Why the NBA is So Popular Around the World

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What is the NBA?

The NBA is basketball at the highest level possible. The home of the game is the United States of America, and no matter how much it has spread around the world, no matter how popular it is, it’s still the strongest championship on the planet – in fact, the United States Open. The NBA is one of the most financially successful leagues, and the NBA started with only eleven clubs. Now it has 30 professional basketball clubs divided into six divisions and two conferences.

NBA Season

The NBA season consists of two parts. In the first stage, the regular season (which is the meaning of the NBA), teams from one division play each other and six teams from their conference four times, against four other teams from their conference three times, and two times against teams from the other league. In total, the NBA has 82 regular season games, which determine the participants in the second phase – the playoffs for the Larry O’Brien Cup.

They are the four best teams in the divisions as well as one team (not from among winning divisions) from each conference with the highest winning percentage in games played.
Then the competition is played according to the Olympic system: the teams are divided into pairs, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the finals up to four wins by one of the teams. The winner of the Cup is considered the NBA champion.

10 Reasons for the Popularity of the NBA

We all know that the national sports of Americans are primarily the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. Each of these disciplines has its own strengths and weaknesses. Every day there are more and more sports fans who put themselves out there in the stands, bravely supporting their favorites.

Damian Lillard keeps Portland fans excited.

In America, fans can cheer themselves on very easily, because in almost every major city you will find a club representing the aforementioned national sports disciplines. Thus, fans can support each other when their city participates in NBA games.

The Youngest Fans

No sporting discipline has as many young fans as the NBA. Something about the game draws thousands of kids to the arenas, who return to the halls even older. The NBA stars themselves make a great impression on children, which bodes well for professional basketball, which will continue to grow. Basketball players from the world’s best league have been supporting children for years through the NBA Cares foundation, which helps people solve their everyday problems by sending players around the country.

Young, Developing Generation

Young basketball players really want to play basketball. This way they learn competition, cooperation and many other values necessary for development.

Stable Audience

As fans age in other sports, the NBA remains untouched. In the stands, the average age of the spectators is no higher than 37 years …

Popularity on Social Media

The league takes care of its image through Instagram. But most importantly, people want to see shots from abroad.

Life off the Court

Life Off the Court

Many NBA stars live a life of luxury, and for some unknown reason, fans love to follow them. The media paparazzi know this, so they follow the league’s best players step by step, giving us an update on their personal lives.

Fashion Icons

The NBA rules on how players dress before games are very different from what stars present in post-game conferences. You could say that players are now considered fashion icons.

Freedom of Speech

In the NBA, basketball players can easily express their thoughts or feelings. In fact, some behaviors have even made history and are emulated by others. All this means that players can just be themselves, which is the most important thing in this profession.

Opportunity to Monetize a Younger Audience

As time goes on, any sport can be watched on almost any mobile device available, so the NBA has a chance to make even more money. A new TV contract came into effect in October 2014, from which clubs are paid large sums for TV broadcasts.

Star Power

The number of stars in the NBA is much higher than in other leagues. Almost everyone knows LeBron or MJ – even those who have been watching basketball since Christmas. In the league, sometimes the lettering on the back of a jersey is more important than the front.

A Little More About Popularity

No other professional athlete is as good on social media as the NBA. The league has been able to gain new fans and not lose those who have been in the league for a long time. On Facebook, every team has an ongoing activity, which also affects the players, who, thanks to social media, easily connect with fans all over the world.

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The NBA is an American sport that has gone world-wide, and thus has fans everywhere as well as an interest in a little waging. With the successful model built, the NBA is poised to be around a very long time to serve their global fans.

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