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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY—An Eternal Identity Crisis

    In governance, it’s a truism that if you want more of a behavior, all you have to do is subsidize it.  Of course, the dark side of subsidizing something is that it fosters dependency and an entitlement mentality in the recipients. When a public entity …

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    This is not my regular column because the topic is not about anything that regularly happens with Oregon Football. Chip Kelly has departed for the Philadelphia Eagles. To that I am inclined to say only, “Thanks Chip and good luck.” The man doesn’t technically owe …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY—Epic Clashes That Enrich The Pac-12

    You might recall the last time I mentioned the Stanford Cardinal because I certainly do.  I gave short shrift to Stanford Cardinal football, and after they beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl I will eat my words, along with a serving of crow. I apologize …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY: Losing The Right Way

    In these times of economic uncertainty and political discord, when one cannot even go shopping at a suburban mall or take in a movie without feeling the need to go armed, it is reassuring to know there is one constant to life in Oregon besides …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY—Enemy No One’s

    First, a housekeeping matter. I apologize for not providing the readership with a column last month. I had smashed my middle finger on my left hand in an ill fated attempt to repair my malfunctioning garage door and was unable to do production level typing …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY: So You Want To See A Gimmick…?

    There have been many occasions where the national punditry, and even opposing fans say the Ducks run a “gimmick” offense. The notion is that the Ducks can only beat those hapless programs beneath them through finesse tactics, that they don’t play “real football,” but when …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY—The Hammering Is About To Commence

    I have no direct experience when it comes to facing sports juggernauts, but my eldest now does since this past spring one of our district’s five Little League teams went through the season undefeated. My son’s team only lost six games and finished second, but …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY—Remembering the Evil Empire

    With USC fans gloating uncontrollably over the star magnitude of their 2012 recruiting class, I found myself dragged to the past for a moment. I could almost hear the Soviet leader during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Nikita Kruschev, screaming into a UN microphone, “WE WILL …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY—The Song Remains Same

    Take your mind all the way back to last May. The buzz around the conference then was the details of the television deal that Larry Scott negotiated with Fox and ESPN. Without rehashing all of the particulars, the biggest news was that each member would …

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  • FLYOVER COUNTRY: The Sports Bra Curse

    Anyone who has read my various musings over the years knows that I am not into conducting amateur psycho-analysis on opposing fan bases. That said, every so often, the “real world” intrudes and basically confirms what I already suspect about the opposition. Such an intrusion …

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