Oregon a B1G Contender? They Don’t Believe It…

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

Can you believe all the favorable articles about Our Beloved Ducks you see in our free forum? Oregon has had a number of great years in the past with a media build-up prior to the season, but now with all the websites out there–this year seems extreme. We also have to sort out who is actually doing analysis, and who is simply telling us Oregon fans what we want to hear? I took some time from my research of the best betting sites in the USA to learn that some B1G pundits are not telling us what they really think.

Many times I’ve sensed a “Oregon has a nice little team” type of attitude from some of the interviews where they appear to give praise, yet throw in a bit of a backhanded compliment.  They mostly say all the right things, yet so many times I get the impression that they are writing it or stating it with their tongue-in-their-cheek, as they really don’t believe it. I understand how they know their conference well, and it is natural for them to believe that Oregon may have some growing pains coming into the B1G conference.

I was watching a video where four B1G writers were discussing Oregon’s entrance into their conference, and while most of what they said was honorable, the looks on their faces and the side-swipes told me more. One stated that you had to give Oregon credit for joining a “legit” conference, and I just about fell off my chair as he and the others were snickering after the put-down. Last year was a pretty tough Pac-12 where teams were pretty good beyond the first two or three…unlike the B1G. At first I thought there may have been some kidding around, but no…it was evident they did not respect the Pac-12 conference members at all.

The Duck, cracking buckeyes and other nuts in Columbus when Oregon beat Ohio State in 2021.

When it came time to predict Oregon’s record, they admitted that it was a tough schedule and eight weeks in a row without a break in the B1G was a difficult draw. For that reason they justified why the Ducks would “wear-down” in the B1G, because we’ve never encountered physicality like what the Ducks are about to experience, and how it will take a toll over the season–which will bring about some disappointing losses in November. I was shaking my head my head at their ignorance…

Clearly they were not aware of how Dan Lanning has loaded this team like no other time in Oregon football history. The offensive line for the Ducks is ranked as one of the best in the country again, and the backups are plentiful and experienced. Yet when they refer to “wearing-down,” they really mean how the defensive line will get tired and give up yardage in the fourth quarter, as well as late in the season.

This is so misguided, as our Blue-Chip Ratio is 5th in the nation with only Buckeyes having more, and that does not take into account the portal transfers. As it was, Oregon is very deep in big defensive linemen like no other time I’ve followed the Ducks, and then Lanning adds all-stars from other teams from the portal? Jamaree Caldwell and Derrick Harmon and going to be very difficult to block one-on-one inside, with 4-Star defensive tackles stacked up behind them offering quality relief. These writers had no idea what they were talking about…

Most people do live in the Eastern Time Zone. (Screenshot from Everything Righteous Video)

I had three big take-aways from this video of four B1G writers, and the first is the unashamed, uninformed opinion they have of our former conference and Our Beloved Ducks as I’ve noted. The second is how the time difference is real because 80% of Americans live in the Eastern Time Zone, thus they rarely see a Pac-12 game. Even if they began a game, it would not be for long, as a ten hour day of football makes them want to go to bed, as they are uninterested in the games on the west coast. Having a ton of B1G games in the afternoon in 2024 will open eyes about Oregon, but it is quite apparent that these pundits really do not know the Ducks now.

The final take-away from this discussion is how Oregon is going to operating the B1G Surprise Tour this fall. None will actually believe that Oregon is as good as hyped, and not until after the game will the B1G fans, and opponent realize a new respect for Lanning’s Lads from Eugene. Even if we defeat Ohio State early on–the rest of this new conference will come up with excuses as to why that happened, and again….Oregon will “wear-down” later in the year. Right?

This is going to be a fun season to watch that disdain turn into respect, won’t it?

“Oh, how we love to discuss Our Beloved Ducks!

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Kiffer Creveling

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