In 2022….Do Cheerleader Photos Inspire or Offend?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

I am not looking to start a discussion that could go political, nor do I wish to offend anyone on either side of this issue. However we implemented a ban on cheerleader photos a few years ago from that I am re-thinking, and would love your feedback on. While the percentage of those read or comment that is female is in the minority–it is especially this group I’d love to hear from although I do want feedback from all who discuss these articles in the Our Beloved Ducks forum.

The thinking when the decision was made revolved around how these pictures objectify women, yet there is still so much confusion with it. So much depends upon the actual photo…as some cross the line, while others are benign and symbolize the celebration that is being an Oregon Duck. While many young women do not object to wearing revealing clothing, I admit to turning my head away from watching the dance routines, as so many of the gyrations are–embarrassing.

But that is another subject, but for today–what are your views about cheerleader photos returning to Should they or not, and why?

When Cheerleaders were modestly dressed…

Back-in-the-day…cheerleaders wore a sweater and with a short skirt that was pleated, but not as short or tight as today’s outfits. This topic just feels like a combination of twisted trends, where you are not sure how you are supposed to feel, and hence why I am asking if they are even appropriate in 2022 FishDuck photos?

Yet the cheerleaders are part of the game atmosphere, and during the Chip Kelly years in particular…they were a part of the Oregon Brand. In the context of adding to articles…I viewed them as “game atmosphere” pictures, in the same way we would have photos of the team entrance coming onto the field with the Harley, or pictures of the crowd. The cheerleaders are part of that game atmosphere, yet they also represent something that perhaps we should move along from?

Is this too much? (There is much worse than this with dance moves)

Another reason the cheerleader photos were outlawed on this site is because a particular voice in the comments was especially loud, and this was before I clarified rules that forbade shaming people for simply having a different opinion. This former OBD member wanted to control the flow and content of conversations, and limit discussion to only those views that passed his approval, and shaming others en masse was a favorite technique of his. That schtick got old with me, as he inhibited discussion on all topics, and thus why he was later banned. It strikes me that it is possible that not as many felt as strong about this topic as he did.

I will admit that we have a slug of cheerleader photos in the FishDuck archive that I would label as provocative, and if we bring back cheerleader photos–those would be forbidden, but even then–it can be quite a subjective choice. My gut tells me to allow reasonable photos that show actual cheering, such as the top photo, and be selective about leaving out those that might have a racy appearance to them. (But that is hard with their outfits and poses to separate!)

What are your thoughts? I’d like to know with the season coming up, and now having articles every day on FishDuck. It seemed like a perfect time to discuss this on “the forum with decorum” because…

“Oh, how we love to ponder Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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