Oregon Football: Ducks Win Again, But Fans Keep Bellyaching

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Here’s a hot take: There are WAY too many Oregon “fans” kvetching on social media. Change my mind.

Granted, expectations were high for the No. 4 Oregon Ducks’ (3-0) return to Autzen Stadium after winning arguably the biggest game in program history by defeating the Ohio State Buckeyes (2-1) at the Horseshoe, 35-28.

After all, the Ducks had an FCS team from the Colonial Athletic Association lined up before entering conference play next week against visiting Arizona Wildcats (0-2). Fans licked their chops thinking Oregon would roll the Stony Brook SeaWolves (1-2) from jump street. Personally, I imagined the Ducks beating the Seawolves like Barnyard Dawg bashing Foghorn Leghorn over the head with an oversized wooden mallet. (“That boy, I say, that boy ain’t right!”) 

After two quarters, the Ducks led Stony Brook 17-7 and social media was insufferable. Twitter was rife with bellyaching about Oregon playing down to its opponents and not completely blowing out the Seawolves by halftime. Here are some examples:

The same folks that were drinking from the ram’s horn of victory in Columbus were yowling about the team’s perceived inadequacies just days later. Oh, and the final score? Oregon beat Stony Brook handily, 48-7.

We heard some of the same grumblings after the Ducks battled the EXTREMELY UNDERRATED Fresno State Bulldogs in their season opener (As I’m writing this, the Bulldogs are leading the UCLA Bruins at halftime, 23-10).

So, let’s look at the Week 3 numbers. Oregon’s offense finished with 436 total yards and had twice as many first downs as the Seawolves (26 to 13). Quarterback Anthony Brown was solid, completing 14 of 18 pass attempts with a touchdown and no interceptions. Kicker Camden Lewis nailed a 40-yard field goal and finished the day a perfect 2-for-2 (My, how he has improved!).

From Twitter (UO Athletics)

The Oregon Ducks are 3-0 entering their Pac-12 opener against Arizona in Eugene.

Freshman Ty Thomson played most of the second half and looked pretty good, completing 6 of 9 passes for 82 yards and two touchdowns, sealing the win for the Ducks. And even Jay Butterfield got some snaps, going 2-for-3 in passing for 22 yards. And congratulations to Travis Dye who became the 18th Oregon running back to earn 2,000 career yards after rushing for 87 yards and a touchdown.

One particularly glaring statistic was Oregon’s third-down conversion rate, which was noticeably worse than last week (8-of-16), successfully converting just 3 out of 10 attempts against Stony Brook.

The defense was special once again (and once again without several star players, including Kayvon Thibodaux and Justin Flowe), forcing four turnovers, including three interceptions — two of which came from Verone McKinley III.

Scott Kelley

Oregon fought hard to beat a very good (and underrated) Fresno State Bulldogs team in Week 1. But some Ducks fans were skeptical about the narrow margin of victory.

I said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Mario Cristobal IS NOT Chip Kelly. Don’t bet on Cristobal’s Ducks to cover your 42-point spread, because it’s unlikely he delivers massive blowouts over smaller schools. But frankly, he doesn’t have to. At no point during the game did I seriously worry the Seawolves would run away with the game. Not once. Cristobal and Co. maintained control of the entire game, made halftime adjustments and Oregon took care of business.

Was it a flawless performance? Of course not, but can you show me a perfect team? And don’t say the Alabama Crimson Tide, because even the almighty struggled this week on the road against the Florida Gators.

The Ducks answered all of my concerns the first two weeks, especially on the road against one of the country’s premier college football programs. I don’t need style points, video game stats or 70-point drubbings of technical schools and community colleges. Just give me the “W.”

Jordan Ingram
San Diego, California
Top photo by Craig Strobeck

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Prediction Contest Win Goes to toketeeman!

Wow this was close again, and what I first do is look at the point spread, then who was closer on the score, and then I address the tiebreakers of turnovers created, sacks recorded and yard passing by the Ducks.

