Author: Charles Fischer


2017 Oregon Football: Unlike any Season EVER

My friends, the title above is true. I am still blown away just thinking about it. As a 30-year season ticket holder and lifelong observer of Oregon football, I have never gone into a Spring or Fall Football Season like 2017,...


Oregon’s Recruiting SHOT Heard ‘Round the Pac-12

The title of this article isn’t meant to be phony; it really is true. 10 other conference members heard the “swoosh” sound of Duck feathers flying by them in recruiting … and they are whipping their heads around, looking towards...


Cleansing of Coaches: Is this what Oregon Needed?

The change of coaching staff has brought about an unexpected vibe beyond what I could have imagined (it figures since being a season ticket holder for 30 years), as I am used to coaching continuity at Oregon, and clearly not...