Oregon’s Justin Herbert: The Surprising NFL Star

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From being the sixth overall selection in the 2020 NFL Drafts to being the No. 56 NFL player ranking, Justin Herbert has become the headline for the fans.

Within a short time period of two years, Herbert rose to such fame that the majority of the NFL players could only dream of. For a guaranteed $26.6 million, Justin Herbert signed a four-year Rookie contract with Los Angeles Chargers.

He became Rookie of the Year breaking NFL records moving from being number two quarterback on his team, to becoming the number one. What makes it more exciting is the time he had with Oregon Ducks, as Justin Herbert’s own teammates were not even able to recall his name at first. But now? The whole NFL world kneels to him! Let’s know more about the NFL star, Justin Herbert.

From Ashes to Glory

Justin Herbert was born in Eugene, Oregon and through high school, Herbert was fond of football, baseball, and basketball. But he was most enthusiastic about football over other sports, and unfortunately during the junior season, he suffered from a broken leg, and it complicated his recruitment chances.

Justin Herbert in 2016 as a freshman at Oregon.

However, Justin Herbert flourished in his senior season with 37 touchdowns for 3,130 yards and was declared Southwest Conference Offensive Player of the Year. Even though with such remarkable gameplay, Justin Herbert failed to receive any scholarship from major college programs. Finally, he received one from the University of Oregon. (Others were Northern Arizona, Portland State and Montana State!)

Oregon Ducks – Beginning of His Football Career

In 2016, Justin Herbert started as QB2 for Oregon Ducks. Despite his impressive gameplay, the team finished the season with their worst record in their 25 years. Later the same year, he became QB1 and completed a six-of-nine passes with a 17-yard touchdown pass in his first game against the dreaded Huskies. It marked beginning success for him for the Ducks.

The next year, 2017, was good for him until he fractured his collarbone. When he played, the team averaged 49.2 points which fell to 15.0 points a game after his injury. The 2018 season was phenomenal for him, as he led the team to win nine games and made them proud with the victory of the Redbox Bowl. Justin Herbert finished 2018 with a total of 31 touchdowns.

Everyone learned his name…

In 2019, there was a good chance of him getting drafted in the early rounds for the National Football League, but he chose to return for his senior year. He played phenomenally and was named Offensive MVP the same year. In 2018, he received the Most Valuable Player award, and in 2019 he was awarded the William V. Campbell Trophy. Despite being an impressive player since day one, in 2016, Darren Carrington, an Oregon wide receiver didn’t even know his name at first. For leading Oregon Duck players, he was originally Mr. Nobody.

Los Angeles Chargers – Professional NFL Career

Justin Herbert rose from ashes to glory already in his short career thus far with Los Angeles Chargers. Initially, in 2020, Herbert was named as a backup for Tyrod Taylor, however, at the last minute, he replaced Taylor due to a medical mistake. The team’s official doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor’s lung!

Herbert knew it was once in a lifetime opportunity. And he made most of it!

He started with a phenomenal first game with one touchdown, 311 passing yards, one rushing score, and a single interception. It made Justin Herbert the third player in the NFL history who passed at least 300 yards and rushed for a touchdown during the first career game. During the 5th week of his gameplay, Herbert became the first ever rookie in NFL to throw touchdown passes in four games in a row.

For such a game, he was named Offensive Rookie of the Month. Justin Herbert also became the first rookie quarterback throughout National Football League with multiple touchdowns, achieved in seven games. The same year he broke the record of most passing touchdowns by a rookie against Denver Broncos.

At the end of the 2020 season, Justin Herbert had 31 passing touchdowns, 36 touchdowns, and eight 300 yards games. It made history among NFL Rookies, as no other player ever achieved such benchmark. Justin Herbert was named Rookie of the Year and Offensive Rookie of the Year for his extraordinary game.

Justin Herbert was a breakout star his Rookie season with the Los Angeles Chargers.

The 2021 season was glorious just as the previous one. During his 5th week in the 2021 season, Justin Herbert had 398 passing yards, a rushing touchdown, along with four passing touchdowns. Later in the ninth week, he excelled with a rushing touchdown, passed 356 yards, for two touchdowns. For such reason, he was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Herbert won the AFC Offensive Player of the Week title again during the 13th week for three passing touchdowns with 317 passing yards. Throughout the season, Herbert surpassed the record for most passing yards throughout NFL quarterback history. Later he also broke the record of most total touchdowns by an NFL quarterback.

Los Angeles Chargers were delighted to inform the NFL fans that Justin Herbert became the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era to reach more than 500 completions before his 20th NFL start. It’s a huge achievement for the young and talented Justin Herbert.

Perhaps many of Oregon’s players could shoot for a career like Justin Herbert?

Wrapping Up

The Oregon Ducks and the now Los Angeles Chargers quarterback is already a part of many leading NFL sports cards. The sport collecting fans are aware of its worth, and they are hungry for his rookie card. The 2020 Panini Donruss Justin Herbert was recently auctioned for $200. Whereas, the 2020 Panini Prizm Justin Herbert card was auctioned for $355.

This Chargers quarterback holds exceptional potential, and his 2022 performance is highly anticipated. And for such reasons, his sports cards are also predicted to skyrocket in value.

Justin Herbert is one of the leading and shining National Football League players, certainly the fans are excited about his 2022 season. Many sports enthusiasts are already predicting higher performances and record-breaking games by him!

Lakeside, Oregon
Top Photo by LA Chargers Twitter

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