Oregon Wins: 48-7 (41 point spread) with 4 turnovers created, 1 sack and 263 yards passing.

toketeeman 52-10, 2, 3, 230
jrw 56-14, 4, 4, 290
Duck Phan Phil 56-14, 3, 4, 315
Haywarduck 62-10, 4, 5, 390
Duck1984 45-6, 4, 5, 220
David Marsh 49-10, 3 ,4, 310
NW777 52-13, 2, 3, 325
LB48 52-13, 3, 4, 325
Darren Perkins 51-13, No tiebreakers listed, so disqualified. (Sorry!)
FGLumber 49-13, 2, 4, 285
VandownbytheriverDuck 59-12, 2, 5, 254
PittDuck 54-6, 3, 5, 300
30Duck 59-7, 3, 4, 300
smith72 48-16, 3, 4, 325
Santa Rosa Duck 48-14, 3, 3, 265
oregon111 45-16, 2, 5, 300
CJ 42-13, 3, 5, 289
Mr. FishDuck 45-17, 3, 4, 270
Krsmqn 38-10, 2, 5, 240
GODUCKS15 63-9, 3, 5, 245
Steven A 66-7, 4, 7, 343
DrHilarius 70-6, 5, 6, 320
J Duck 84-0, 5, 6, 337

Fun-fun! Play next week on GameDay!

Team Entrance_Eric Evans Oregon Athletics Twitter.jpg
J Duck

Yay I got last place!!! Might keep those numbers for Zona…they look worse than Stoney Brook


Seems David and I have a case for the closest spread to the ACTUAL score, with both of us missing by four points. Also seems I got the turnover count correct.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Well, 39 points, or two points off is not as good as 42 point spread and one point off the actual spread in my way of looking at it. Trust me–if I did it your way–I would have people complaining that their spread was closer while being close to the actual score. I did state up front what my process was for determining a winner…

Good thing there were not any prizes based on it!


Not sure my explanation was good. My score differential approach rewards getting closest to the actual score, as opposed to the actual spread.

For instance, a prediction of 141 – 100, while correct on the spread, does not feel as good as 49 -10 when the final score is 48 -7. While it misses the spread by two points, it only misses the final score by four points, which is tied for best in class.

Just another way to look at it!


This is fun TY!!


Great article, great point. Ironic that Charles was belly aching on this site just a couple weeks ago! 🤔 Love the site been a reader for years


So, Kayvon Thibodeaux, Dru Mathis, Justin Flowe, Adrian Jackson, Mase Funa, Bradyn Swinson, and Keith Brown did not play in that game.

And Stony Brook scored 7 points.

I’d say that’s pretty good. But, man, that’s an incredible injury toll in the heart of the defense.

Santa Rosa Duck

Thanks Jordan. I just finished watching the game today for the first time. So our DUCKS started slow but kept building the momentum and I saw nothing to get me worried.

Who will be the starting QB against Arizona?

Ducks move up to No. 3 in AP Poll

EUGENE, Ore. – After moving to 3-0 with a 48-7 win over Stony Brook on Saturday, Oregon moved up one spot to third in the Associated Press Top 25 Poll on Sunday, while holding steady at No. 4 in the AFCA Coaches Poll.

The Ducks gained votes in both polls following their non-conference win. Oregon garnered 1,427 points in the coaches poll, 71 more than it had following its week two win at Ohio State. The Ducks finished with 1,385 points in the AP Poll, 30 more than the previous week.

Oregon’s No. 3 ranking is the highest for a Ducks’ team since checking in at No. 3 in December 2014. The last two weeks mark the first time Oregon has been in the top five in back-to-back weeks since the end of the 2014 season when Oregon ranked in the top five in the final seven polls by both the AP and coaches.

  • Oregon is the highest-ranked Pac-12 Conference team in the polls, with UCLA joining the Ducks with a No. 24 ranking in both polls.
  • Fresno State, who Oregon beat week one, moved into both polls (No. 22 AP, No. 25 Coaches).
  • Ohio State, who the Ducks beat last week in Columbus, is 10th in the AP poll and 12th in the coaches poll.

Oregon returns to action Saturday night at Autzen Stadium when the Ducks’ open Pac-12 play against Arizona. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. and the game is on ESPN.

(Press Release from Oregon Athletics Communications)


Have to respectfully disagree. It did not appear that Cristobal had this team ready to play in the first half. Our lineman should’ve performed much better against Stoney Brook’s lines.


So the AP poll now has Oregon up to #3.
I guess those voters don’t think winning by 41 and holding a team to only one score is that bad of a performance.
Both Clemson and tOSU slip down.

Cristobal led teams will not be fast scoring, high octane teams. That is not him. So that is not us.

I think our game plan will change week to week based on who we are playing. I expect to see more deep balls against other defense systems. More outside run plays, etc. Everything we do is to set up the next play. So everything we show let’s other teams prepare for what they see.

