5-Star Conerly Choosing Oregon Makes Huskies Hurl

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

While Oregon fans have had plenty of reasons to celebrate their advantage in the rivalry versus Washington, the most recent choice of 5-Star Josh Conerly Jr. offers not only the sweet joy of his announcement to Oregon, but the fun of reading the bitter bile the Husky fans are choking on. I was looking into contacting my favorite casino directly and ask about their licensing status on CaptainGambling’s best betting sites, but had to pause when I read so many hateful Husky hollering posts and thus, I had to share them with you.

Yep, a man of my age should be above that, but unfortunately, my distaste for anything purple is so strong that honorable actions simply elude me when I even think of the silly Seattleites. My many FishDuck Friends…let’s take a look at some of the ridiculous assertions that Washington fans will bluster! (My comments and questions will be in parentheses) 

Oregon ONLY Wins Recruiting Battles Because of Money…

“While UW stumbles along, Ducks hijack a coach from SEC where they discovered NIL 40 years ago…Toss in Phil who has pledged to donate $100 M annually and once again the best player in the State bolts…”  (This is the first I’ve heard of Phil Knight pledging 100 million annually to Oregon sports…have you?)

“I’ve already seen a couple of posters here say that Oregon gave Josh $250,000.00/yr for 4 years? If that is true then this makes WAY MORE sense. Influencing a kid his age is not a hard thing to accomplish when flashing a pile of cash in front of their eyes. I just can’t blame Conerly if this $1,000,000.00 payout turns out to be true.”  (Wowsa. First I’ve heard of this too! Quite the delusional ones aren’t they?)

Is this the Dark Side?

“He is going to the dark side, he chose the ultimate enemy knowing full well what that means so it’s an even greater diss to not only the UW but also the “206” which he likes to prop. Chasing$$ gets you no respect from home.”

“If you’re a 206 kid, going out of state to a California school or another conference like SEC or BIG10 is what may happen or even understandable. But you go to UO, the one school in Seattle where your neighbors and community hate with a passion, you’re either out of touch, naïve which I don’t think is the case here, or you’re basically turning your back on your community for money, and that’s all.”

“Honestly, what ever happened to loyalty to a community? No 206 kid should ever go to UO, ever. Looks like getting enough money has changed that thought.”

“Nope! The is the worst result ever! Not only did they get our No. 1 Washington player they also got our No. 3! I don’t ever remember (could have happened) getting two of Oregon’s top 5 players in a single cycle. Throw on top of that, a first time head coach! If you didn’t realize the true impact of NIL…you do know! Yuck!(They like to call us the ‘Zeros’ and the ‘Yucks’)

“Family got paid. Simple as that. If someone offered my kid a 4 year million dollar contract to live there I would take it.” (That number keeps growing!)

It would suck to lose such a talent…

“When the money is right there on the table in front of you – the contract is ready and just needs a simple signature – it all changes very, very quickly.”

“He will be the most hated villain in the State of Washington…” (Whew! There is that bitter-bile I referred to!)

It is funny, because most of us Oregon fans wrote him off because we figured we would lose to USC who would offer a higher NIL contract. Yet the Huskies have always explained losing such recruits to Uncle Phil’s money when they want to ignore the other elements; at least USC fans acknowledged the position coach and the head coach at Oregon as a major factor.

The “money” excuse has always entertained me, as there is more than enough money in the Tyee Club to bid with the best. And that whole Seattle area has more billionaires per-capita than anywhere, save Silicon Valley; no shortage of money there. If Washington doesn’t have enough…something is wrong.

Taking Their Lunch Money….AGAIN?

It is bad enough for Husky fans that Oregon has won 15 of the last seventeen games between them with the Ducks enjoying the last three straight. But this year has been a Husky-Bi**ch for them as recruits who had verballed to Washington got turned and signed with Oregon, (Sir Mells, Anthony Jones, and Ben Roberts) and the fourth-year defensive tackle, Sam Taimani signed with the Ducks out of the portal.

Josh Conerly Jr. shows analysts during Giant Skillz Showcase in Orem Utah that he has a frame that can hold much more solid weight.

But wait! There’s more as Coach Lanning rescued the Washington Receivers Coach Junior Adams from the purple rain, and then signed a 5-Star player out from under their long noses? Whew! I’d say it has been a “Ruff” year getting whacked by a wet newspaper from the “Big-Brother” to the south. After all the years of abuse from their fans during the ‘cheatin-Don James era, the payback just keeps coming, with this year being a banner one.

Considering that Coach Dan Lanning is just getting started? How bad can it get for Washington from the hands of our heroes in Eugene? Never enough? Fun stuff to consider in the off-season because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Screenshot from CBS Sports HQ Video

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