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A Tale of Two Games…and Two Offensive Lines

Charles Dickens famous opening to A Tale of Two Cities perfectly captures Oregon football and illustrates the vast range of emotions that its fans have endured in the last five years. It was the best of times, it was the worst...

Pregame 41, California,13,CS 0

Evan Voeller: Leader by Example

The subject of this profile is another one of Oregon’s very own, and he is as talented as they come. Evan Voeller hails from West Linn, Oregon, where he played four years under the Lions’ head coach, Mike Fanger. He...

Doug Brenner during the 2014 spring game. 0

Doug Brenner: Offensively Good

Doug Brenner is a rarity of sorts when it comes to the Ducks. It has nothing to do with skill sets or voluminous hair like Troy Polamalu, and everything to do with where he’s from. And that would be … the...