Pre-Game Football Analyst

Jordan Tkocz is not doubting the man who has written over 200 articles and analyses

Jordan Tkocz is not doubting the man who has written over 200 articles and analyses

Pre-Game Opponent Football Analyst

For the football season of 2014, this site wishes to have an analysis of our upcoming opponent like no other out there.  FishDuck is known for the analysis after Oregon games…but what about a Pre-Game analysis of our opponent that gives the fan a bit more to chew on than the typical “blah-blah” you see from the usual media.  Mr. FishDuck himself tripped into this very successful format in the weeks leading up to the Alamo Bowl as he interviewed a very intelligent former coach who was a Longhorn die-hard.  This fan gave the “real” scoop on his favorite team as to what they do well, and what they were weak at…which is what we as fans want to see.

QB Connor Cook

QB Connor Cook

This analysis work would begin immediately this summer preparing for what is already known about upcoming opponents of Oregon, as the season progresses you would be taking notes on opponents and adding to the analysis until that game arrived on the calendar.  The unique twist to this analysis if finding a similar fan at each school who will share information…both good and bad about his team.  What FishDuck realized in his interview with the Texas fan is that this burnt orange advocate knew things about the team that FishDuck would have had to read every article for a year to know–hence that inside honesty about his team is what gave the Pre-Game analysis big hits and page views.  In fact BOTH sides enjoyed reading it, and we would like to do that with each opponent this fall.

The sample article that we are referring to is here.

In return to the other sites that publish or link these articles–will be a similar analysis of Oregon done by Mr. FishDuck himself….showing the full spectrum of Oregon football–warts and all.  If we want that of our opponent, then it is fair to return the favor and BOTH sets of fans will enjoy it and learn.

Applicant does not have to be a coach, but must be knowledgeable–more than the average fan about offenses and defenses in order to provide value to our discerning readership.  This analysis series does not continue into other sports–just the opponents of Oregon football.  For the right analyst/writer–this will be fun as we ALL learn more about our opponents, and these analysis will probably generate great discussions with fans of the other teams.

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