2024/25 12-Team College Football Playoff Musings

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This is dedicated to our OBD Georgia fan friends. It’s a far better forum with you guys on board, and Mr. FishDuck took time from his fun on 50 spins to agree with how we have learned so much from our SEC friends.

I. A Dawg’s Journey 

Using Playoff (PO) Committee final 2023/24 rankings, a five conference champions, four top-seeded conference champions, and a seven at large PO field. Also using the 2024/25 2nd round, 3rd round, and champ game sites.

As an example of what we might see next season, I am putting UGA XI on a Homer-like Odyssey. Like Odysseus, our Dawg friend, on the way to a 2023/24 putative PO will be facing many the Dawg fight against many CFB monsters. Remember, it’s only a movie. Woof!

The 2024 season begins on August 24, 2024, when Florida State (FSU) plays Georgia Tech in Dublin, Ireland (Guinness all around) and concludes on January 20, 2025, in Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. It’s a long way to Tipperary and a long way to Atlanta.

In the below scenario, Georgia’s (UGA) 3-Pete champ run does not end with the SEC champ game loss to The Tide.

The Putative 2023/24 PO Field:

No. 1. Michigan – B1G vs. No. 9. Missouri at No. 8. OREGON.

No. 4 Alabama – SEC vs. No. 12. Liberty at No. 5 Florida State (FSU.)

No. 2. Washington – B1G vs. No. 10 Penn State at No. 7 Ohio State

No. 3 Texas – B-12 vs. No. 11. Ole Miss at No. 6 Georgia.

Georgia is always going to have great Tight Ends. (Screenshot from TotallyTmanCFB Video)

Round 1: No. 6. Georgia vs. No. 11. Ole Miss ‘Tween the hedges in Athens. A rematch of the 52-17 beatdown that UGA put on Ole Miss in the regular season. Ole Miss keeps it closer but UGA wins convincingly.

Round 2: No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 3 Texas – The quarter-final sites are the Fiesta Bowl on December 31, 2024. The Peach, Rose, and Sugar Bowls will be played on January 1, 2025. If Texas as the 3-seed gets the choice of bowls, I’m assuming that the Horns would opt for the Fiesta Bowl. Closer trip than traveling to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, probably taken by No.1. Michigan, or No. 2 Washington, and not in UGA’s Sugar Bowl backyard.

One day’s less rest for UGA and a farther distance to travel. And there is no way that Texas will opt to play UGA in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. But this is ceiling walking. I’m not certain how teams will be slotted in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. If given the choice, Michigan would likely choose the Rose Bowl, leaving Washington to play in the Fiesta Bowl leaving the Sugar Bowl for Texas.

It doesn’t matter. UW defeated Texas in the Sugar Bowl and in 2023/24 UGA will defeat Texas in any bowl and on any playground. UGA’s D is better than UW’s and even with Bowers hurt, I believe that Georgia would win this game. Like UW’s win over Texas, I see this as a very close game. But UGA barks on to the third round.

Round No. 3: No. 6 Georgia versus No. 2 Washington in the Cotton Bowl. UW, after winning its 2nd round game in the Rose Bowl, is left with a choice, if given a choice, between the Orange Bowl on January 9, 2025, or the Cotton Bowl on January 10, 2025. Again if teams are given the choice and UW is still in the mix, I believe the Left Coast Dogs opt for Dallas and not Miami. I think UGA defeats UW no matter where the game is played.

Championship Game – ‘Does anyone have it better than us?’ How about Georgia playing Michigan in Atlanta for a championship?

Michigan and Georgia would have been quite a defensive showdown… (Screenshot from TotallyTmanCFB Video)

The point of this exercise. The champ game would be Georgia’s 17th game of the season. That’s 17 games! UGA’s last 5 games – No. 4 Alabama, No. 11 Ole Miss, No. 3 Texas, No. 2 Washington, and No. 1 Michigan. Filet Mignon for UGA if the Dawgs would have pulled this off.

Any team that wins the 2024/25 PO title will have to have a deep roster, perhaps be a first-round bye team, and have good luck on the injury front.
Be careful what you wish for.

II. Weather or Not?

I am switching to the ESPN 2024/25 Too Early Top 25 and adjusting for realignment.

1. Georgia SEC vs. No. 9. Ole Miss at No. 8 Michigan

2 OREGON – B1G vs. No. 10. Missouri at No. 7 Ohio State

3. Arizona – B12 vs. No. 11 Notre Dame at No. No. 6 Alabama

4. FSU – ACC vs. No. 12. Tulane at No. 5 Texas.

1st round games December 20, 2024. It could be chilly in Columbus and Ann Arbor. It never rains in Autzen Stadium but on occasion, ‘Soft Days’ show up.

III. Will Playoff Sites Matter?

After the 1st PO round, two games will be played in the West, Rose and Fiesta Bowls. Five games will be played in Dixie. Peach, Sugar, Orange, Cotton Bowls with the champ game played in Atlanta. I think we will see an adjustment here come 2026.

Get Your Popcorn Ready!

Jon Joseph
Aiken, South Carolina
Top Screenshot from CBS Sports Video

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