Oregon Ducks Football: Where Does Bo Nix Land in the NFL Draft?

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Bo Nix is regarded today as one of the best signal callers to ever join the Oregon Ducks football program. Some even consider him the best player in team history. Now, in just over a month, Nix will be embarking on his pro career and join one of 32 teams ready to reshape their franchise with a new-look offense.

So where does Nix land? Does his play immediately translate to the next level? Would he even be a starter if he were to join an NFL roster today?

Russell Wilson is Officially OUT of Denver – Via Twitter @BossHitMaker985

My Take: The Denver Broncos take Bo Nix @ 12th overall

The Denver Broncos took a chance on Russell Wilson in a trade that many, many, many Denver fans have already grown to regret. The former Saints’ generation-defining coach in Sean Payton has been hired to not only bring the team back to winning seasons again, but also right the ship of a historically abysmal culture that allowed 70 points in an NFL game.

Now, would drafting Nix fix the entire team’s issues? No, and no single player would. But it would push the Broncos to be a more competitive team once again. Curiously, there are numerous comparisons Nix has drawn to a soon-to-be Hall of Famer in Drew Brees, an all-time quarterback under coach Payton who consistently sported league-leading accuracy, anticipation, and completion percentage.

Each of these attributes Nix clearly possesses to a degree, and with the perfect coach pairing, could become an elite skillset in the pro game. Overall, Denver is a great fit for Nix, and even with pass-catcher Jerry Jeudy headed out of town, I’d love to see what Nix is capable of under Payton’s guidance.

How Have Other Oregon Quarterbacks Performed in the Past Decade?

Unfortunately, Marcus Mariota never really made a name for himself in the NFL. After a few seasons as the starter for the Tennessee Titans, he’s been getting by as a backup on a handful of teams to keep his career going. Justin Herbert, though? That’s a different story.

Herbert has been brutally tough in his transition to the pro game, both through performance and grit. Injuries seem to never hold back our field general from Eugene, and despite being a victim of some of the most abysmal defensive playcalling in the Chargers’ team history, he has been able to salvage an incredible start to his career from a perennially injured roster (to the tune of $262.5 million, I might add).

With Nix entering the NFL Draft, we hope to see play more akin to Herbert’s effectiveness rather than Mariota’s. Having said that, though, both quarterbacks had an immeasurable impact on future recruiting for the Ducks. How will Nix impact the Ducks’ future rosters?

Justin Herbert scores in the Rose Bowl! – Via Tom Corno

How Will Bo Nix’s Draft Stock Impact Future Duck Teams?

Well, we’re already seeing it. Within about two weeks, the Ducks’ coaching staff completely reshaped the quarterback room. Just after Nix’s final game as an Oregon Duck, Dillon Gabriel and Dante Moore joined up for an elite quarterback competition that’ll match any in the nation in terms of talent, resumes, and competitiveness. Even Austin Novosad will be able to gain valuable experience over the 2024–2025 seasons, potentially even starting at some point over these next two years.

In short, the Ducks are STACKED at the quarterback position, and we should be thanking Nix (along with head coach Dan Lanning, of course) for it. This is as good of a team as you can ask for as a Duck fan, with talent in virtually every position group that has immense opportunity to grow. Nix, Herbert, and Mariota are only going to perpetuate that talent for years to come, and after Oregon’s move to the Big Ten Conference, a College Football Playoff run is certainly on the horizon.

Anyway, enough from me, Oregon fans. Where do you see Nix landing in the NFL Draft? Is 12th overall too high, too low, or just right? Who’s going to be the successor to Nix after this offseason? Let us know in the FishDuck Forum with decorum.

Go Ducks!

Alex Heining
Los Angeles, California
Top Photo By: Craig Strobeck

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