What I’m Watching For: Fresno State GameDay!

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The wait for the 2021 season has not been that much different than prior years … it just feels that way. We are all so anxious to see how the team will perform after an under-performing 2020, (hampered by COVID restrictions) not having a full team present for 2020 games and finally–now having full fall and spring 2021 camps with the new coordinators installing their own schemes.

So many questions to answer, so much drama to unfold over the next four months … and it begins!

What I am Concerned About….

Fresno State has a superb pass rush, and was third in the nation for sacks and averaged over four sacks per game last year. That is impressive and add the four that occurred in the UConn game among their 10 tackles-for-losses and it indicates that our offensive tackles are going to have a good opening test. George Moore has been with the team longer than the equipment manager and Steven Jones played a ton last year, thus considering all that experience–how will it match up?

Something I did not realize when I searched for, found, edited and installed the photo at the top of the page was who the receiver was? It is one of the best current receivers in the NFL, Davante Adams, who is now catching footballs from Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers. On that day in 2012, you had Derek Carr (NFL QB) throwing to a future NFL star? It is a good thing that Ifo Ekpre-Olomu was in his prime and defending the star wide-out on that play and others. (The touchdown was thwarted by Ifo) 

Oregon Athletics Twitter

Trikweze Bridges in long in his 6’3″ length, but short on experience.

Boy do we need an Ifo this weekend! No matter how you spin it, we have a very inexperienced corner starting opposite Mykael Wright(in Dontae Manning or Trikweze Bridges) and I noted that the position was listed as “Boundary Corner” which perhaps means a little less field to be responsible for in certain coverages? In my experience, the name we give a new corner on an opposing team is “toast,” and I’m crossing my fingers this week and especially in week two in “The Shoe.”

The Difference in Team Talent is…..MASSIVE

I checked the recruiting of Fresno State versus Oregon over the last four years in the Rivals database. What you see below are the total number of 4/5-Star players who have signed with both teams.

Oregon:   57

Fresno State:  1  (That’s right, ONE)

Do you think they are making this out to be a David-versus-Goliath matchup? I hope the Ducks do better than the aforementioned comparison… Even their starting quarterback Jake Haener, the transfer from Washington was originally a 3-Star from Rivals. So I expect to see a bunch of two and three star players coached up on the Bulldog sideline.

Just looking at the talent disparity–this should be a blow-out. If it is not, then the differences would have to be on the coaching side of it? But let’s hope for the best here that the outcome turns out the way the talent matchup appears.

UO Athletics

Whichever No. 13 is playing…

What Else am I Watching For…

–The offense; is it running smooth and is there innovation or more A-Gap Pistol-Plunges? What is the balance between running versus passing? What is their game-plan against the Bulldogs and is it working as it should?

–If there was a game (besides Stony Brook) that Oregon should have a decided advantage in the trenches–this is it. Are we seeing it?

–What kind of Blitzes are DC Tim DeRuyter using? Fresno State quarterbacks were sacked an average of four times a game last year against Mountain West competition, and I have to think that Kayvon Thibodeaux is licking his lips in anticipation?

–Of course we are watching the play of quarterback No. 13whoever is wearing the number while playing!

Just like last year–we run a GameDay thread in the comments below where we discuss things before, during and after the game because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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The good news is the team can get better as the season moves along. We didn’t lay down the game of the century the week before, arguably, the biggest game of the year. Maybe we were looking a little bit ahead?

Another positive we didn’t give up, and showed some grit.

Also Fresno State just might be a pretty good team. As stated, I give them credit for playing well, coming back and making a game of it. We won’t know how good Oregon is or Fresno State is until midway through the season. This might turn out to be a very good win?

The game also provided ample video evidence on what to improve. Hopefully there will be some review quickly, along with some stern discussion, and then move on to what needs to get done.


I was thinking the same thing. Fresno State looked really good out there, and if that’s any indicator of how they will be this year, they may just well be ranked at the end of the year pretty high. At this point that would bode well for Oregon.

