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Oregon Softball: Winning by Hook or Crook

The Duck softball team plays a wicked game of small ball. Early in a recent game against Utah, Alyssa Gillespie walked and the next batter Jenna Lilley singled and Gillespie scored. Later in the game, Janie Takeda singled and stole second. Lilley...


Dwayne Benjamin — X Factor for Ducks Hoops

When Hall-of-Famer Bill Walton broadcasts college basketball games with Oregon playing, he constantly faces the common reality that most individuals face. Around the University of Oregon student body and members of the press, especially Walton, forward Dwayne Benjamin is known...

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Why Your Bracket Went So Terribly Wrong

One round in, and your NCAA tourney bracket is shattered beyond belief. Why? Where did you go wrong? You calculated the assist/turnover ratio in neutral-site games played in December, but before Christmas. You searched the power rankings put out by...