Spoof of Jameis Winston: Crab Attack!

Glenn Hanna FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

It is a Crab Attack!  He is outside the Rose Bowl…destroying things….looking for Jameis Winston! You have to admit….you didn’t see that one coming!  Our thanks to Glenn Hanna for his skills again…so we all get a laugh. Glenn only makes winners!  To put it in your Facebook as a video–the link is here. See more in the GIF section–go …

A New GIF! The No. 1 Rule for the No-Huddle in Zombieland

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

This is the second GIF from FishDuck.com and Glenn Hanna, commenting about college football.  This week we see the Arkansas coach, Bret Bielema, learning the No. 1 rule for both surviving against the No-Huddle and in Zombieland. Click here    Check back, as we intend to have more “Fun with GIFs” as the season progresses!

Off to see the Wizard! (The First FishDuck.com GIF)

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck FishWrap, FishWrap Archive

How many of us have laughed at the wonderful GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) of LSUFreek who poked fun at coaches, fans and teams in the south and east? We need a West Coast version, and thus the beginning of the FishDuck.com GIF Team to create the fun that our counterpart on the right coast has begun!  We are building a team to …