Bradyn Swinson: Oregon’s Next Sack-Master?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Analysis

That title above seems absurd, considering the return of seniors DJ Johnson, Brandon Dorlus and All-American linebacker Noah Sewell. I do not deny their abilities to rush the quarterback, and I expect a big year out of all three, yet the pass-rushing specialist “on-deck” who will emerge enormously this year will be Bradyn Swinson. He has already taken a big step forward, as I noted five sacks from him during the Spring Game-in the first half alone.  Let’s take a closer look at that April performance…

Watch for No. 44 in yellow, lined up at the top or the bottom of the formation.

In the very short upcoming videos–he will be lined up at the defensive end position/edge rusher/Outside Linebacker, or the “Jack” linebacker in the Lanning defense on one side or the other. Swinson is No. 44 in yellow, and you will see him start these plays from a standing up stance. Ready to race!

The first example above has him at the top of the screen, and he gets past the offensive tackle with a burst of speed, but primarily with technique. While you cannot see it, Swinson has pinned his right hand on the offensive tackle’s left elbow, and thus is now able to swing past with his quickness. Note how Bradyn does a “tomahawk” motion before the pass is thrown, thus it would have been a sack at minimum.

The officials did not bring this big explosion play back as they should have, and the green team scored a touchdown shortly after this play. The offensive tackle on the play, No. 70 is Dawson Jaramillo, who is not a walk-on or freshman. He is a fifth-year COVID junior, and while not a starter–has played extensively and after four years–has twice the number of years experience over the sophomore defensive end.

In the next example above, Swinson is the defensive end at the top of your screen, and he gets by the offensive tackle (OT) with a head fake inside, and then an explosion to the outside. The OT must react to the inside move, because that is the fastest path to the quarterback for Swinson. By simply head-faking inside–that makes Jaramillo shift his weight inside for a fraction-of-a-second, and when the DE blows up to the outside…there is no stopping him.
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Again it must be noted that although the pass was too long–the play should have been blown dead with a sack credited to Bradyn Swinson.  The speed of the defensive end is astonishing, and hence gets my juices going as I consider the different ways that Coach Lanning and Lupoi will utilize these talents.

In the two examples above, we first see Swinson at the bottom of the screen in the first play, and because of hesitation by the offensive tackle about who he blocks, that instant is enough for No. 44 to get a sack with pure speed. I noted this spring that the close-up camera angles showed a Swinson who had filled out much more, and yet his speed and quickness seems to have improved?

At the 12 second mark begins the last example, a nasty play. Swinson is at the top of the screen, and as the play begins he moves at the OT, but that makes the offensive tackle move forward for an instant. As that happens you see Bradyn dip his head and shoulder below the right shoulder of the OT, and explode off it and to the quarterback. This is a classic “dip-and-rip” technique performed wonderfully–as good as Arik Armstead or DeForest Buckner ever carried out.

We noted a number of different techniques that when coupled with his speed, makes Swinson Oregon’s next “Sack-Master” in my view. The offensive tackle in that last example was starter Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, (Sala) who is probably still applying salve to his 3rd-degree burns. Do you agree with my optimism? Let me know in the “forum-with-decorum,” because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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