Oregon needs to find its identity on offense, and clean up some areas of the defense, particularly in the secondary.

I can’t help but wonder if part of the problems stem from the way Oregon practices… 🤔 I mean, we know about the issues that come with game time decisions, but perhaps there’s a few layers to this conundrum.


“Calling for the coach to be fired before the first game of the season is over … is an example of a bit over-the-top.”

You are right, it is a bit reactionary.

But let me ask you this. Do you believe deep down that we are ever going to see anything different than what we have seen on offense for the past three years and 1 game?

Coming into this season I thought the folly in the offensive scheme has become so self evident that we will surely see an adjustment and spread out the game a bit. You know, get out of the phone booth.

Nope. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Not now and not ever. We will continue to throw the ball maybe 25 times a game and run between the tackles 35+ times per game and that’s how it will always be under Cristobal regardless of the talent we have at QB and receiver.

And the biggest folly of that is everybody and their dog knows it and can scheme on it without a lot of question about whether it will change.


I know……..my questions were somewhat rhetorical because I know how you feel.

I think some of us (probably including you) were still thinking that it has become so obvious what the issues are that Cristobal, or whoever is behind this phone booth offense, will wake up and make the needed adjustments. Especially considering the talent being brought in.

Now I am quite certain that is not going to happen. What we see is what we are going to get.

Herbert WAS the canary in the coal mine.

The most amazing thing is how the heck are they bringing in guys like Troy Franklin when there is really no passing game to speak of. That fact adds to the impressiveness of Cristobal’s recruiting skills.


MC said after the game that he likes the scheme and did not attribute the lack of offensive fire to it. Yep, we may be stuck with that boring, prevent offense.


“Yet I ask you all to refrain fromgoing dark.”

I get the ask here Fish, but what option were we given considering what we saw unfold?


“Look at the bright side–you don’t have to write an article about it!”

Yeah, I don’t envy you on that one.

Fumble strips/sacks
AB can run the ball……..but

Good luck finding others cause I can’t think of any right now……….oh I know one more:



DUCKS WIN! A win is a win!

The genius of the Ducks in this game is:

We showed Ohio State Absolutely Nothing!

So glad to have games & fans! Go Ducks!


I can’t help it. I am finding myself rooting for Chip again. Biggest win for the PAC12 in quite some time tonight at the Rose Bowl.

Zach Charbonnay and Brittain Brown are no joke. DTR looked good as well.

UCLA D is fairly stout too.

UCLA just might be the PAC12’s biggest hope for the playoffs this year.

Overall the PAC12 North had a bit of a tough go today with losses by Stanford, Oregon State and Washington. Can’t believe the Huskies got beat by the Griz.

Pac12 South seems to be holding their own.

A very interesting twist is that UCLA plays Fresno State in a few weeks. Should be an interesting tell.


Oregon won. UCLA won. Washington lost. Good day all in all.


UCLA is torching LSU, they’re up 38-20 with 5 minutes left… i don’t think anyone is going to be referring to them as a sleeper team in the Pac-12 South anymore.


Washington loses to the Griz

David Marsh

That alone makes Oregon’s win feel a bit better.

He didn’t embarrass the PAC…. Washington did.


There goes the 12-0, made my day! Can’t even beat an FCS team at home and ranked #20 in the FBS?

I thought the preseason favorite would last a little longer, love it! Seattle has to be in full melt-down mode.


Haha you know it is! I’m sure there calling for Lakes head. After that performance he should step down!! 🤣🤣


Before the game I stated,
I want to see men playing boys, and the men showing the boys how to execute. We weren’t the men, nor did we execute.

