Why Chip Kelly will Win Super Bowls at Philadelphia

By Charles “FishDuck” Fischer

The fans of Philadelphia have no idea what they are about to witness.  The greatest sports experience of their lives is about to unfold over the next four years, and they will be delighted with the winning, but confounded by the methods.  Football is not supposed to be coached this way, most will declare, but the NFL will be unalterably changed and Eagle fans will be in the eye of one of the greatest transformations the sport has seen.  The more discerning football fans of this city will be entertained by more than touchdowns; they will also find themselves caught up in the intellectual fascination of the strategies implemented and the genius of a very special coach named Charles “Chip” Kelly.  As he leaves Oregon and comes to Pennsylvania, I wish to offer as a parting gift a glimpse into why he will win Super Bowls at Philadelphia and give you the most total, overall thrills you can imagine from watching a football team.

We know this to be true at FishDuck.com because we have studied Kelly’s offense and methods closely through over 100 articles and 50 instructional videos that are viewed over 30,000 times a month.  We serve the “next-level” fan that doesn’t wish to study like a coach, but wants to learn a little more than the casual fan, and be entertained while relishing the additional wisdom to enjoy the games that much more.  Our website team has also been examining the crucial components of how Kelly organizes a program to create a mind-set with the players; a culture that is foreign to those of us observing it.  Let’s take a look:

Accept the Obvious

There are some who doubt whether Chip’s offense can succeed in the NFL, and I would assert that they simply have not done their homework.  Sam Wyche orchestrated one of the biggest NFL turnarounds ever, taking the Cincinnati Bengals from a 4-11 season to the Super Bowl the next year in 1988 when he created the “no-huddle” offense.  The Buffalo Bills had a great run of success in the 1990s with their version of the no-huddle, “K-Gun” offense that chewed up their opponents and racked up a ton of wins.  The “Zone-Read” element of the Chip Kelly offense can’t work for the Eagles?  Have you watched three NFL teams this season in Washington, Seattle, and now San Francisco rack up the run yardage on their opponents by adding the “Zone-Read” element to their running attack?  There is no question if his offense will work, since elements of his offense already have worked in the league going back over 25 years.


Fans will be amused by Kelly’s game plans, as he had me shaking my head at the surprises in nearly every game over the past two years. A new form of entertainment will begin in detecting the new tactics Chip will install for each new Eagle opponent.  In the 2013 Fiesta Bowl Coach Kelly caught our opponent unprepared against: 1) an unusual play from one game this year, 2) a forgotten play from a game last year, and 3) a confusing formation from a remote game three years ago in 2009.  Just when you believe you have figured out the combination, Chip changes the tumblers again while retaining a simple offense that can be implemented rapidly on the field by very young men.  My feathered friends — that is hard to pull off.

From 2009?

His coaching of the young, particularly those who are new to his system, is a wonder as he works his attack based on the talents he has, not on what his offense is.  In 2007 Heisman candidate QB Dennis Dixon went down with a knee injury that thwarted Oregon’s National Championship hopes, but few realize the extent to which Oregon was ravaged by injuries at the position that year.  Oregon was down to their fourth string QB, (Justin Roper, a redshirt freshman who later transferred to Montana) as the starter for the Sun Bowl that year and Coach Kelly devised a game plan for the statuesque Roper that utilized his talents.   Roper threw for four touchdown passes in that victory while Oregon set a record for points in the Sun Bowl (56).  It was Chip’s first year as our Offensive Coordinator, and I knew then we had something special in this coach as I watched the DVR multiple times spellbound.  I could not believe my eyes as we Oregon fans knew we were the ones about to get pasted going into this game, yet Coach Kelly’s game plan turned it completely around.  The mainstream media knows about the no-huddle, the Zone-Read, and the uniforms of Oregon, but none have written about Chip’s extraordinary game plans as we have studied and revealed at FishDuck.com.  Philadelphia fans are in for a ton of fun…..

A Football Counter-culture  

I was dismayed watching an early Chip Kelly Oregon football practice as I saw methods that I had never read or heard of being “experimented” with on my beloved Ducks.  “This better work,” became the mantra for many of us Duck fans as we saw drills with eight receivers and four QBs throwing at the same time to get in the most repetitions possible.  They raced through plays, never stopping for coaching a player on a mistake, saying that ”we do that in the film room now.”  Scores between the offense and defense were kept for a spirit of competition and maintain interest even in a practice session, with a reward for the winners.

