The Time is Now For a New Quarterback

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With the Oregon offense sputtering in four of its first five games, it would seem that now is the time to usher in one of the young quarterbacks on the roster.

Anthony Brown has been sub-par this season. While he managed the game very nicely against Ohio State — his best game by far — he was far from outstanding. And against the Ducks’ four other inferior foes he simply has not played up to snuff. His ceiling is an excellent game manager, while his floor is a poor passer who also makes poor reads in the run game.
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Unfortunately, for the majority of this season, he has played closer to his floor than his ceiling. Now is the time to make a change under center. Obviously, with Ty Thompson as the current backup, he would have the inside track to take over.

Thompson? Jay Butterfield? You tell me. And what else do the Ducks need to do to break out of this rut? I’m much too frustrated to think straight.

Darren Perkins
Spokane, WA
Top photo credit: Craig Strobeck

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I am totally in agreement!


It is obviously time to roll with one of the younger guys but I worry about a deeper issue. It seems to me that guys are playing, and at times playing very well. But these guys are playing off of sheer talent alone. It looks as though these high caliber players are not being developed at the rate one would expect from a team with coaches that are considered highly sought after.

Nor are these players’ skills being taken advantage of properly. You don’t even need to use Herbert as an example. Take the offensive line; they have made some good and even great plays at times, in terms of protections and opening up holes in the run game. But often this is because they are big, strong, and talented.

But I do not see a unit that plays cohesively as Cristobal says “5 as 1”. This should be the pride and joy of his team but we are left with an underperforming unit which is getting burned on the edges by far inferior defenses. Where is the development. You can do this with most of the positions on offense as a matter of fact.

These are players (Travis Dye, both freshman tight ends, Mycah Pittman) who are going out and playing well IN SPITE OF the coaching decisions that are made both in practice and on the field. Why did Chip Kelly do more with less? Why is Jonathan Smith doing more with less? The Quarterback should absolutely change.

But the staff could be setting him up for failure if he is not developed properly, and the rest of the offense is not developed properly. 4*s and 5*s, with competent coaching, should be developed into future dudes for the League. How many 4*s does Oregon have on offense?


 How many 4*s does Oregon have on offense?

A lot. Next year, just about the whole offense, at least almost all the skill positions. J Johnson plays like a 4*. Verdell and Dye are now. Offensive tackles, probably not so much.

How much can this offense grow in the second half of this season? That is the real question.


I believe we have three QBs behind Brown that would all be able to lead Mooreheads offense given the reps and more likely to do a better job than AB because this is as good as it gets with him. Also this D is young and if Thibs and Swanson Funa can play healthier for the rest of the season then this D will start to kill it.


This team still has a huge chance. Finally, a loss. Maybe this will stoke the “play with a chip” but play smart attitude MC’s boys need.

Brown has made some atrocious RPO reads. Time for the new guy. If he can play up to potential, this team can finish the season and be in the mix for the title.

Long season left. Florida lost to lowly Kentucky. Texas could beat Oklahoma (who got smashed by the Razorbacks). Georgia can still lose. Penn St can still lose. Jeez, even Michigan could beat both Penn St and the Suckeyes.

Lots of football. The Ducks are still in it. Just use this loss and poor play as motivation.