The Best Bowl Performers In Oregon Ducks History

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Over the years, Oregon Ducks have appeared on the biggest stage in football and inspired Duck players to play hard and make their fans proud. There are about 40 former players who played in the Super Bowl and have won 33 Super Bowl Rings. Various notable names have graced this competition in Oregon colors, from Patrick Chung to Mo Morris and Patrick Johnson. We will look at the best of elite performers among the Oregon Ducks and highlight their big moments in college bowls.

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Some of the Best Bowl Performers In Oregon Ducks History

Steve Smith: Performance in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl

Steve was an underrated defensive back in the year 2002 who had a big impact in helping the Ducks get into the Fiesta Bowl. During the game, Joey Harrington was impressive with his offensive play, but the defense was  impressive in the game for Oregon. The Buffaloes were beaten with 38-16 and all three interceptions were by Steve Smith. For his outstanding game–Steve Smith was named the 2002 Fiesta Bowl defensive player of the game for his excellent performance.

Joey’s incredible catch for the touchdown versus Texas.

Joey Harrington: Performance in the 2000 Holiday Bowl

Joey dazzled the fans and showed his unique versatility in the 2000 Holiday Bowl. This game featured two 9-2 teams, and the Oregon Ducks won with 35-30 final score against the dreaded Texas Longhorns. Joey was phenomenal in the running for one touchdown, throwing two marvelous touchdown passes and receiving a fantastic touchdown reception from Keenan Howry.

Jonathan Stewart: Performance in the 2007 Sun Bowl

Jonathan Stewart was a future NFL star who led the Ducks to the 2007 Sun Bowl victory. After three consecutive losses, Jonathan Stewart, Oregon’s running back, rushed for over 252 yards on 22 carries and a touchdown. His impressive performance with fourth-string QB Justin Roper helped the Ducks beat the South Florida team with 56-21 score. After his excellent display of running through the Bulls defense, he was placed in the Sun Bowl book of records.

Peter Sirmon: Performance in the 1999 Sun Bowl

Sirmon can be tagged an unsung hero of the 1999 Sun Bowl, as he played as a linebacker and helped the Oregon Ducks to an exciting 24-20 victory over a good Minnesota Gophers team. An exceptional defender, Peter Sirmon completed the game with 16 tackles, and ensured that Oregon Ducks could keep the intense Gopher rushing attack at only 96 yards on 35 carries.

Jeremiah Masoli: Performance in the 2008 Holiday Bowl

In the 2008 Holiday Bowl, Oregon had almost lost the game, but they came back from a 17-7 deficit to win 42-31 against Oklahoma State in San Diego. Masoli was a sophomore quarterback in that game, and helped the Oregon offense to a solid second-half display. He blistered the Cowboy defense with his feet and arms and had an impressive 18 of 32 for 258 passing yards. Masoli was also influential in running the ball and completed the game with three touchdowns in sixteen carries for 106 yards.

Bill Musgrave scoring the winner in the Independence Bowl.

Bill Musgrave: Performance in the 1989 Independence Bowl

This game was the first Oregon Bowl appearance in 26 years, but Bill Musgrave took charge of the quarterback position and ensured an entertaining 27-24 win over Tulsa. Bill was a junior who led the Ducks to 17 points in the last 18 minutes. During the 1989 Independence Bowl, he completed touchdown passes to Tony Hargain and Joe Reitzug, and finished 22 of the attempted 39 passes for 320 yards.

Kenny Rowe: Performance 2010 Rose Bowl

Kenny Rowe was the DE/OLB in the 2010 Rose Bowl clash against Ohio State. In this game, Terrelle Pryor was in beast mode for the Buckeyes and led his football team to victory, but Kenny Rowe did put on an excellent performance as a defender in an attempt to stop him. He had seven tackles and three sacks during the game, and his three sacks equaled a Rose Bowl game record. For that Kenny Rowe was named the 2010 Rose Bowl’s Most Valuable Defensive Player for his efforts.

There you have it; these are some of the best Bowl performers in the Oregon Ducks history. Which others not named do you recall?

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