Indicators, Kayvon should get a huge jump start on his sack goals (along with his first TD), Kayvon was on his way to a huge day, season. Hopefully the season will continue.
and the offense scores on each of their first 4 possessions. Not even close, they almost had a 4th down after being given 1st down on the 3 yd. line!
The turnover ratio is positive, Again the defense came through, thankfully, AB needs to protect the ball!
penalties are minimal, Nope, stupid penalties and selfish play by the Ducks. You might have been all world in high school, but it takes a team in the college game. Our talent needs to learn how to play as a team. Time to get somebody, maybe Ngata, to come in and talk about being a great player and team player. Nobody epitomized elite talent and unselfish play like Ngata, something sadly lacking.
although after watching the tosu game the officials have a large part in calling penalties. On defense I want to see FS shut down on 3rd down, sacks and strong tackling. I give a pass to the defense, but they need to tighten it up next week and Kayvon better be back or it’s over.
A goal would be no sacks, give Brown time to perform and get comfortable. Next week will be extremely difficult if we allow pressure this week. The O-line didn’t get it done. I can guarantee Tosu’s D-line is better, deep and hungry to get after AB next week.

A nice gift would be to see innovation on offense. If the offense doesn’t look predictable, and surprises us then all will be good again at Autzen, and the Oregon Football Program, Go Ducks! Not even a little innovative. They have to have a few plays up their sleeves, but they couldn’t even execute basic plays so it doesn’t look good. Maybe Franklin will be the spark we need, maybe? Somebody has to be the threat they don’t have an answer for, because I know they will have threats we don’t have answers for.

Basically I can’t believe I took 4 hours off from surfing to watch that. That was pathetic, going back to surf!


You made me laugh with your last sentence. I went to You Tube to watch my subscriptions after the First Possession of the second half. My Blood pressure was giving me a headache. And my wife could not stand listening to me yelling at the radio broadcast.


Well I feel sheepish! I was among those with emerald goggles affixed to my face, imagining AB and the offense coming out blazing hot. Turns out, that prediction was a flop. With that said…

What on earth with the OL? Brown had virtually no time to breathe, let alone scan the field, for the first 3 quarters. The running game was pitiful for much of the game as well. That isn’t going to cut it with a head coach who prides himself on OL strength and a group that welcomes everyone back from last year.

Where was Troy Franklin? Devon Williams? Jaylon Redd? We have an embarrassment of riches at WR and were made to believe that AB had spent ample time building chemistry with them. He didn’t look like he trusted a single one of his receivers to go make a play.

One of the keys I said I was looking for was who helps out KT. Turns out…the real question was who steps up if KT is out. He cannot be the only defensive player able to rush the passer and we can’t throw the kitchen sink at offensive lines every play either. Someone is going to have to step up and bring some heat.

I was ultra optimistic for today (probably because it’s been so long!). But truthfully, something gave me pause over the last week. When asked what our offensive identity would be this week, Cristobal and players did not answer. Coach said that they’d simply have to “show it”. I couldn’t shake that answer because I wondered if he was simply being coy…or if even the team isn’t quite sure what our offensive identity is. We’ll have to figure it out expeditiously if we’re going to avoid getting run out of the Shoe next week.

Looking forward to the analysis this week!


Oops,…..qb and TEs? Nope… As well as other receivers

Darren Perkins

While Brown was far from stellar, I think pulling him would have been a mistake. Needed to let him attain some sort of positive momentum heading into next week. The last thing we need is a quarterback controversy or completely inexperienced qb entering The Shoe.

We can save the qb shuffle for Stony Brook.

But as far as Mario having any sort of clue on offense, that is a big NEGATIVE.


The offensive scheme is all wrong, AB’s an average QB who’s instincts are to run first (understandable as he’s a sub-average passer….not a natural thrower), half the offensive plays are runs between the tackles and the QB, as predicted, had as many carries as completions…..this is not a winning formula….I predicted 9-3 and after today that may be overly optimistic.


If it makes anybody feel better Tulane took #2 Oklahoma deep in the 4th and had a chance to win but lost 40 to 35.
First game of the season. There was a lot of things I’m not happy about. We will find out exactly where this team is next week.