80 different Duck players saw the field on sat. That is a great stat. Coach C said earlier in the week only players who had earned the right to play would see the field. Apparently that was everybody.

Now the real season starts. So let the games begin. I for one plan to enjoy the ride. I want a 3rd Pac12 title, and I want to see a whole bunch of KT sacks.
Since we became 12 teams, no team has gone undefeated in the Pac. It’s a difficult thing to do. Let’s get started 1 – 0 next week with AZ coming to town!


Can we say something nice about Cam Lewis? 2 for 2 yesterday, including one from 40 yards that was picture perfect. Plus most of his kick offs are going for touchbacks. He has really improved, which could make a difference in a close game.


Congrats to Cam, part of getting older is growing and improving, stay focused and keep within yourself.


I heard one commentator on some network (can’t remember which) specifically say that Cam Lewis “greatly improved” the Ducks kicking game this year. It was the only mention of him anywhere that I have accessed.


That’s HUGE!


People can cherry pick the good, or the bad, but one thing is certain – the Ducks have work to do.

Also, Ducks up to #3


Good to see ya Krs, I’ll bet Nitty is happy about Penn St.

Ducks are far from perfect but the roster is still very young. We can still improve by the playoffs.


58? Ava looks like it. No sign of Nitty. Hope he’s doing well. You too!


Im doing really good,-like I said good to see YOU!

Looks like the Ducks are getting a bit tougher, we may not be scoring 50 but that’s ok if we keep on winning.


Don’t want to peak too soon. Real season is just getting started, and it’s a long season.
Keep improving week to week, that’s the goal.


It will always be a constant cycle of improvement, there will always be something to work on. If not, you run the risk of stagnation. The o-line wasn’t particularly good in the 1st half and those back-to-back sacks hurt AB, I’m sure Cristobal and Mirabal gave them an earful during halftime.

That being said, I see improvement overall plus the development of the freshman players seems to be on track.

Oh Jordan-Jordan-Jordan!

You know I love you man, but boy–do I disagree with the premise of your article! (And again FishDuck Community–you can see that I do not dictate what writers can or cannot write. They have complete freedom to state their views)

So the FANS are the problem here? Not the expectations built by what the coaches have said themselves?

It reminds of a movie from years ago…Parenthood, where the Gramma asked the quarreling couple of they wanted a life on the Merry-Go-Round, or on the Roller-Coaster?

I want the Roller-Coaster, baby.

I want to feel the discombobulation of trying to process the Ohio State victory a day later, and I want to feel the primal screams that come from dramatic touchdowns such as what finished our Fresno State game.

I want to feel the despair like when my wife found me one morning in the fall of 2007….in the fetal position under the kitchen table sobbing about the injury to Dennis Dixon.

And I think all the fans should be allowed to feel all their feelings and share them–provided they do not attack other fans in the process. To me…since the word “fan” comes from “fanatic,” I think my spectrum of emotions better fits the definition.

If some people had their way…we fans could only say…“Gee its nice Oregon won,” or “Gosh, too bad the Ducks lost.”

NOOOOOOOO. I want my wife to know how the Oregon game is going from the racket coming from the “ManCave” on the second floor. I believe that passion, that amount of caring is what we need more of in the Pac-12, not less.

Perhaps that is part of our problem on the West Coast?

LSU Fan_Tiger TV Video.jpg

Charles, the merry go round. rollercoaster & general West Coast mentality definitely hits the bullseye. As I watching the game last night, it was underwhelming. But, when it was over, it was 48-7 Ducks, and that’s pretty dominant. (AP Voters must have thought so too, as the Ducks jumped OK for No.3, after the Sooners scraped by the “Huskers.

48 is pretty good, and one have the perspective that the Ducks did it staying in cruise control for the whole game. With the letdown expected after a big win, and an opponent in Stony Brook, such a performance couldn’t be too unexpected. Next week, in the Dark, Arizona will be another case for the team’s and fans enthusiasm.

Charles fan comes from Latin and can also lead one to fantasy, not just fanatic. It is important to be in control of ones’ fantasy. Too often, lately, the fantasy of fans is they are the team, their self worth is caught up in how the team does, that is not a good fantasy.

A fan can be something that fans the fires and things get out of control. A fan can also cool things off, when too hot.

I look at fans being driven by passion, which allows one to have empathy with others. It is great to get excited for a win and down for a loss.

