Trojan Tantrums to Conerly Decision Announce Dan Lanning on the Recruiting Stage

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

A dilemma for many of us diehard fans of Our Beloved Ducks, is that progressing further into “Greybeard-age” does not always mean we become more noble human beings…especially when it comes to victories over the Trojans of USC. Due to our experiences in dealing with SC fans so much longer than most, we have developed reactions over the years that are less than honorable, and yet we do not feel the least bit guilty about it.

I was checking out the level of safety and security of my favorite gambling sites being reviewed on when the Josh Conerly Jr. announcement surprised me, and yet made me laugh in advance of actually seeing how the fans of USC would react. They did not disappoint, and while this site and our sister site, the OBD Forum love to discuss Oregon football, Trojan tantrums provide superb entertainment on an off-season Saturday.

Shock and Awed:

“There is no way he chose Oregon without the NIL deal of the century. If MC was still head coach I would totally get it but this makes no sense.”

“A position of need is what makes this a tough one.”

“He would have been a major difference maker for us. Huge loss. No way around it.”

“We’re still recruiting the offensive line like we’re a mid-major program. This is embarrassing.”

This WAS a huge position of need for USC…

Trojan Fans Turning on Their Coaches?

“You ask who cares? This was a massive need and we just lost him to the team who presents the biggest competition to us. Lincoln got complacent and got schooled by a program with superior recruiters. Seriously, who the heck chooses Eugene over USC when the opportunity to start day one was staring him in the face?”

“The sky isn’t falling but trying to down-play this after the level of hubris I’ve seen on this Trojan board is hilarious. We got our a**es handed to us at a position of need. I trust our coach but he just got his tail whipped.”

“How do you let a guy like that out of your grasp at inarguably the biggest hole on the roster? We KNEW Oregon was pulling out the stops last weekend and clearly didn’t do enough to fix it. That’s on us; no excuses.”

“Oregon has beat us for every offensive line target we have gone head to head for in recent years.”

New-Found Respect for Oregon Coaches:

“The track record of Oregon coaches Adrian Klemm and Tosh Lupoi to get 5-star recruits would indicate these kinds of wins are going to be more common than we hope. Coach Riley needs to respond and just do better, as this is not acceptable.”

“Give Lanning credit. He went for the ace recruiters and it’s already paying off. This is a massive, massive loss by Riley and the guy should’ve prioritized recruiting chops, rather than let the biggest competition in the Pac-12 get these guys.”

“This was something I worried about from the beginning. Klemm is obviously a great recruiter and has put several guys in the league and just came from the league but I always worried about the connection he had with JC on a personal level.”

Who is Number One in the Pac-12?

“We (USC) will have the number one recruiting class this cycle, and Oregon will be 6-6 in 2022.”

There is considerable confusion about this, and I refer to the standings at, and I explain why here, as they are the only site to offer accurate historical reference. You can see right here, that Stanford is the leader for the 2022 recruiting class in the conference coming in at No. 24, while Oregon is No. 33 and USC is No. 59.  As for 2023? USC has a big lead, but it is a long time before the December and February signing dates.

Adrian Klemm just rocked the Pac-12 world…

My Favorite Quote?

“I mean, how do you come in saying you’re going to demand excellence and lose a guy like Conerly to Oregon? When you have a massive need with immediate playing time at left tackle????  It’s unfathomable. This is equivalent to having a 10 point lead with 60 seconds left and losing the game.”

My FishDuck Friends, their astonishment matches that of Oregon fans–only in opposite directions. However the reactions of both Trojans and Ducks indicates that fans of all schools in the Pac-12 have yet to realize the full impact of the hiring of Dan Lanning at Oregon. It is another example of…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer  (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo from Twitter of Joshua Conerly Sr.

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