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    Surviving Pullman on Struggling Saturday

    This is what we wanted, right? The Oregon fan’s burden has always been that there will never be enough respect for the Ducks: that the offense is a gimmick, that their schedule isn’t tough enough, largely due to playing in an underwhelming conference. They’re told …

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    Opponent Analysis: The Covert Claws of the Cougars

    OK, get your laughs in now. Joke about how terrible the Cougars are, including their defense. The usual: “My 6-year-old brother’s Pop Warner team could beat WSU.” You guys got the giggles out? Good. Now we can move on to business. Washington State isn’t the joke …

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    Mike Merrell’s Three-and-Out: The Greatest Blunders of 2013

    It was a long, long time ago that I first saw a team totally snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Unfortunately, the team doing it was our own beloved Oregon Ducks. As I say, it was long ago, so I may be mistaken …

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    Mike Merrell’s Three-And-Out: Nick Aliotti Was Right

    I know. He was fined. It was not politically correct. It was even against the rules. But it was honest, and it was the truth. Just as Nick Aliotti intimated (well, spouted off, actually), during garbage time of last year’s Oregon/Washington State game Wazoo coach …

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    SEC ‘Gauntlet’ Missing Lower Teeth

    Those from the lower right corner of the country would have us believe that the fabled SEC gauntlet provides no rest for the weary warriors, as they battle their way through one formidable SEC foe after another.  Top to bottom, the SEC is just the …

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  • Bahdr

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Stanford Narratives

    Craig Strobeck The Spread Offense will never work.  Stanford’s win over Oregon was clearly evidence of that.  “Power Football” will always trump speed and innovation.  So give up Ducks, old-school football has and will always prevail. This is the narrative that emerges following seemingly every …

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  • Tt1

    Oregon Continues to Win as its Schedule “Improves”

    Craig Strobeck Worried about what we saw in Oregon’s game against Washington State last night?  Concerned about Oregon’s long-term prospects for the season?  Don’t worry; here is your weekly affirmation that everything will be ok — for now. Washington State is Much Improved . . …

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    College Football Nation: FSU Scalps Clemson and SEC in Mutiny

      This could be the best Saturday we have had in college football this season.  The upset bug was at work all around the country.  We are really starting to see who are the contenders (Alabama, Oregon, FSU) and the pretenders (Clemson, Georgia, LSU).  Team …

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