I think it is also amazing to be curious about others, and how they are doing. That seems to be the basis of Fishduck.

We just shouldn’t get caught up in thinking we are the team, or our lucky socks really have an impact on the game, well, not get too serious about the socks, because that is a fantasy, right?



You had me chuckling, you in the fetal position about Dennis Dixon and his unfortunate injury. How so many hung their hats on one person, being that important, for victory or defeat. Football, is not that sport! Heck, Basketball is not that sport. Look at Phil Jackson with Michael Jordan.

Both GOAT’s in their own rights but alone without the other pieces, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman the other supporting cast of players were just Super Stars, not Champions. Players and Coaches need team members, assistant coaches, other players to carry responsibilities for the whole.

Sometimes it is the player that passes you the ball to make ALL those great plays. Sometimes it the player that defends the goal to stop the score. Luck sometimes, rears its ugly head and it can be a friend or a foe.

Fresno State battled hard, not playing down to their perceived level against two ranked teams. One against a ranked opponent, just losing with less than 3 minutes left on a 4th and 2 yds. QB option for a TD. Then Luck showed the world how all the pieces could come together, using 40 seconds to go 75 yards for a game winning TD.

Leaving, I am sure, shocked UCLA fans, coaches and players a measly 14 seconds to absorb the defeat. Fresno State Coaches, players and fans were rewarded with a spot in the top 25 rankings in both the AP and Coaches Polls. Well deserved, if you ask me.


I agree Charles.

What one man sees as griping another sees as caring.

Iron sharpens iron as the saying goes.

You don’t see Nick Saban sitting around at the end of a game where it was obvious his team didn’t perform to expectations saying we are just thankful we won, and you don’t see the Alabama fans saying that either.

Jon Sousa

I just want to say one thing, and it has nothing to do with last night’s game. (Not true, it has to do with last night’s UCLA game.

Oregon beat the team that beat the team that beat LSU… using only one page of their offensive play book. They cracked it open just a tad for that last touchdown… because they had to.

Watching the UCLA game last night it is amazing to me that we didn’t have to open up the play book a little more to get the win.

UCLA had two weeks to prep for Fresno State. Fresno State has improved a lot over the last two games, and if they continue to improve throughout the season, I will be surprised if they don’t raise a trophy at the end of the year.


I know I was one of those upset over the Ducks struggle with Fresno–But….

Fresno has a lot of talent that wasn’t given chances at the BIG PAC schools–they are usually very good, very mad and looking to get even.

They’re not the Bulldogs for nothing.


Oregon of Old. Enough said.


Just so we are clear, Oregon had a long term staff that coached up over looked talent. That blue collar talent often played above their competition. Played with heart, for each other and their coaches.


I don’t believe I am a bellyacher because of questions raised about the Oregon offense. Many questions still need answering, not least of all – can Oregon win a shootout? Re: Ducks- Trojans 2012. The questions raised about the Oregon offense are still valid.

These questions matter not only to those who have crushed their rose colored glasses years ago but to those who have a vested interest in watching the Ducks fail, like Disney Corp and the SEC. These vested interests will use every excuse to maintain the status quo and to keep the Ducks out of prestige bowl games. So let’s not give them an excuse.

Lastly, football is entertainment. In order generate the optimal amount of revenue to keep the program in the discussion for championship games, Oregon must both win and entertain. Those “bandwagon” fans may not matter to the “real” fans but they certainly matter to the program and the journey to the promise land.


I agree with this and am more than a little concerned if the O doesn’t pick up a bit. SEC type football isn’t super popular around here.


I think the offense will get there. Last season was such a weird, truncated, inconsistent year that I don’t think it was a great time to pick up a new offense. I’m kind of interpreting this season as the “real” season Oregon is learning and implementing Moorhead’s style and schemes so it’s reasonable to assume that as the weeks progress the starters will settle in and the offense will pick up the tempo and consistency…my guess is probably 2-3 games into the Pac12 schedule.


Am I happy with the win? Yes. Am I happy with how the Ducks played? Not enirely. The first half was bad football for the Ducks. The dive made a return. Our Oline is not consistent.

I don’t like how we go vanilla predictable offense against lesser teams. We don’t need to bring out our wrinkles, but run the ball outside more. When we did, we did well.

3-0 is the best the Ducks can be, so I’m definitely happy about that. Still a ton of things for the Ducks to work on. Good thing Arizona is up next and we can work on those th8ngs.

