College football: Nyck Harbor as Tyreek Hill 2.0?

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In addition to his role as a wide receiver at the University of South Carolina, Nyck Harbor is also causing a sensation as a sprinter and can even dream of someday competing in the Olympics. Wide receiver Nyck Harbor from the University of South Carolina is not just a good pass receiver, he is also one of the top sprinters in the country.

The college freshman posted times of 10.11 seconds in the 100 metres and 20.20 seconds in the 200 metres at the East Regionals, the regional championships recently which were personal bests in both events. In both races, he also qualified for the NCAA track and field championships, which were just completed in Eugene, Oregon.

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Harbor Had a Chance of Qualifying for the Olympics

With 10.11 seconds over 100 metres, the youngster was just 0.06 seconds over the automatic qualifying time for the USATF Olympic Trials, the qualifying competition in the USA for participation in the Olympic Games. Harbor had another chance to achieve the required time for the Olympic trials at the NCAA T&F Championships.

The signs looked even better for the 200 metres as Harbor fell 0.1 seconds short of the required standard for the Olympic preliminaries. “That would be really, really cool. He’s a great young man and also very humble. So I hope it happens,” said Shane Beamer, Head Coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, recently about his player’s unique opportunity to compete at the Summer Games in Paris 2024.

Nyck Harbor has qualified for the 200 Meters for the Trials. (Screenshot from KINGAHM3M Video)

As it turned out, Harbor just missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials with a 10.30 time in the 100 meters, and 20.32 time in the 200 meters makes him eligible, although a low probability of being selected. Clearly the talent is there for his Olympic dream to remain, as young as he is.  The 2028 Olympic path for Harbor has just begun with his raw talent.

Harbor in the Footsteps of Tyreek Hill

The receiver is also competing with NFL star Tyreek Hill thanks to his impressive sprint performances. The Miami Dolphins pass receiver also ran very strong times of 10.19 seconds over 100 metres, and 20.14 seconds over 200 metres at the college championships in 2012. In football, however, Harbor is still no match for the NFL star.

The highly acclaimed athlete, who according to his university, stands at 1.96 metres, and weighs just under 110 kilos, played in all 12 games last season and was allowed to start in the last five games, but only caught twelve passes for 195 yards and one touchdown.

College Football: Athletes May be Paid for the First Time

A revolution in college sport in the USA: the umbrella organization National Collegiate Athletics Association, (NCAA) and the four “Power Conferences” have agreed in a comprehensive contract that universities can pay their athletes directly for the first time.

This paves the way for a change towards professionalism in the 100-year history of college sport – amateur status had previously applied. “ESPN” writes of “an agreement worth billions.” The agreement “between the five autonomous conferences and the NCAA is an important step in the continued reform of college sports,” according to a joint statement from NCAA President Charlie Baker, and the Commissioners of the five major conferences.

Charlie Baker has huge challenges running the NCAA… (Screenshot from NCAA Resources Video)

The conferences are influential associations of universities that act as regional governing bodies. While the agreement only affects the NCAA and the four power conferences, it is expected that the new rules will be applied throughout college sports, the statement said.

College Football: Universities Will Probably Have to Pay Players Compensation

Specifically, the agreement is about settling three pending antitrust cases, but the deal will have far-reaching consequences. ESPN reports that the NCAA will pay more than 2.7 billion dollars in damages over a period of ten years to former and current athletes.

In addition, the parties would also have agreed on a revenue-sharing plan that would allow each college to divide up to around 20 million dollars per year among student athletes. College sport is a billion-dollar business in the USA, with universities investing millions in stadiums and salaries for their coaches. The TV rights are extremely popular, and there are also lucrative sponsorship contracts.

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