The most annoying aspect of an Oregon practice was the blaring music that interfered with my concentration.  An usual background sound of Oregon spring practices had been the screeching ospreys that nest in the lights around the practice field and hunt in the nearby Willamette River which was now blotted out by this…noise.  It was later during U-2s “Beautiful Day” that I contemplated the blue skies of spring, and the fact that these young men lived with iPods in their ears every day yet fulfilled their normal tasks.  This distraction capitalized on their multi-tasking abilities, and helped their concentration with the no-huddle.  This is unlike anything you will ever see in a “normal” football practice…

Chip Kelly’s trademarked, “Win the Day” philosophy with the players made sense in doing everything right today, and thus success will come on the football field, but there was a surprising consequence from it.  Chip ignored rivalry games, playing down their significance like the revenge-based showdown in Los Angeles against USC last year.  “Every game is a Super Bowl” is how he focused his players, yet the notion of ignoring the emotional elements of the key games in a season is simply incomprehensible to veteran football observers. Note also that he didn’t call each game a National Championship but instead a Super Bowl? 

I personally disagree with this strategy, yet the result speaks for itself; within his amazing 46-7 record is the fact that Oregon never lost to an inferior opponent in the four years under Chip Kelly.  Yes they lost to Auburn, Ohio State, LSU, USC, etc during his tenure, but these were great teams in the college football world at the time Oregon played them.  To never have lost to a lesser opponent seems impossible, but was the result of the unusual culture created at Oregon, the opposite of what we would think, and is truly a football counterculture.

When I interviewed James Harris, the Oregon Football Chief of Staff for Chip Kelly (and now with the Eagles) this last winter, he disclosed a small window of details into a section of the vast football counter-culture Coach Kelly has generated.  Harris explained that the no-huddle was not just a strategy, but a Way of Life at Oregon!  It was planned within the practices, within the cardio-training, within the weight lifting program, and within the recovery for the athletes in the icing and massages.  The no-huddle was even planned within the nutrition and hydration programs at Oregon!  Each player was weighed as many as five times a day during fall camp in order to chart their individual fluid needs.  During the games we saw the managers Harris directed keeping track of the intake of all these players.  He explained that it had become an art form taking into account how long each player had been on the field, the length of the last drive, the humidity of the day — all the factors contributing to hydration.  Too much fluid and the players are sloshing around slower, yet with too little they would cramp up.  The no-huddle has been carefully planned within every aspect of the football operation, hence an opponent cannot “get in shape for two weeks prior” and matchup with Oregon.  It is a football counter-culture, my friends.

Is this “FishDuck” about to also become “FishEagle?”  Yes, and I will join thousands of Ducks in becoming an Eagle fan as well.  What is the only thing more enjoyable than observing Chip Kelly winning at Oregon?   It will be watching the integration of his offense, his fascinating game plans, and his transformative counter-culture into the NFL.  To quote Flounder from the infamous Animal House, “Oh-boy, is this great?!”

I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Charles Fischer


Charles Fischer & Chip Kelly

Charles Fischer (56) is a 38 year Oregon football fan and a financial advisor in Eugene, Oregon focused upon Planned Giving.  He is the principal of the website, FishDuck.com, as he and over 40 writers and editors are dedicated to helping Oregon fans learn more about Duck football for their increased enjoyment of the games.  The site has over 120,000 visits a month from over 50 countries as fans and coaches check in to see the latest Chip Kelly innovations and his instructional videos on the site are viewed between 30,000 to 40,000 times every month.  He can be reached at Charles@fishduck.com 

To learn more about the Chip Kelly Spread Offense-go up to the grey tabs and click on “Directory” and look for The Chip Kelly Oregon Spread Offense Analysis (Offensive Tutorial Video series) and then scroll down and look at the Fish Reports.  Enjoy!





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Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer

Charles Fischer has been an intense fan of the Ducks for thirty years and has written reports on football boards for over a dozen years. Known as “FishDuck” on those boards, he is acknowledged for providing intense detail in his scrimmage reports and in his Xs and Os play analyses. He and his wife Lois, a daughter, Christine, and their dog (Abbie) reside in Eugene, Oregon, where he has been a financial advisor for 30 years serving clients in seven different states. He does not profess to be a coach or analyst, but simply a “hack” that enjoys sharing what he has learned and invites others to correct or add to this body of Oregon Football! See More...

