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Taggart’s Solution to his Coaching Puzzle?

It’s now Friday morning, Jan. 27.  With letters of intent due in a week, and Ducks fans then having their first opportunity to view, and evaluate the work of, Willie Taggart’s [possibly] entire new staff of assistants, it’s a good...


New Dream Team Coaching Candidates Excite GOC, FishDuck

WARNINGS: 1. Most of this article involves “speculation” – some coaches named might eventually have nothing to do with Oregon football. 2. All of the speculated coaches’ names were stolen from the incredible research of Justin Hopkins at 24/7, Duck...


Coaches Comments: GOC Suggests a Coaching Change

The Grizzled Ol’ Coach, Mike Morris (a frequent contributor to FishDuck.com), has educated Oregon fans and me enormously with his wisdom and brutal honesty. He is suggesting a major change for the Ducks, but do remember that we have many guest coaches...