Christmas Came Early for Me This Year…

Don Marsh Editorials

Christmas came early for me this year–thanks to Our Beloved Ducks. That six-game win-streak between those two bad-bookend losses was as good a run as I have experienced in my nearly 50 years of watching Duck football. It reminded me of the first two years of Chip Kelly and The Blurrrr Offense. I do not remember a more dominant run by OBD, and it merited a “I’m not sure I would want to be playing the Ducks right now.” comment from none other than Kirk Herbstreit. I never tired of watching the replays though I did have to endure my lovely wife Sherri’s query, “Do they win this time?”

Of course, none of us liked losing twice to those Fuskies and the bowl draw of Liberty was, well, an interesting one. But sometimes a little perspective doesn’t hurt. I attended my first Duck game in 1976…

I will tell you what was good about Oregon football back then. You could park in what is now the Moshofsky Center or the practice field for $3…or maybe it was $5. You could get a soda, popcorn, and a dog without having to ransom your first born, and you could sit wherever you wanted.

I will also tell you what was bad; the football and the facilities. Remember that rug that was masquerading as a “playing surface?” 1976 was the third year of Don Read’s tenure and he was fired the day after Thanksgiving and the University had to buy-out the last year of his four-year contract for, (are you ready for this?) $28,000.

The Ducks were 1-6, tied for last (with our neighbors up the road a pace.) in the Pac-8. We lost to US$ 53-0, Notre Dame 41-0, and UCLA 46-0 among others. At the season’s end, opponents 271, Ducks 144. I watched a replay of the WSU game played here at Autzen, and our offense at that time made Mario’s look like the Air-Raid.

The fun can come from the most unexpected moment… (Photo by Kiffer Creveling)

Christmas also came early for me with finding the “forum with decorum,” and this article site, FishDuck. I am grateful to all the writers and contributors to both these sites. What a novel concept that we could all treat one another with kindness and respect! (It truly is with today’s culture)

Lastly, Christmas came early for me by getting introduced to the person behind this great site, Mr. FishDuck himself, Charles. Thanks, Charles, for all you do. I cannot believe the amount of effort you put into this. We are all in your debt. “Thanks.”

It’s also worth mentioning the recent OBD Forum Get-Together that Charles organized and hosted. It was most enjoyable to talk about the Ducks for hours with others who are writing right here on this forum every day. Always nice to meet folks in-person whom we only know online. Charles had some great analysis videos for us, and who knows–he may teach me some football before this is all over?

I am grateful and appreciative to be able to participate in this site and the OBD forum. Thanks to all of you for making this an early Christmas present of 2023.

Best of the holiday season to everyone. We all look forward to bringing in the New Year by “Ringing Liberty’s Bell” metaphorically speaking.

Go Ducks.

Don Marsh
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kiffer Creveling

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