  • hoboduck

    I enjoyed the article and I agree that CK will win the Super Bowl with his new team. I found it interesting that the kids were weighed, sometimes 4 times a day, to track fluid usage etc. I had no idea college ball had come so far. With that little tidbit, I wonder how much more do I not realize about CB. (A lot) is the answer. It’s not just football anymore……but it is. Did that make sense?
    The movie Moneyball comes to mind.
    Anyway, loved the article and a thank you to you and your staff for enhancing my football education.

    CK’s leaving has forced me to become an Eagles fan. I did not want to do it. I use to be a huge NFL fan until all the teams started looking the same. Yawn Yawn. I too will follow him down the yellow brick road and he will always be…”our coach.” Dumb to say that, but that’s the way I feel. Some posters on other blogs have said, “that in a few years Chip Kelly will be a forgotten blimp on the radar of Oregon football,” I disagree. He wasn’t here long, but he changed the face of Duck ball forever.

    I wish you could post videos…..maybe the Eagles will grant Fishduck a special dispensation…..or maybe CK can put in a good word. :-)


    • fishduck

      Hey Hobo,

      The NFL is much stricter about video use than the Pac-12, so I do not anticipate being able to make full videos about the transformation of the Eagle offense. But making videos using screen-shots is permitted and could work very nicely to show what Chip is doing, as “we have seen this play before in the 2011 season, and he used it to…..” as an example.

      Making any kind of video is incredibly time-consuming and doing that beyond what I currently do with FishDuck.com and my career as an Investment Professional, would bite into my time for all those pursuits. I will donate my time for my beloved Ducks, but I would have to be compensated by the Philadelphia media for Eagle analysis, and it would be a good fund-raiser for the site.

      My friends in the Philadelphia area have told me what they have heard/seen from the local media, and they have been shocked at just how little is known/understood about Chip and his offense. I thought I would offer this article with some tidbits and wish them well.


    • fishduck

      The part about hydration you mentioned? That is something Duck fans did not know as I learned it from my personal interview with James Harris. There was more in the interview that was astounding about the training Oregon does in preparing players for the No-Huddle. I am debating about when/if that article will come out and it could have great relevance upon what is happening with the Eagles. (Recall that Chip has brought in a Sports Science professional for the Eagles, which matches the moves he made at Oregon)

      Thanks again Hokie.

    • That’s why they hired a ‘Sports Scientist’. :)

  • Mike Pitzler

    I agree with Hoboduck. I’m a new Eagles fan too, even though they play on the wrong day.

  • Nicholas Disilvestro

    Glad to have you on board as an Eagles fan Charles.

  • If you’re going to be an Eagles fan, you’ll need to ratchet up the pessimism a couple of notches! Thanks for all you’ve done with this site, which has really brought me up to speed on Kelly’s innovative offensive scheme. Despite my “Negadelphian” disposition, I’m very excited to see what Chip Kelly does with the Eagles in the years to come.

  • Great Article. I will echo what other Eagles fans have said. Your articles about Kelly’s offense have been great. No one hopes more than Eagles fans that you are right in your assessment.

  • Mike R

    Welcome to Eagles Nation, Charles. I am so looking forward to this ride with Chip Kelly and I’m looking forward to the insights you can provide. As for the first paragraph of this post, I can only say: From your keyboard to God’s ears!

  • Hopeful Eagles Fan

    I am an Eagles fan and a Chip fan (even prior to him joining my team), but I am also a bit of a skeptic. I think Chip has a great offensive mind and I think that the read-option can (and is) working in the NFL, but Chip’s greatest challenge in the NFL will be personnel. He does not have the personnel currently unless you think that he can transform Dixon into a NFL starter and Vick has many issues that will prevent him from greatness at this late stage in his career (injuries being perhaps the biggest).

    Personnel cannot be recruited in the NFL, it must be drafted and/or bought in free agency. I think Chip could devise a system to work in the NFL, it is just going to be a matter of whether or not he can work with the cards in his hand over the next 3 years (draft picks and current players).

    I sure hope so.