I wanna see some great offense so I’m gonna tune in and watch Bama. 🤮
Cheers my beloved Duck Brothers and Sisters

David Marsh

I do firmly believe that the quarterback competition needs to be reopened entirely.

From the sound of the practice reports during camp Thompson was lighting up the scrimmages. Some players take games to another level… I’m not feeling we will get much more out of Brown at this point.

The offensive line needs to work out their problems. They were anything but dominant. In the 4th quarter it finally looked like a run game was happening.

The defense struggled at times… Partly because of the amount of time they spent on the field. When they had time to rest they were much much better. When the offense got off the field too quickly we saw them tire on defense.

KT is way too important to be sidelined. Need him healthy.

Right now… Not feeling confident about next week.


If anyone other than Brown lines up against tosu it will be a very big mistake. If Brown blows up, then we maybe move on.

If Cristobal puts a young qb in against tosu and he gets crushed, we now have a damaged qb going forward. The upside is too small, the downside way too big.

I have been calling for somebody else to start, but we are committed now. I saw a few plays which give me hope. He needs to start slinging it, and get rid of it quick. We also need to see Franklin, what happened!

David Marsh

You’re right.. next week might not be the best week to do it. The offense was vanilla today… they needed to spice it up to atleast vanilla bean and we might have scored a few more touchdowns.

There is lots of talent… but we really didn’t see too much of it on offense. Pittman looked good.

There didn’t seem to be many plays that stretched the field vertically which was a problem.


My hats off to Fresno State. They played a hell of a game.


They sure did! And had they not shot themselves in the foot a few times, they may have well come away with a win.


Agreed. It will be interesting to see how their season unfolds. I plan to tune into more of their games.

I really liked Haener. A classic pocket passer with a tough guy attitude despite being undersized. Kind of reminded me of a Drew Breeze type of player.

He got hammered a few times but kept on giving it his all.

If I am a Fresno State fan today I am feeling pretty good……perhaps even better than a Ducks fan despite the fact they lost.


Is Cristobal trying to be David Shaw, Jr? Tough to watch a team play to not lose. In preaseason, you score a TD to end the game , not run out the clock. Look at where this trench mouth football has taken Stanford, compared to where speed took the Ducks with, arguably, less talent and size.


To me the difference in this game was O-line play. They had more time to pass.
If they can improve, and Brown settle down, we be good.


What can say about that win? It was as ugly as they possibly get. Definitely dropping in the polls. At least they gutted it out in the 4th, which is something we haven’t really seen much of.

Looked a lot like Helton’s USC teams to me.

Mario’s brand of football is just not fun to watch. Love the guy, seems like an awesome human, but his product on the field leaves me feeling dissatisfied week in and week out and year in and year out.

I am scared to watch next weeks game.

Hope Thib’s heals up. Mathis looks out for the season.

Blaht! Yuck! I need to go do some hard yard work to feel better about this day. Oh yeah, smoke is so thick that may not be possible.


Your thoughts are echoed here. Well said! My only hope is the game plan was vanilla to hide everything from the Buckeyes.

The recruiting swan is nothing but an ugly duckling so far. I hope the coaches can improve!


100% agree on Mario’s teams just not being fun to watch, I wouldn’t be too thrilled if I was a 2022 recruit watching this game.

I feel like all the praise heaped on Brown was like all the praise heaped on Shough only to have him be underwhelming, kinda curious how he’s going to do at Texas Tech today. Really disappointed we didn’t see another qb put in for at least a drive.


I wanted to see another qb, but it was the right call in my opinion. Brown had a couple good drives, seemed to settle as the game progressed. You have to stick with your guy, decision. I give him credit for discipline, something I didn’t see on the field.

What I didn’t like was the fumble. Brown has a high school throwing motion, and will be stripped many more times going forward. If I was tosu I would be shooting for multiple strips with the way he moves his arm.

