away)


Don’t be discouraged. I think we all want to see AB succeed, and make the team successful.

I think most people are thinking that getting someone other than AB playing time will make the team better next year. Any team with a solid experienced QB can be dangerous on any given day.

I actually hope AB brings it, and makes us very dangerous every game day.


I said it early, Anthony Brown is just a place holder until the competition behind him is over. Well the competition behind him isn’t over, and neither is Anthony Brown’s job of holding the qb job. I look for Brown to lead the team to a very good season.

Brown has been deemed the starter, and I now look for him to lead the team as high as it possibly can rise up to. Brown is the leader, and should be supported until he is injured, or proves the team needs some juice from somebody else.

I still think it will be interesting to see how the competition plays out behind him. The talent level of the qb’s, and their potential is off the charts, never seen before. Maybe when we had Manziel and Mariota as recruits, but that didn’t last. I hope we can keep at least two of them. We will need a very good back-up next year. I think we will see that this year with some good playing time for the eventual back-up.

What will be interesting is to see live game action for Brown and the others. There is nothing like strolling out as the starter with the whole game in your hands. Some players elevate to levels even they don’t know they are able to, like many of our great qb’s of the past. I hope Brown become one of those. I know one of the young ones will too, Go Ducks!

Steven A

I agree with pretty much all that has been written here so far.

The thing about letting the three “ors” some reps in a blow out, I would like to see that for a full quarter +. It seems that mop-up is usually WAY after the game is decided, like the last 5 minutes and relegated to hand offs. Hopefully this year we will see meaningful reps in those situations.


The back up talent need to see meaningful reps! The whole playbook should be available. Handing off for pistol plunges would guarantee eventual transfers.

David Marsh

If this plays out like Prukop and Herbert … 6

I think Brown has to really produce because there is simply too much talent behind him with a higher ceiling. He has expirence and that and hard work have earned him his starting spot …

But what happens when knowledge of the system catches up from one of the back ups?

What happens if he is struggling to make the right read?

What happens if he can’t get into a rythum with the passing game?


I think you have it about right. Hopefully Thompson gets slowly worked in during the first several games and then I could see him starting by game 6.

I realized how presumptuous I may sound saying Thompson constantly, but I have to go with my gut on this. I suppose he could be a total bust in the end though.

J Duck

No matter what happens, next year at least one of the younger guys will likely transfer. It’s unfortunate but the quality of depth we have is not a bad problem to have


The Brown led Ducks will beat tOSU and he will keep the job for as long as he’s healthy.

Go Ducks!


Hey Alex, great ponder point, thanks. I think Mr. Brown won the job with leadership and consistency, and will start until he gets banged up.

Since JoMo plans to run his QB about 10 to 12 times per game, I think we will probably see 2 if not 3 QBs starting different games this year. I hope we see the young guns get some live action in the 2nd half after we build a 21 point lead.

I am not thinking JoMo will run QB off tackle into the teeth of the D like slick did to Justen, but running the QB does invite the possibility of getting banged up.

If Brown goes down, i look to see Ty get the next shot, followed by Butterfield, then Robby. That said, I think any of the 4 will be more than capable of leading the team.

Go Ducks!


Thanks for contributing, Alex.

We are almost there with the season kickoff only two days ahead. Answers to our questions about this year’s Ducks will unfold.

AB has won the QB starting role through a normal year of practice sessions. He is one of the most experienced game seasoned QB’s in college football. His veteran leadership is invaluable to this team of young Ducks.

With gifted quarterbacks behind Anthony Brown, a team loaded with youthful talent, allowing the others as many snaps as possible is preparing for the future.

QB #1 is AB’s to lose. I truly expect him to play well and, without injury, lead the Ducks through the season and post season play.

If the team has a nice lead at the half I would like to see the other QB’s take snaps to give them game reps and keep AB healthy.

Anthony Brown is the man. This is his team. It is up to him to keep it that way by performing every week. The other Ducks will have their days ahead.

JoMo has coached a lot of QB’s through his career. He has some grey in his beard. Some say he is a wizard of offense, a guru. He should know which QB can best lead his offense and the team.

It is nearly time to turn from speculating the “what ifs” and watch and evaluate the on-field performance of the QB and entire team.

Go Ducks!


But isn’t it entirely possible that if some of these games don’t go well for the Ducks, we see a change at quarterback?”

They struggled in the bowl game last year, and it wasn’t Brown’s fault (for the most part).

Do you pull your starting pitcher because the shortstop is making errors? If you do, and the next pitcher is walking batters, then things only get worse.

This also applies to football.

If the other 10 guys are doing their job and Brown isn’t, then it will be obvious. But if the whole offense is in the toilet, then changing QBs is a nothing move. A different QB won’t help the line block or the receivers get open.

If Brown misses reads, misses throws, can’t avoid a rush – then it is time to make a switch.


He did cough it up at least once…….maybe twice, but I think we recovered one of them.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I will admit that Brown lost a fumble in the Bowl game, and another one in the Spring Game, and both I would categorize as “should-not-have-lost.”