Jay MacPherson

The issue is lack of focus and intensity until it could be too late, like against a good cohesive team that the Duck players once again underestimate. This team reeks of hubris.


One item I didn’t like and seems to be consistent with playing lesser teams are the cheap shots, bad penalties one sees happening. I still remember JStew getting his ankle injured in a pile by a lesser team. I don’t think there was a penalty, but in the replay you could see a player grabbing his ankle and just wrenching it, during the dead ball period, causing the injury.

Last night when Troy Franklin was putting on some extremely good blocks he was illegally lit up, and barely made it off the field. Once again we saw why the players love Cristobal, because he was over there supporting his player and expressing his displeasure with the play of SB.

The facemark on Seven McGee should have been an ejection. That type of facemask penalty could kill a player. I don’t understand how this kind of penalty can’t be elevated to an ejection.

I don’t know what can be done to ensure a safer game against lesser talent, but it seems to get dangerously chippy when playing a team with nothing to lose when taking out one or more of our players.

Kudos to our players, as if this was a baseball game we would have seen an equally ugly act. I give SB credit for playing their hearts out, but there is no excuse for the play I saw by a few bad actors at the end of the game!


Much more egregious. The “targeting” calls seriously seem to be a result of over zealousness. Subjective calls are just that, too subjective. Should only be called when it’s obvious.
That said, the awful late hit on Franklin or Thornton (I get em confused) and the face mask should have resulted in expulsions.


Great points. The worst offender that I remember is when that Wazzu player did a helmet to helmet smash on Barner on a kickoff return. (if I remember it right)

So yes, there is dirty play out there. Especially with marginal players who are mad that they are not starting for Alabama, and they know that they have no shot at the pros.


That hit was legal back then. Barner AND his mom were on the field a LONG time before the ambulance drove them to the hospital. Even the Cougs fans were deathly silent. My wife was beside herself. Kenjon became “our boy” after that game. I’m glad the rules have changed.


Success breeds bellyaching. We’ve become like USC fans, a team which hasn’t been BCS relevant since Pete Carroll left and rarely relevant dating back to the ‘70s. We’ve become the equivalent of UCLA basketball fans who’ve been whining since Wooden retired and that was almost 50 years ago!

We hate the LA schools (one of which I graduated from), but many Duck “fans” have become the embodiment of their fans. Look, I was rather disgusted after the first half yesterday, but not about to take to social media to trash a team and staff that just a week ago put together the biggest regular season win IN SCHOOL HISTORY! Relax and enjoy the ride, folks.

It wasn’t that long ago when a win of any sort was cause for celebration in these parts.

David Marsh

Lots of players resting up from injuries…

Oregon took care of business even if the first half wasn’t pretty. They also covered the 40.5 point spread.

The 2s and 3s saw the field.

This is a crazy year so far and Oregon is the only undefeated Pac-12 team. So let’s just be thankful of that.

David Marsh

I didn’t have any money on it… But at 40.5 it felt like a real bet and I didn’t feel too sure Oregon would cover. Especially in the first half.


I try to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. 3-0 is good.

And the future? I don’t know; it hasn’t happened yet.


Some fans may have expected a track meet with our offense racing up and down the field and the defense never allowing StonyBrook to cross the 50 yard line.

The Ducks play didn’t inspire visions of them dominating the remaining games on their schedule. In reality, this team will need to bring it every game day. Winning out is not going to be a cake walk.

We are undefeated, and that is probably one game better than most people/fans thought we would be after week three.

Every game from here on out is going to be the opposing teams “Rose Bowl”. Get ready for a bumpy ride.

Go Ducks.

J Duck

Absolutely…UW, Stan, UCLA all on the road will require some effort. USuC if we get them in the CG will require some effort. I’m hopeful but a loss or two would not surprise me at this point. A lot of FCS upsets this year across the country, P5 teams losing to G5 teams, Clemson, Notre Dumb, Okliehomie, all look suspect. Not sure which conference is worse, Pac 12 or ACC. BYU is having a lot of fun playing Pac 12 teams this year, they have more on the schedule too.


I admit that I was belly aching after the Fresno game. I’ve been under a rock since then, waiting for this week to get a better grasp of how good Fresno actually is.

So, I’m here and I’m openly eating crow. I would have bet the farm that THE Ohio State Buckeyes would have covered the spread against Oregon. They didn’t, and Oregon rose to the occasion. Do I think this is the same Ohio State team that we have seen the last couple years? No. BUT!!!! From just a talent perspective, OSU has as many dudes as anyone in the country and there were few mismatches in that game, save OSU receivers vs defensive backs, but from the looks of it, that receiver group will have a hand up on every defense in the nation.