If there is an indication I see we aren’t developing talent it is allowing elite talent to think they are, and allowing a liability to stay a liability.

You can’t allow an individual focus on the field, showboating, is a cancer to the on field culture. Cristobal has, arguably, a great off field culture, but the onfield actions of his players isn’t what I would expect.

It isn’t just the play calling I don’t like.


Anyone know why Franklin hasn’t been seen, suppose to start right?


Good observation; don’t know.


Hate seeing our guys celebrate every little play. We seem really arrogant and not disciplined.

Make a play and give a high five and get ready for the next play.

Way too much showboating going on for a team playing this poorly…..or for any team really.


On the field culture problem, IMHO. Strong leadership would drive the ‘team’ to focus on the next play. Without that you have individuals looking to make big plays and the focus on themselves. This is what we are seeing too much.


If Oregon somehow wins this game look to them to be somewhere in the 25 to 20 range in the top 25, for a week.


That’s some more of the stubbornness coming through, keeping Brown in there.

David Marsh

Absolutely… Brown should have been benched with this production.


Even though that was sort of a redeeming touchdown by Brown, he still doesn’t belong in there as the starting quarterback in my opinion.


Biggest coaching mistake of the day (and there have been many):

Not bringing in another QB so that at least we can have a chance in future seasons.


And, in future games this season. Brown is clearly not the answer.


Woohoo! Great Punt! Yeah! We’re at least good at something.


Snee – best player on the field for Oregon?


How much is Mario’s buyout? Joe Moorhead is already on staff.


I’m seeing the USC of the north: great talent, poor coaching, lack of discipline, complacency, lack of preparation…


I was excited to see the recruiting success and the promising. future, but right now I would rather have a good game coach than a recruiter!!


Celebrating punts is not a good thing. Sad day to be a Duck!


It’s pretty clear that the culture is not what they say it is at Oregon.

David Marsh

Switch out the quarterback! We need some life on offense!


Win this game or not, Mario has shot the team in the foot by staying with Brown this long. He’s not the answer, but QB2, whoever that may be, is not getting any game experience.


That’s MC’s Achilles heel… To stubborn for his own good. And we’ve seen it pretty much every year under his tenure. He doesn’t know how to make adjustments or he’s too stupid or he’s too stubborn one or the other I don’t even know cuz it’s hard to tell but all I do know is oh he can recruit.


Our defense just walked off the field in sweats. Leadership is sadly lacking on this young team. I had hope Thibs would be the leadership this young team needed, gone for now.

Not since Troy Dye left has the team had the edge great teams have. We need somebody on the field who doesn’t play like they think they already won the game.

Right now some players are more of a liability than an asset. The problem with great talent is they sometimes don’t realize individually they can become more of a burden on the team when they don’t play as a team player. Our talent doesn’t add up to the sum of it’s parts, right now.


“Our talent doesn’t add up to the sum of it’s parts, right now.”

Correct, and that’s because of what?


The players on the field are individuals without leadership. An elite LB just had nothing to do with a dropped pass and he is cheering for himself instead of getting back to the line of scrimmage. Until the talent on the field is more concerned about the other players, and being a team, it doesn’t look good.

I am not sure what to do about the coaching, but the players are thinking about little other than their individual selves over, and over. The culture on the field isn’t great, maybe off the field, but I don’t like what I see.


Time to move on and look for a new coach. As disappointing as it is to say that based on MC’s recruiting, but this is a clear example of how an NFL loaded roster still needs coaches that can scheme. If we had Fresno’s coaching staff with this roster, probably in the playoffs and possibly undefeated.

David Marsh

Before that… Let’s see another quarterback maybe.


I’d agree if we didn’t already see what this looks with Herbert (aka the guy that just rewrote the NFL rookie record book last year).


