Husky GameDay Thread: The Men of Washington are NOT Championship Grade

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

Will the truth in the title ever change? For as long as I can remember, the Husky fans are the most insufferable anywhere, while the men of Washington cannot win a single national championship. Before we get to that, do remember that this is the GameDay thread for discussion about the Husky game before it is played, during the game and then after the game. And again, negative writing is fine–we do it every day–but don’t cross the line of nonstop venting on your fellow Duck fans in the Our Beloved Ducks forum.

Husky fans are legendary for their projection of success far beyond reality, and their delusions about what has been achieved in the past. Thus, I am not too worried today, because when I consider the long-term record of Washington’s winning percentage over their entire 105 year football program? It is only at .584! I am not counting ties as a win; this is only the winning percentage (adjusted) over time. Yuck, a .584 winning percentage? All the preening by Husky fans over that?

Arrogance, in the absence of performance, is pathetic.

Based upon their fans boasting, you would think the Huskies were actually an elite team historically. But Washington’s winning percentage–when applied to a 12-game schedule–is equivalent to a seven wins per season average. Good grief! Who would boast about a seven win average per season?

Only the Huskies.

Oregon has a Heisman Trophy winner in Marcus Mariota, and has actually won a CFB Playoff game.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood all this, and the Huskies are blustering about their overall athletic program. Checking with the Washington Sports Information department (and the Pac-12 here) will tell you that the Huskies have won nine National Championships, and all are in Womens’ sports (half are rowing, as Womens’ Rowing began in 1997 as an NCAA sport). So, at Washington … I guess men don’t compete very well at Championship levels.

Oh they will bray about their mythical football National Championship, but let’s ask an important question pertaining to their “magical” 1991 season. When did all the seamy, dirty, stories begin to emerge about Husky boosters violating NCAA regulations in areas such as phony jobs and phony loans for players, in addition to recruiting inducements given by these boosters? It was the year after their National Championship, in 1992.

That means that the so-called “championship” achieved in 1991 was accomplished by cheating on a massive scale, hence the significant Pac-10 penalties imposed later. My gosh … who celebrates winning by cheating?

Only the Huskies.
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Coach Robert Johnson wins another National Championship at Oregon!

When you do your homework on Oregon, you’ll find that the Ducks have 34 National Championships, with an incredible 11 National Championships achieved in the period between winter of 2014 and spring of 2017. So the ‘tude by the Huskies cannot be about their overall athletic success, as they are not even in Oregon’s league.

Consider the facts; Our Beloved Ducks won more National Championships in a touch over three years than Washington won in 105 years. Again, all of Washington’s were won by female athletes, thus it is evident that Husky men are simply not championship caliber.

Now, many Husky fans will howl that Men’s and Women’s Rowing at Washington has a proud winning tradition with scores of championships. But, we only count official NCAA sports, otherwise I will tally up all of Oregon’s National Championships in their non-NCAA Club sports such as Tumbling, Frisbee-Golf, and Bass Fishing.  But I won’t, and besides, who would stoop so low as to try to count Club National Championships?

Only the Huskies.

Let’s enjoy the game and savor Oregon’s long-term athletic superiority over Washington because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by John Sperry

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