Deal With It: Epic Oregon-USC Battles Ahead

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

Good gosh we have had quite some discussion about the relationship between the Trojans and the Ducks, and FishDuck writer Darren Perkins knows how throw a grenade in the room. We have these exchanges in numerous threads in the Our Beloved Ducks forum that were superb debates, and wonderful to read as OBD members kept on topic without going after who was posting an opposing view. Yet when Perkins pulled the pin on this explosive–nobody had any idea it would stretch to so many posts and pages as it has.

The fundamental question is….is the resurgence of USC good or bad for Oregon? I can make an excellent case for both sides and geez…the high-brow members of the OBD forum wrote the different viewpoints so much better than I could. Usually in the offseason I like to hang out at places like and do a little gaming action for fun, but this Oregon/USC question still lingers because for many of us–the debate has yet to be decided.

Look, I see how it would be fun as devoted-Ducks to see Oregon rule over the conference the way USC did long ago when I had more hair on my head. However I also see the benefit of more interest generated in the conference with Lincoln Riley joining the Trojans, and the national curiosity it will create. I understand how “iron-sharpens-iron,” would be good for Oregon and yet how, unfortunately, USC will win more recruiting battles against the Ducks than they used to. But we need to address the reality…

“This is the way it is … now how can we spin it as best we can as Oregon fans?”

Dan Lanning at the Broyles Awards as one of the nations best assistant coaches.

I am going to frame it the way that some Georgia fans did in our discussions on a Bulldog forum concerning the two teams. They felt that if a massive inter-conference rivalry emerged, that it would make a ton of eastern time-zone eyes curious, and interested in watching. Lincoln Riley‘s high-flying offense versus a Dan Lanning defense? Sounds like “made-for-TV” to me! Networks want anything to get the LA eyes watching, and with the proper build-up and hype … the Pac-12 Championship on Friday night of conference championship weekend could see huge national ratings that otherwise would not happen.

It would raise the profile and subsequent opinions nationally of the conference, and if these two teams become recognized heavyweights–anyone who knocks them off (Like Utah) during the season will get an SEC-like rankings bump. It would positively impact bowl invitations, and perhaps change the conference/playoff discussion trajectory with those in the power positions. As for us fans…there is great glory in beating a superb team, and certainly no dishonor in losing to a great team in the conference championship.

Why can’t Oregon and USC meet in the ‘Natty as two SEC teams did this year?

Far-fetched? Perhaps at this moment, and yet these coaching changes at Oregon and USC could be the paradigm-shift that was needed for all parties in the Pac-12. I say, “embrace the challenge,” and savor the thrilling thoughts of the upcoming epic battles with the Trojans as….

“Oh how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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