  • Cafone

    Hello Charles,

    If you are going to be an Eagles fan, one thing you will learn right away is that the local print media is mostly horrible. But we’ve got some great bloggers with their own sites.

    Check these out:

    Lawlor is our best.: http://igglesblitz.com/
    Kempski keeps us updated on the guys we play twice a year: http://bloggingthebeast.com/
    Too much optimism from Lawlor? Try some hard reality from Solomon: http://mcnabborkolb.com/
    Derek is back after a hiatus: http://www.igglesblog.com/

    It seems the print guys have been feeling the heat the last few years and a few of them are getting better with focusing on game tape rather than soap opera stories. A good example of this would be Sheil Kapadia’s Birds 24/7 blog: http://www.phillymag.com/eagles/

    Reuben Frank is worth reading too. And the official website videos are usually worth checking out when Greg Cosell from NFL films is on.

    Avoid anything written by Dave Spadaro and our moronic ex-governor Ed Rendell.

    Ray Didinger is the esteemed dean of Philadelphia Eagles sportswriters, but frankly he’s getting kind of old and hasn’t really been offering much insight for the last several years.

    And it probably goes without saying, but don’t even think of listening to Philadelphia sports radio via the internet. It is a pit with the absolute worst humanity has to offer.

    • hokieduck

      Thx for the references, Cafone. I have already found a few of them but not all. Eager to be an Eagle (fan)!

      Go Chip! Go Eagles! And, of course, go our beloved Ducks!!!!!

  • LandWorld

    I also think Chip will be successful. One of the other keys to his success is doing the unconventional. Look for the Eagles to go for it on 4th down 3-5 times a game, regardless of field position. Look for the fake punts and onside kicks. Look for the run in passing situations and vice versa. The NFL will not be the same. They will come a time that NFL time will be measured in BC and AD. Before Chip and After Ducks. It is gonna be fun.

  • Rob P

    Hi charles. Great insight, hope that everything you are saying here comes true. Eagle fans welcome you aboard with open arms! I’ve been an Eagles fan for 32 years, and it hurts to be ringless. Here’s hoping your guy can deliver!

  • eaglzflyrz

    Thanks for the great info about our new coach! As an Eagle fan, we are used to being disappointed with our team. A new coach and new philosophy gives us a new reason to believe we may actually win a Super Bowl some day.

  • Chad S

    Love the website and the informative videos. As an Eagles fan, I am glad to have found your website that helped me understand Chip’s offense as it was in Oregon. Hopefully, you will continue to cover Chip’s offense so when/if he changes it up, we will have a great place where a great “coach for the fans” breaks it down. Thanks Charles & others!

  • Chris

    “… he works his attack based on the talents he has, not on what his offense is.” THIS is so key to Chip’s success. As a dyed-in-the-wool Duck fan, I can only hope Helfrich, too, has this remarkable ability and that he keeps intact many, if not all, of the other aspects of the system Chip installed at UO.

  • BrettConnolly
  • Philly fan314

    Wow man thanks for writing this great article. It was truly entertaining and informative . I’m glad you became an eagles fan!!! I’ve watched many of your videos about oregons offense as soon the eagles hired chip kelly and I loved every single one of them. Great job

  • Trayvv15

    He needs to delete his website before NFL coaches read them and already know how to beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

    • FishDuck

      Tray…please trust me on this. If any coaches in the NFL are learning anything from this site….they will lose. One college coach who I told how another fan wrote what you did….laughed much longer than I was comfortable with. He knew that I am just a fan and have that kind of knowledge base.

      But you give me great credit and I thank you.

  • Jon Kelly

    Hey FishDuck, great article and points. I sure hope that everything plays out this way. Question: I’m curious to hear your view on the new article posted yesterday by the Wall Street Journal stating that the biggest threat to Chip’s fast pace no huddle offense will be the slow pace of the refs and the different rules in the NFL. Balls are changed after every incomplete pass. The NFL refs will not move as fast as the college refs. Your thoughts on how this will effect our no-huddle?

  • Adam

    Haha typical ducks fan stuff..Oregon nor Philadelphia will win a championship running chip Kelly’s offense..just watch the big games Oregon or chip kelly is in..you shut down the run like good teams do and the offense sucks

  • Adam

    Haha every nfl team is Better than osu who creamed mariota except the Eagles and maybe the team that drafts mariota