Gary Campbell Pleased With Oregon’s Offensive Attack

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In a interview for on Monday, I got to speak with Oregon’s longest tenured football coach Gary Campbell. Oregon displayed a tremendous effort on both sides of the football in their win against the Washington Huskies this past Saturday. The Ducks’ tenacious defense completely shut down Washington’s run game, while only allowing 4.8 yards per pass. Furthermore, Oregon was …

Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out: Damnation, Redemption and Hope

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Since the previous week featured so much condemnation and in-fighting among Duck fans, a win over a ranked UCLA team was just what the doctor ordered to settle down some heated feelings. It appears that it isn’t just Duck fans who have trouble getting along when their team is losing. UCLA coach Jim Mora blessed us with quite a show …

Duck Receivers Are No Passing Fancy

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Mike Bellotti raised a lot of eyebrows in 2007 with the relatively uninspiring, no-name hire of someone named Chip Kelly out of Division IAA New Hampshire.  Result: Oregon has been among the nation’s leaders in rushing since. During that span, perfecting the zone read has not only turned quarterbacks into de facto running backs, but it has made talented running backs even …

NFL goal helps Oregon tight end Pharaoh Brown push past tragedies

Victor Flores Men of Oregon: Players and Coaches

When Pharaoh Brown called his mother on graduation day, he sounded calm. Jeannetta Smith assumed her son was pulling another prank, but this one angered her. “This is not how you play,” Smith said. Brown wasn’t joking. His friend, Fred Zuber, had drowned hours earlier. He sounded calm because he was in shock. Brown, Zuber and three […]

Oregon’s Top Five Breakout Players for 2013

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Welcome back my feathered friends! With the heat rising to 116+ for almost all of last week in my city in the desert, I have been inside.  Enjoying the nice cool breeze from my air conditioner, peering out the smallest crack of the blinds to watch the sweaty people go about their days, and tearing my hair out deciding who …