The ducks are back and they are made up of the right stuff. This season couldn’t be going any better up to this point and I can’t help but look forward the next few years and think that this team has a LEGIT chance of winning a national title.

Anthony Brown has played great, however I do think he has a ceiling to his game. He is working with some dudes around him, but the older, more tenured players around him also have a ceiling.

Then I look at our freshman group of receivers and Thompson…. that group could be absolutely terrifying for an opposing D. Literally every aspect of this team looks like it will have improved personnel-wise in 2 years.

I’m excited.

So what I (think I) know now…..

1. Fresno State is a top 10-15 team. Haener is an absolute gamer. I watched every second of the UCLA game and was so impressed by Fresno State that I couldn’t help but root for them even though UCLA was our last shot at a pac 12 matchuo between two undefeated.

2. Ducks defense is good, and has a chance to be great. KT being back is going to add a new element to this team, and also will open up lanes for more creative pressure packages. It’s really too bad Flowe is out because with him in the game, there are just too many stars to manage and the ducks were going to see a lot more 1 on 1’s with those guys. However, the talent drop off is not extreme as Ducks seem to have recruited well.

3. The future looks brighter than it ever has. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a group of freshman and softmores that play this good since the OSU team that beat Oregon for the national Title. Receivers, quarterbacks, running backs, offensive line, defensive backs and linebackers all look like they are poised for the best-ever units in school history in the next few years.

4. Recruiting is about to take off..
Moorehead has created an offense that is attracting top level running backs and receivers attention. I think DeRuyter is going to showcase his skills and do the same for Defensive line (Ducks least talented position group overall in my opinion).

This is going to be an interesting season! Every team is going to give Oregon its best shot and they are going to have nothing to lose. Let’s do that thing that no other p12 school has done yet in league.


I think we should all remember how we felt about the Fresno State game, and remember this about how early games go in the seasons ahead. You really don’t know how good an opponent is until you can triangulate around a few games, maybe the 5th game of the season.

The other item, which is incredibly important, is you don’t know how good a team is until the last 3 or 4 games of the season too. A tosu has a chance to come back and be a playoff team. It is all about how you finish the season, when considering the playoff, unless you are in the SEC, but that is another story.

Oregon needs to win out, but most importantly we can’t play poorly late in the season. Losing one game late, might be all the voters need to exclude the Pac-12 again.

The playoffs are there for the taking, but we have many more games, and challenges ahead.

ZeroDucksGiven…that is a dandy post. Please keep sharing your thoughts and….have you ever thought of writing articles for FD?

That is a call-out to everyone; if you would like to write articles–we are looking to bring on a few and will show you the ropes. Contact me by email and we’ll get the info. to you.


The response to the Ducks win on the Sunday morning sports news I listen to on the radio was what I expected. The big sports folk often know only the score of a game, so it was not surprising when all they said was that the Ducks pounded Stony Brook 48-7.


Winning by 7 TD’s is a pounding.


Oh, definitely. But if the sports folks had seen the whole game, they might have commented on the “slow start” too.


Fans want to see what we are told to expect.

If the media coverage says our O-line is the toughest in the country, our linebackers and D ends are NFL caliber, our running back duo is unstoppable, our QB room is stacked, and our young receivers and D backs are the best recruits in history, we might expect to see them dominate Stony Brook.

That said, we are a young team that will likely dominate most teams we play in the years ahead.

Patience is a virtue, and fans can enjoy watching the ducklings mature while we dream of future glory.

David Marsh

Arguably we did dominate Stony Brook… Winning by 41 and giving up only 7 is a dominant victory in terms of scoreboard.

The first half was bad… Adjustments and a wake up call at half time resulted in a solid second half.

It took Thompson a couple series to settle down. In those series we were super predictable and stony brook sold out to stop the run.

Once Thompson settled in you could really tell he was comfortable out there. He made some nice throws and the deep throw there was a PI call on would have been a touchdown if it weren’t for the PI call from defensive holding.

Those reps will pay out huge dividends later this year or next year. By the end of the game he looked comfortable on the field… That only happens with actually playing on the field.