David, I believe this is leadership too. Arroyo is gone, we are predictable with our players. This trench warfare with our Road Graders (sic) has not opened holes consistently. This is “Mack Brown” telling recruits “We are Texas, boys” now look where he is at. Stoops at Oklahoma and Helton at USC. I’m going to hang out on YT and watch my old ducks and the Blur. Better coaching with LESS talent, smh.


Your right man. You might be crucified for saying it so I applaud you for stating what has become self evident.

We are not going to break out of the offensive funk with Cristobal as the coach of this team……period…..end of story. It’s not going to happen folks.


It seems to me that, as the game has progressed, Fresno State has made adjustments and improved, whereas Oregon has gone backwards in all areas. That is more worrying to me than anything because the implications are that the coaching is really poor.


What a waste of Talent. Big Road Graders, Top Notch Receivers and elite recruits. We are being outclassed by Fresno State Coaching and players playing up to their competition. Wow. The defensive players getting gassed, again a coaching issue. Not feeling good about this no identity team.


Our team is being out manned at line of scrimmage! I thought we had big guys!

David Marsh

Oregon is getting out coached here more than anything else. The talent is on the field but the play calls haven’t been good since the start of the game.


A team of 2 and 3-star recruits is outplaying a collection of 4 and 5-star players. What does that tell us?


That coaches focus more on marketing to young men instead of coaching and game planning.


We are out coached and overconfident! Playing soft zone on defense tight end is always open. 4th down and an A gap run = prevent offense always called. Out coached!


Duck defense is being embarrassed.


Fresno State is the better team on the field today. Maybe even this season.

All facets of the game, especially coaching.


Is Mario Cristobal too good for three points?


What Cristobal did was give Fresno State a chance to think they were in the game. He then called a run up the gut, both were incredibly predictable.

This right there is his Achilles Heal, you don’t dominate in the modern game, giving teams chances, and then increasing their likelihood of stopping you.

This strategy kills your team and makes giants out of inferior talent. Right now FSU is playing downhill and Oregon is playing uphill with a strong wind blowing against them from their sideline!

David Marsh

The defense does look different out there without KT.


Also without Dru Mathis?


His injury did not look good.




Don’t know, couldn’t put any weight on his left leg


Oregon could lose as many as six games this season playing the way they are today. They need to get this turned around.

Let’s hope the old adage that you make the biggest leap from game one to game two is especially true for the Ducks.


Yep…..this could be one of the six.


This looks very similar to the team that Iowa State throttled. This is what I have been fearing and saying for many months on this and other forums.

We are not who we think we are, we are not the team we think are.

Is it inexperience……is it poor coaching (Helton of the North?)……is it overconfidence and lack of desire? Who knows, but I repeat we are not the team that many of the fans think we are.

This is why we should be going with Ty Thompson and playing for 22 or 23. We will be lucky to be 8-4 this season.

I hope I eat crow for saying this, but I am pretty sure I won’t be.

Furthermore……..why the hell is Camden Lewis kicking extra points? If he attempts a field goal in this game and misses (as I expect he will) then that may be it for my support of Cristobal.

David Marsh

Less sloppy with the ball than last year’s fiesta bowl. So that is a major improvement.


True, but besides fumbling and throwing picks in that game is there any difference?

Can’t run the ball. Not physical up front on the o line or d line. Getting pushed around a good bit.

Very lucky to be winning right now.

David Marsh

The offense needs to show a hit more life.

The defense has had it’s ups and downs but is really putting in a whole lot more work than the offense.

Will we see a different quarterback in the second half at some point?


I don’t think we will. Game is close and stressful. Fresno State looks to be the better team. Cristobal will stick it out with Brown till the end.


All in all, I’m having a flashback to the past two seasons. Under-performing as a team, inexplicable soft pass defense, lack of spark on the field. Disappointing so far, certainly not a promise of a breakout season.


Haener is on pace to have close to 600 yards passing. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Santa Rosa Duck

So the best QB on the field is……………….?


The former Husky.


