Trojan, Bruin Players Will Regret the Move to the Big-10

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

It is my contention that the players in all sports at the LA schools have not truly thought through the movement to the B1G. Note I stated it is the actual players, not the fans or administrators who will regret the move eventually, although I have not heard of many UCLA fans who are in favor of leaving the Pac-12. I was having fun on the $5 betting sites, when I stopped to ponder this, as I do not believe the major component has been considered by the Bruin and Trojan athletes.

It’s All About the Money!

We all know the move was made for money, but have the players really thought about who is going to get the money? It won’t be them!

To me, this is the major point to this discussion, that the players have been snookered into doing this for benefits they really won’t see. Sure, more funding will go to football, but do you think Oregon is going be at a disadvantage? The amount spent on football for the Ducks will match what the biggies are doing, and if anything is cut in the athletic budget due to less money than the B1G–it will be the non-revenue sports that will feel it.

The money coming directly to players is through NIL, and the additional media millions to schools in the B1G will go to the other sports. So LA players, aren’t you back to where you started? You worked your tail off for an athletic scholarship and complained that the money football made went to other sports. So change was made to get you NIL to help, but now going to the B1G will get you NIL as before, but have to freeze-your-butt-off in Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and Minnesota?

The players at USC and UCLA are being used…to pay off debt, and to fund the other sports again.

Dallas Goedert has done pretty well for the Eagles as a Jackrabbit from South Dakota State.

We Get More Exposure!

Will you? When the Pac-12 adds a streaming package–anyone in the world can watch an Oregon game anytime, and when the game is live–it will most likely be at much more reasonable starting time. This is true for family, friends and NFL scouts. The major teams of the Pac-12 don’t hurt for viewing audiences, and Oregon’s global fandom is No. 7 among all college teams–even with our current starting times!

Let’s get real about the NFL; if you are a great player–the NFL finds you. I am always astounded at all the small colleges represented among the starting lineups, and even JC players who, due to age were able to move up. The Philadelphia Eagles have four starters in the Big Game this weekend who come from Group of Five, FCS and even D-2 schools such as South Carolina State, Southern Miss, Middle Tennessee and South Dakota State.

The Kansas City Chiefs had three from smaller colleges such as LA Tech, Eastern Michigan and Western Illinois; this is seven examples on just two of the 32 teams in the NFL, as merit and ability is all the matters eventually for the next level. If you are great–the NFL finds you and you’ll have a chance at a combine.

Does being in the Pac-12 hurt you in the draft? Well, Justin Herbert on offense, and Kayvon Thibodeaux on defense were high first round draft picks as Ducks, so the exposure contention is really transparent.

Verone McKinley closing in during an epic game against UCLA. No more…

Tradition Means Nothing?

After a few years–I believe the players and the fans will not enjoy a trip to Indiana instead of to Washington State. (And USC has Notre Dame on their schedule besides?) It is something they will feel, but won’t mention, but a hundred years of tradition does mean something. I know I’d rather Oregon play the northwest schools, instead of those in another corner of the nation such as in Pennsylvania, Maryland or New Jersey.

When the LA players of all sports begin to realize how hard it is to study in hotel rooms, and on airplanes much more often than they are now? They will regret joining the B1G, and will be pretty resentful about being used for money, again.

Join me in the forum-with-decorum to discuss…

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
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