Watch For Lanning’s Delayed Inside Linebacker Blitz!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Analysis

My friends, there will be so much to watch for and learn this fall, that I have changed my writing schedule in order to follow and learn about the Dan Lanning Defense and Blitzes. Coach Boles and I will be doing analysis articles on every Thursday, beginning in the last week of August. My objective in this article is to alert you to the Inside Linebacker Blitzes I noted in the Spring Game, as they were executed superbly by a player who is relatively new, but impressive.

When we have actual games–I anticipate providing more diagrams and detailed explanations of how the Oregon defense is blitzing, and while I was dazzled with some of what I witnessed from the Spring Game, I assume we have only been given a morsel of what is to come for our opponents.

In the first play above, note how the blitz goes to the defense’s right side, but the blitz is from a linebacker on the left side. Effectively he is doing a linebacker “twist” from his position, and this delay helps No. 42 Jackson LaDuke see which right-side gap to attack, based upon how the blocking forms. If the pass play takes too long to execute–this blitz will get to the quarterback!

The second play above was simply a crash blitz into the “A” gap by LaDuke again, but with no delay, twists or stunts. What made it work was the extreme pressure from the outside by DJ Johnson, who forced the QB to step up into the pocket–and into the crashing linebacker blitzing. The confusion by the offensive guard is a byproduct of having blitzes come at you from every direction, which creates hesitation. Fun to watch for this fall!
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I will not be writing many opinion-editorial articles this fall, due to the depth of wonderful writers on the FishDuck staff who are quite skilled at those type of articles. I will return to my roots in analysis, as I look forward to studying the videos out there about the Lanning-Georgia defenses, and then apply that knowledge to what we watch on Saturdays. It is also good for me to break out my “offensive-rut,” and learn some defensive tactics once again.

Kiko Alonso sacks Russel Wilson in the Rose Bowl!

If you think you would enjoy watching a few minutes of Oregon Inside Linebacker Blitzes from the glory years a decade ago–yours truly made a video that is fun and informative. Most people know me for creating the Chip Kelly Spread Offense videos back then, but I also created quite a few defensive strategy and technique videos as well at that time.

I am sure that this will just raise our curiosity for what we will see this season on defense because…

“Oh, how we love to learn about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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