We now know why Flowe is still fighting for playing time. His extreme talent needs to meet up with a higher football IQ.


Yup, gave ’em a touchdown with that penalty.


Man OSU is going to torch our secondary.


Really poor defense, stupid penalty, cornerbacks playing too soft.


AB hit his stride on that last series. He was bold, and not reckless. He also didn’t panic, lets see him keep it up, well done!


…. Because taking a time out before a kickoff is commonplace 🤦🏻‍♂️


45 you pass off his back foot!
What a great catch.


Ohio state is going to be salivating next week.


If the offense doesn’t improve, trying a different qb will be necessary.


Do our defensive backs know that they’re supposed to be guarding the wideouts?


Are we seeing 2019-style soft coverage in the secondary again?


That’s exactly what I was thinking. And we’re awfully lucky that Fresno State is doing more harm offensively than they are help, otherwise this game could get out of hand, because for what I’m seeing is we are not really able to stop them in the passing game. And if our offense doesn’t ditch the ridiculous play calling then we’re going to get buried next week… And perhaps today as well.


Prevent defense, complementing the prevent offense.


Being as I have been supportive of Brown, I have to say, he does not look confident. Too many flat footed pass attempts.
Long attempt was short, the last one to Redd was wide, bouncing one off a defensive helmet…he needs to calm down.


Good grief the offense looks bad.

Predictable. Unorganized. No momentum.


Let’s say the offense, and Brown, continue to perform as is ’til the end of the half.

Would that warrant bringing in QB2 for the second half?


Not sure it’s Brown. Seems like it’s the scheme to me. Just seems generally anemic.

Offensive line is getting very little push. Is the smoke getting to them?


Same smoke for Fresno’s d-line.


Maybe, maybe…Mario is keeping the real offense safe from prying Buck-eyes?


If only…. ZERO explosiveness… the only long pass was incomplete. Use the WRs!!!!


Pass was short, JJIII had separation. AB needs to calm down and sling it, get bold, but not reckless.


Well done AB, last couple passes bold and not reckless, keep it up!


Oregon is going to win and lose this season by how the defense plays. Defensive caused turnovers and scoring set up by the defense is what we will rely on. Our offense is extremely underwhelming, right now.


Aaaaaargh! Pistol plunges!


Yeah stopped by Fresno, we have no chance in PAC12 play…. let it go Mario!!


We’re lucky it was only 3 yards. Pistol is too deep! 2nd plunge was a loss of one – tackle by an unblocked defender. Oh no! please no more pistol!!!


Cristobal is just running the plunge all day to set up confusion next week when he runs two different running plays. Sorry about the sarcasm, but there has to be a reason, right?


I’m afraid there is a reason: pure stubbornness.


It’s pathetic! I realize Connecticut didn’t score against this defense, but this offense won’t get it done this season.




It’s here, it’s here! What a glorious day for a Duck game.

I’m looking for many of the same things as others. Moorhead’s scheme with an offseason to install. AB’s play from the jump. KT being KT.

Here are a few of the other things I’m interested in, as I’m looking at how complete the team is:

  • How do the other components of the DLine look? I’m watching for the play of Brandon Dorlus
  • Does Jonathan Flowe get a fast start and scare the Dickens out of future opponents tuning in?
  • Does Mykael Wright get strong help right away? Or are there growing pains back there?

I want to see the Ducks come out strong, make a statement, and play 60 minutes of dominant football on both sides of the ball.



What I want to see

Both sides of the ball: aggressive urgent playmaking on both sides of the ball. If that leads to penalties so be it.

Offense: They should be able to dig themselves out of a hole. If a penalty or a sack occurs, the offense should still be a threat to make the 1st down. The offense seems to be dependent on everything working perfectly in order to move the chains and that needs to stop. The offense also needs to be a greater threat on 3&1.

Defense: I want the defense make the offense work for every yard and create some turnovers.


