Oregon Football Fall From Top 10 in Latest College Football Rankings

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The beginning of the month was looking good for the Ducks. With their win over Oregon State in late November, the Ducks were sitting in the No. 10 spot. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as a 38-7 loss to Utah now sees the Ducks out of the top 10! Now in the No. 14 spot, the Ducks have still had an impressive season even if they did lose the Pac-12 Championship Game, they still have the best PAC-12 North record.

The Ducks are sitting at 10-3 overall and remain undefeated at home. Yes, the Ducks have managed to go 7-0 at home this season which speaks volumes about the team. However, they are not without their fair share of drama, especially on the coaching side of things. Oregon is facing some coaching woes and needs to get all their ducks in a row if they want to show what they are capable of and fast! Oregon Football is at a crossroads and hopefully, it won’t affect things too much.

Looking To the Future

Following on from their loss to Utah, the ducks have plenty of time to regroup before their next game which isn’t due to be played until the end of the month. While players will continue to practice and get ready for their upcoming bowl game, it will be interesting to see what they do about their coaching situation. There are a few lined up for Head Coach so hopefully, they can get it all sorted out in enough time.
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Perhaps many of Oregon’s players could shoot for a career like Justin Herbert?

Super Bowl Bound

No, not the Ducks as a team but maybe some of their players? Will it be possible to see some Oregon Ducks players in the next Super Bowl? It will all depend on their performance and what happens in the NFL draft. Obviously, we are not talking about the one coming up in February, but instead, the one that will be held in 2023!

I am going to go out a limb and say their next Head Coach could play a big part in this. Some coaches just seem to have that extra little touch to get the most out of players to help them advance to the next level, which in this case is the NFL. One thing you can bet on is that a few of these young players have their sights set on the NFL.

It is the dream of most College players to make it to the NFL and while most know they may not make it; they can still hope and dream. The NFL is the biggest stage in the world when it comes to professional football. Playing in the Super Bowl is something you can guarantee almost every football player ever has dreamt about or at least joked about with friends. To say you’ve played in the Super Bowl is an amazing achievement.

The Odds Are Against Them

Current odds are not in favor of the Ducks to win their Valero Alamo Bowl game against Oklahoma. This game is to be played on December 29th and the Sooners are favored to win. However, let’s not count the Ducks out just yet as they have shown they have what it takes and that they know how to win games. After all, this isn’t the first time we have seen a team with the ‘Ducks’ name has a Cinderella story and prove all their haters wrong.

There have been some good memories of the Alamo Bowl…

Having a look around and it seems that the odds are +4.5 for the Ducks. If you are in a state where it is legal to bet and fancy these odds, it could well be worth putting some money down in hopes of a nice return. While nothing is ever guaranteed, it is always nice to beat the odds and the Ducks could be just the team to do so.

What We Can Expect to See

Don’t expect the Ducks to waddle on the field with their tails between their legs! Rather, expect them to show up ready to play. The players have done a great job this season and hopefully, there will be a little more fire in their bellies when this game comes around. Losing your Head Coach this late in the season is a massive hit but look for the players to use this as fuel to drive their fury and show Oklahoma who wants it more. Either way, if you are a betting man, it is going to be a hard call for the Valero Alamo bowl!

One thing is certain and that is don’t count the Ducks out just yet! They’ve made it this far and while they may have some internal dramas going on, they are never out of it.

Lakeside, Oregon
Top Photo from Valero Alamo Bowl

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