Yeah right! I honestly think it’s more young people that are the one’s belly aching and we haven’t yet won anything and I mean the NATTY. I don’t understand why most people are finding it difficult to just sit back and enjoy this product before our eyes. This recruiting has now started to give us pretty good depth and all the best have 3 deep talent. UCLA baffles me though and losing to FS.

I like our chances of going to the playoff’s. Team is young and the coaching is starting to make a big difference and in the right direction. If we can stay healthy the rest of the way which is always sometimes hard to do. If we can get some valuable help back then watch out. Love DJs ability to play both sides of the ball and do it well.


Ducks roll! No doubt a bit lethargic in the first half, but bringing the young and hungry guys in definitely increased the energy of the game down the stretch.

Had many of my questions from last nights post-game post answered in the post-game interview with Cristobal.

Bradyn Swinson knicked up. A-Jack knicked up. Mase Funa banged up, Keith Brown etc. etc. A lot more injuries on defense than I realized when I commented on an article a couple days ago that losing Flowe and Mathis shouldn’t impact the season that much.

Obviously the level of injuries we have seen so far, if continued, will definitely have a large impact on the season. Hopefully many will turn out to be minor though.

Still wondering if anyone else saw a #53 on the defensive line toward the very end of the game and if that was in fact Ryan Walk or a different player who had to change numbers to get on the field as I have seen reported that others have?

Two other key takeaways from college football yesterday: tOSU is not the team they have been in the recent past. Tulsa gave them a run for their money in the Shoe until way late in the game. Fresno State may be the toughest Mountain West team there is this year. I definitely see why we had so much trouble with them now.


You bring up an excellent point Jordan, and one the has been bothering me all season. I just do not understand all these “Duck Fans” who bash the Ducks for not being something they aren’t.

The Ducks beat Fresno State, and the sky was falling! The “Fans” were gnashing their teeth and lamenting how bad we were and how Ohio State was going to destroy us.

This was a team and QB that dominated the UCLA team that smacked down LSU! FSU had more than twice as many first downs and 76 more yards than did Chip’s Bruins. That last drive when they had lost the lead for the only time, and the QB was in obvious pain was absolutely legendary!

A week later Oregon manhandles tOSU, and the fans who were whining couldn’t post enough great things about “their Ducks” and what an awesome season they were going to have. The mighty Ducks had arrived.

Fast forward to yesterday, and darned if the sky isn’t falling again! I just don’t understand bashing a team for a convincing 41 point beat down. OMG, we didn’t cover the spread, the coaches suck, the players have no heart, OUR DOOM IS NIGH!

I understand being critical and wanting to see the best team in college football every week Duck fans, I really do. But this is a GAME played by KIDS. Give em a break.

I will be as sick as any fan if these Ducks lose (remember, I’m the homer who predicted “15-0 Baby”, right here on these hallowed ponder point pages), but I will continue to support these lads from Eugene! Go Ducks.


The fans reactions as you describe them are so predictable (we didn’t beat FS by enough–gloom, doom!, We beat Ohio St.–we’re going to the natty!), that sometimes we just have to sit back and laugh, and wait for the next game. :D


Aside from Thornton’s TD reception, there were no real explosive plays for big yards. Moorhead seems content to run a dink and dunk offense. Or was it MC’s call? Not only does it not stretch the field vertically, Oregon’s offense looks predictable and opposing defenses can afford to stack the box more, making it difficult to run the ball.

From watching the Ducks offense through three games, I’ve noticed that Oregon’s receivers are having trouble on these deep passes, getting clear separation from DBs. So why aren’t Oregon’s receivers winning these 1-on-1 matchups? Are they not fast or deceptive enough? It is understandable that a team like OSU would match us stride for stride, but with the talent gap, should the Ducks be losing that battle to Stoney Brook?

From the lack of replays, it sometimes hard to tell if there was pass interference or if receiver simply got bumped off his route. AB attempts to throw like two deep balls a game, but they all were overthrown. Maybe, he does it just to keep the other team honest. In the OSU game, on Oregon’s third possession, he threw an incomplete pass from Oregon’s own end zone to the 48 yd line.

Despite watching him do it in his highlights reel, at Boston College, I am not confident that AB can drop dimes on these 50 yd passes as a Duck. The problem may fall more on the receivers though. The Ducks may want to try throwing to Dye on a wheel route.


Thornton looked electric out there. Really enjoyed seeing him play. As I stated last night in the game post……why wouldn’t we target a guy like that 10 times/game? Maybe his performance last night will see him get increased opportunities.

