Social Media Internships at FishDuck

Social Media Director Sara Spring works with Tyler Horst.

Social Media Internships at FishDuck

Want to make an impact in the growing area of Social Media upon a site dedicated to the Oregon Sports Fan?  FishDuck has Internships that can utilize your current skills, add to your resume’ and get UO School Credit as well.

Our potential for progress with Social Media is enormous, as we have articles to promote every day, a site principal known for Oregon Football Analysis, and an Oregon Football Repository unlike any other in Oregon Sports sites. We are routinely in the Top 1% in the World for hits/sessions on a monthly basis among all active websites globally. (This is confirmed by the Amazon Analytical company, a third party source who verifies actual traffic on sites for marketing companies.)

You can now apply for upper division School Credit at the University of Oregon for your time spent on this project due to the close alliance of FishDuck with the university in providing students opportunities for improving their resume’ along with job skills to help them get hired.

Objectives for the Social Media Department at FishDuck:

Kevin Cline is a photographer who as a volunteer has helped out so many at FishDuck.

–Update our current Social Media sites and devise a content distribution plan.
–Post our content and interact with other fans.
–Locate Oregon fan groups within these platforms.
–Research new Social Media sites that serve our targeted fan profile.
–Search for new Data Aggregators that serve Oregon fans.
–Create reciprocal linking between Coaching Websites and our Oregon Analysis Library.

Our niche’ is older professional men who like to learn and ponder about our Beloved Ducks. We are looking for ways to find them via Social Media and at present are beginning at the bottom, hence will show superb growth with any effort.

Social Media Positions Available at FishDuck:

Social Media Communications Specialists: Interns will work to generate web traffic and leads. Tasks may include drafting social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites, participating in the cultivation of community partnerships, and setting up reciprocal linking with other sports and coaching-related websites. We wish to find and share content with new Data Aggregators as well.

Social Media Research Specialists: Interns will be researching the online community to identify influencing sites that this site should engage with. Researchers will also study Social Media strategies currently used by corporate America to determine application for use at FishDuck. We wish to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In to locate Oregon fan groups and reach out with our content.

“My experience at has greatly expanded my opportunities in the sports journalism industry. With the reputation FishDuck has earned with the biggest media outlets, promoting my work was easy, and directly led to me other opportunities.”Josh Schlichter

FAQ about Social Media Internships

Are we paid for this internship?  Our Internships are an unpaid three to five hours a week working for a site that promotes Oregon sports and has been nationally recognized by the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.  Interns HAVE been offered better opportunities and paying jobs from their time using FishDuck as a platform to show their skills. Learn more and join us!

What is FishDuck?    Go to the “About Us” page on the site.  (Top menu bar)

When do we start?  We can start right away, and coordinate with your schedule.

How long is the Internship?  It is for two terms, or five months, whichever is longer and students/volunteers can stay as long as they want or shift over to another department or internship for more experiences.  MOST of our volunteers are not students, but have full-time jobs, families, and other activities and give three to five hours a week to help the site and the fans.

Do we have to be in Eugene to be in the Internship?  (Where do I go to do the work?)  Most of these positions can be done online, as one writer filed his article from Europe and another did from Cambodia in the past.  We have writers, editors and Social Media Associates from West Virginia to British Columbia and from Quebec to Miami, (all over!) because online is from anywhere in the world.

FishDuck Founder, Charles Fischer

How to Apply:  For more information about the opportunities at FishDuck, please email Charles Fischer To apply, email a cover letter and resume indicating which position(s) you are applying for. Please highlight relevant experience (watching sports counts!) and include contact information for at least two work-related references.

FishDuck is a hot fast-growing Oregon Duck football site with more than 25 volunteers helping with Writing, Editing, Photography, Research, and the Social Media aspects of the site and serving visitors from more than 50 countries who read our articles every month. 

We seek to educate and entertain our readers with Football Analysis, Op-Ed articles, Recruiting, Player Talent Evaluations and discuss them with our famed comment section below articles. We have been interviewed and cited/quoted as a source by the Wall Street Journal, and twice have been featured in prominent articles in the Online Sports Section of The Washington Post as our football instructional videos have been viewed more than a Million times by fans and coaches.

FishDuck has even been accredited by Google News as an official Oregon Sports news source, and we are UO Media Credentialed, sitting on Press Row in the Autzen Stadium Press Box and in the Matthew Knight Basketball Arena.