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  • Helfrich Featured Photo 2

    Happy With Mark Helfrich?

    What a difference a couple of games makes in our impression of the Ducks and Head Coach Mark Helfrich!  With the losses to Stanford and Arizona, along with the poor momentum at the end of last season–it all pointed to a big make-or-break year in 2014 …

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  • Featured Pic 21

    Byron Marshall Loves Oregon’s New Slot-Sweep Read

    How fun is it to see a new variation of a foundation play of the Oregon offense! The Sweep Read is one of those plays of the Oregon offense that has been unchanged since FishDuck.com introduced the play to football fans more than three years ago. Now we …

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  • Armstead Sack

    So … About This Defense …

    I was at the Oregon Club meeting 20 years ago in 1994 when Nick Aliotti christened the name of the “Gangrene” defense, and I recall the howls at the name. I remember thinking that “Gang-Green” was clever and fits us so well … but alas …

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  • Featured Pic 2

    Ducks get Physical with the Power Play vs. Spartans

    Oregon getting physical? We all know that the national narrative referred to the Ducks as soft and this game went a long way to refuting it, but how? What was the game plan that Coach Helfrich used to defeat the Spartans? There is an enormous …

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  • Fischer Pointing

    Football Terms for the Next-Level Fan

    My friends … we are beginning our fourth year of learning together, and it is time to have “the talk” about some fundamental terms, because an understanding of them gives that next step up of learning that you and the thousands of “Next Level” readers who come to this site …

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  • FishDuck Prank

    The Greatest Prank EVER Pulled on Charles “FishDuck” Fischer

    I had no idea what I was in for on Wednesday morning as I came into my office and began to check emails. I saw an ominous title of “Audit” and the sender as none other than the head of compliance at the investment firm I represent. Every …

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  • Featured Pic 11

    Royce Freeman Embraces Oregon’s Straddled Triple Option

    There were plenty of surprises in this game to please even the most ardent fan, but for me — the most satisfying was watching new freshman running back Royce Freeman run Oregon’s Straddled Triple Option as if he were a senior and following his offensive …

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  • Article Review

    FishDuck.com Rolls Out New, Incredibly Awesome Weekly Article Lineup!

    Duck fans — you have got to check out the lineup of incredible articles at FishDuck.com for football season! Learn where your favorite article themes and writers will land on the week and enjoy them as I do … as it has never been better at …

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  • Bear Defense

    Oregon’s Disguised 3-4 Defense – The Hidden Bear

    In press conferences, Defensive Coordinator Don Pellum referred to “doing something different” in the Alamo Bowl, while high school coaches that have attended spring and fall Duck football practices whisper about “Oregon’s New Defense.” Hype and puff — or is there some fire under the …

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  • Strobeck2

    FishDuck.com Photographer “Takes one for the Team”

    It is fun to go down memory lane involving not only our beloved Ducks, but also members of the FishDuck.com team.  In 2009 at Stanford–Oregon trailed as Jeremiah Masoli led a furious comeback but we came up a little short. There was a TD pass play where …

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