I thought Ty Thompson looked excellent as well. Real tentative and a bit nervous in the very first drive, but his balls have zip and a tight spiral (sans the touch pass to Ferguson for the TD). Didn’t think he necessarily looked as good as AB though, so I really hope AB’s shoulder or whatever is aching him heals up soon.

And to top things off……..how about Trey Benson and Byron Cardwell running downhill and with some explosive cuts?

I believe the future is incredibly bright once these players start seeing more game time.

Coach Eric Boles

I often avoid social media during games. A lot of fans are just really emotional when watching a game. And I’m sure most of us have been caught up in the emotion while watching our favorite team, but we need to try to let the logical take over.

And I don’t want this to sound arrogant, but it seems that usually the less football knowledge a fan has, the more complaining they do when their team doesn’t play perfectly.


Great piece, which highlights two new developments. One is social media where anyone’s opinion gets exposure. The other is the new Oregon Football Fan who excepts little other than excellence, and not even the process to get there.

Social media exposes the extremes of our fan base. I actually found the one post pretty funny, ‘Is Stoney Brook an online school?’ Most of the other stuff is just fans blowing off steam.

It is a new development, but the same fans I remember from being at games. There are always fans yelling at coaches, and wondering why a play wasn’t called. We now have a new format for the fans to voice those concerns, much more loudly.

As far as the new fan it is an interesting trend. It seems if an Oregon Fan spends enough money on their authorized Mariota uniform they, in a flash, become a legitimate part of the Oregon Football Program, along with all the success of the past.

I am not thrilled with this new Oregon fanbase, and hope it doesn’t become like some other fanbases I detest.


Well it is a “What have you done for me lately generation now” so you guess and I’m sure you’ll figure out how arrogant this generation is. Not all because there is still some common sense out there thank God.


Interesting Saturday of football.

I was expecting the Ducks to perform at a higher level but Stony Brook’s QB was good. Glad to see a number of our less experienced players get their shot, including QBs.

Fresno State is for real. They really put it to UCLA, who seemed to be caught by surprise. They’ve been reading their press clippings.

The Buckeyes were overrated—as usual. They have some work to do. Michigan State is the better team right now in the B1G.

USC and the Furd have all the parts and will get better as the season progresses. Same goes for the Beavs.

Stanford game will tell us a lot about our Ducks.

Nice half full Autzen stadium. Oops. Fresno State can play football.
Lots to clean up but from a lopsided victory.


Fresno State just beat UCLA, proving they are legit and our game against them wasn’t a fluke.

The bottom line is we are 3-0 and while we have a realistic shot at the playoffs this year, we’re probably going to have to go undefeated to get there.

And as bad as the PAC-12 has looked so far this year, that’s not going to be an easy task for the Ducks. I predict a few nail-biters throughout the season.

Buckle up Duckies. This is going to be one helluva ride!

Go Ducks!


Ducks are not perfect but they are for real.

Several blown D coverages but that is ok, they are young and only going to get better.

The line play could have been better too

All in all Im very happy–GO DUCKS!!


And then there was one … undefeated team in the Pac 12.

Go Ducks!


I was out mtn biking in central Oregon last fall, when I caught the end of the UCLA game on the radio. The announcers said something about its not how the team plays or how much they win by, but just being 3 – 0 is good enough. (or something close to that effect)

Well, we all know what happened after that, don’t we? The Ducks then lost to the beavs and Cal.

However, I am not so worried about this year’s team. They have injuries on the D front 7, but injuries are part of the game. New guys have to be coached up. All other facets look pretty good, and the team is now covering receivers.

Fresno St has shown itself to be better than all pac12 teams except the Ducks and maybe Stanford or USC.

A team like Stonybrook will ‘bring it’ the first half, then be so extended from exerting so much energy, that they fade in the second half – which is exactly what happened. It is what the Ducks used to do to USC, when Pete Carroll was their coach.

Fans will be fans. Some fans actually know the game, and some of them just think they know the game.

I am most pleased with the way the team is using their depth. They are getting many players in the game and they are resting players who need to be rested.

Last season, I saw many problems with the team. I pointed them out here at this site. So far, this year, things look really good except for injuries to linebackers.

I think the Ducks still have room to get a whole lot better. Many of the newer players look like future stars. Many players from last year are playing much better football. I think things are really good right now.


There are mistakes out there but I love MC letting his assistants sink or swim! Give them the teM goals and they need to achieve them with the resources they have…