Thanks Charles for the interesting points to watch for. You made me wonder about the talent comparison between FS and UCONN? Does UCONN have any 4/5 stars?

I definitely want to watch the game Haywarduck is talking about! That would be EXTREMELY satisfying! I too want to see some good old fashioned domination by our Ducks. Lots of pancakes by the O-line and the D-line stuffing plays behind the line of scrimmage.

KT’s 3 sacks and one turnover (a strip/sack/TD) is going to shift the Heisman talk to the next gear.

I am looking for our defensive backfield to play like their hair is on fire, picking at least 2 and breaking up anything else that comes their way. I want to see our linebacker corps destroying the competition and getting a couple turnovers on their own!

JoMo is going to dazzle us ( and confuse them) with his play calling, thereby opening some deep passing opportunities that should open up the RBs to collectively gain about 325 yards on the ground!

Let’s see some FOOTBALL! Go Ducks!


A great qb can be an equalizer. Is Haener? Hope not

My tummmy feels oooky.


I will get more wound up watching Duck football than I ever did playing in my own big games or in other pressure moments. I clearly need help.

So Mario!

Today we find out what your cultural leadership recruiting and teaching have built.

We now have a load of “your guys” pushing the talent level ever higher on paper.

You’ve had a full offseason with JM and Coach D to teach it practice it and coach em up. The spotlight has never been brighter. Consistent Dominance wins championships. Win the Day, Fast, Hard, Finish.

Facta non Verba.
Go Ducks.

More coffee😱


Thanks, Charles……Will MC actually give Joe Moorhead control of the offense?

Will special teams deliver some key contributions?

Will Seven McGee work his magic?

Go, Ducks………


I want to see men playing boys, and the men showing the boys how to execute. Indicators, Kayvon should get a huge jump start on his sack goals (along with his first TD), and the offense scores on each of their first 4 possessions.

The turnover ratio is positive, penalties are minimal, although after watching the tosu game the officials have a large part in calling penalties. On defense I want to see FS shut down on 3rd down, sacks and strong tackling.

A goal would be no sacks, give Brown time to perform and get comfortable. Next week will be extremely difficult if we allow pressure this week.

A nice gift would be to see innovation on offense. If the offense doesn’t look predictable, and surprises us then all will be good again at Autzen, and the Oregon Football Program, Go Ducks!

Santa Rosa Duck

I expect to see Fresno State bring some offense. I will be watching our defense, our line, our linebackers and our defensive backs. GO DUCKS!

Duck Phan Phil

Well 14 days out from my wedding we decided it wasn’t worth the risk of squeezing through the gates with the masses. So I’m sitting on two tix if anyone’s interested.

I’m looking for signs of new life in the offense. Innovation, play sequencing, and the emergence of new players. A punt return for Seven? 100 yards for Franklin?

I’m lookin for stoutness from our D line. We got absolutely manhandled by the Beavs and Cyclones last year. With the Buckeyes and their elite O Line on the horizon, I’m looking for signs of hope from our undersized D line.

Go Ducks!!


I’ll give the Ducks 2 series then I want to see them look like they’re the best team in the P12. I expect to see very few 3 and outs.

By all rights this should be a blowout.

I also can’t wait to see the biggest jumbotron in the country and hear the new sound system.


Nothing matches the anticipation & excitement of the first home game; “The Pick”, The Duck on the Harley. I hope the Ducks win the toss and we get to see the defense start the game. Fresno State has a game under their belts, but I want to see the Ducks take control of this game early.


The opening day of Ducks football is here. I have the same kind of anticipation and excitement I felt as a kid before the opening day of fishing and hunting seasons. Better yet, today I didn’t have to awake and get moving at 4:30 A.M. for the Ducks opener.

Charles, you mentioned things to watch. I’ll be paying attention to the play of new Ducks, the RB’s, LB’s and the play calling.

The most focus will be on the QB play of Anthony Brown and others as they take the field.

Go Ducks!

Nice! You were so young back then. 😜