Coach Lanning: “Judge us by What we DO” (What was THAT About?)

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

In Coach Dan Lanning‘s introductory press conference, he twice made mention of something that really stood out to many Oregon fans, because we did not know the context of it. He said, “judge us by what we do, not by what we say.” On one hand it was reassuring, but we did not need reassuring yet. If fans were not seeing progress down the road to our satisfaction, or heard what we thought was bluster–then following up later with that statement would make sense. To me, it seemed out of place in his introductory press conference…

Normally at this time in the offseason I am having some gaming fun at the most trusted online casino but that phrase from Coach Lanning got me to pondering. Why would he say it? Is it a part of the new culture that he is introducing to the players? After consideration I decided that no, I don’t think it is part of the new player culture because the phrase really appeared to be directed at us, the fans.

Coach Mario Cristobal was a big talker who really had a presence in the room, and he commanded the admiration of most he was in contact with. We heard quite a bit about his “culture” over four years, well, that and a number of other aspects that turned out not to be true. It took longer for most, but eventually the players and fans got wise to his impressive, swaggering but unfulfilled prose. It was just talk, as we found out.

Dan Lanning at the Broyles Awards as one of the nations best assistant coaches.

So when Coach Lanning made this statement….was this an oblique reference to Cristobal, to acknowledge to Oregon fans that we had been led astray and needed to give the Dan-Man a chance? Or was it a statement that you heard often in the Georgia Culture? Was that statement a rebuttal to the Ducks’ recent past, or a affirmation of how he will be doing things in the future?

The next step was to consult Georgia fans, and they could not confirm that this phrase was part of their culture as I’ve written about previously. Examples of their culture such as discipline and the “De-Recruitment process, or the importance of the “Havoc-Rate” or the commitment by the Georgia coaches to creating connections among the players are separate and distinct from the phrase Coach Lanning uttered.

No, it was not a part of Bulldog culture…

Thus this has to an “Oregon-Reference,” and then I thought back to my article last August suggesting that perhaps AD Rob Mullens might have felt SNOOKERED by Mario Cristobal? I sure got roasted on other sites for the article, but I felt it was true at the time. Now with the fourth season over, and Mario has bolted for Miami–do you think that article has more relevance now?

Rob Mullens wanted to believe Mario Cristobal…

I absolutely believe that Rob Mullens felt fooled by Cristobal’s big-talking, and in his interview with Dan Lanning…the Oregon Athletic Director needed to sort out what he could count on seeing from the new head coach, considering the convincing, but empty words he heard from the prior HC. I believe that Mullens told Lanning in advance that he would encounter skepticism from the fans toward big things being discussed because, “they heard those lines before.”

Thus the line (twice) in the press conference was directed at Rob Mullens and us, the fans, that there will be more than just talk from the Lanning staff. Do you believe him? Do you agree with my scenario suggested? It is fun to contemplate in the long off-season because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer  (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo from Oregon Football Twitter

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