Duck Fans: Which Flock are YOU WITH?

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Sometimes on a Saturday or weekend article, it is nice to contemplate where we are as Duck fans! Especially in this off-season, as I am working to create something special with this site. I’ve been pondering some components of what makes great discussion about Our Beloved Ducks. In order to serve you better this football season, I need some feedback …

FishDuck Feelings for 2019 Spring Game: “Not There, but Surprising Progress”

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It is always interesting how something “sits” with you after the immediacy of an event passes and you have a day to let it all sink in. I am referring to the 2019 Oregon Spring Game, and my overall reaction is one of being-surprised-at-being-surprised. I had questions to be answered, but frankly expected “more of the same” of what I …

The Fish Report: Spring Scrimmage Excitement in Hillsboro!

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We all know that with spring in Oregon, the weather, like our Beloved Ducks, is hard to predict and yet can be quite entertaining. Fans have had to rely on Men’s and Women’s basketball to fulfill that fun, and I was looking forward to seeing some Ducks hitting again. The layoff from football has long exceeded my patience and need …

Pac-12 Tournament Winners? Over the Huskies by 20?

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My friends…I am running between tasks today and do not have time for a full article, but I wanted to get the discussion going about this most improbably eight game winning streak that has now turned into an NCAA slot that no one saw coming a month ago. Where to we begin?  And beating the Huskies by twenty in the …

Chicago Mob Tried to Bribe an Oregon Football Player?

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One of the most fascinating stories about Oregon football involves sports betting, Oregon Football and the Chicago Mob … and it is all true! The most amazing part of it is when the player, Mickey Bruce actually pointed out the Gangster in court–and lived to tell about it! The story is actually told best by Oregon historian Benzduck, on his … Liberals and Conservatives: Where are we GOING?

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This article is about liberals and conservatives, but we won’t be discussing politics. Instead, we’ll be pondering all the different types of people that come to this site. We have readers in both political parties in varying degrees of intensity, as well as quite a cross-section of ages. I received a phone call from an 11-year-old in Brooklyn recently, and …

Final 2019 Football Recruiting: Targets and Surprises?

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Locking up the 22 verbals by signing them in the December LOI period was crucial for this 2019 football recruiting class, because the concerns I stated a few months ago have come true. The remaining four- and five-star players have tons of schools wooing them, and the probability of signing any on Wednesday are low, but there could be a …