Beating Michigan in 2003: “How Sweet it Was!”

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck History

Remember the Michigan game at Autzen that was a life experience? My gosh it was electric that beautiful fall day with such a big game that went back-and-forth with a very dramatic ending. It helped to forge many of the things said about Autzen … especially from the Wolverine Coach Lloyd Carr and his legendary quotes.

I am working in the background on a couple of new sections for the website that will be very cool for readers to tap into, as they can have fun reading through it during a slow Duck news day, the off-season or whenever the mood strikes. I keep running into cool stuff in my work on these sections that brings back such wonderful memories and thought I would share them on occasion.

Kenny Wheaton with Kurt Liedtke

Kurt Liedtke was a partner on this site in it’s first year as a writer and editor, and then moved on to his love of creating videos, writing and assembling video clips of highlights in the big games. He has given thousands of hours of work for Oregon fans in his quest to promote the Ducks by creating a YouTube  channel or site called Keeerrrttt, that so many of us know so well.

I was going through his channel to add to our upcoming massive History of Oregon Football section, but after going through many of his videos clips have decided that I’ll also create a separate section on the site. I’ll be compiling and organizing many these clips and videos to make it easy to find in a new Player Highlight Clips section. Kurt has done a tremendous job creating great material and finding the game footage, but YouTube doesn’t lend it self to easy cataloging as I can do with a website.

So this will be a page in this upcoming new Player Highlight Clips section that features the 2003 Michigan game,with so many more coming in the near future. (I need help! If you can spare five hours a week, please click here.)

To learn more about stunning changes to the site coming up … click here.

So you can watch them over there for now, and later–I will have many organized and available on this site so you can relive the joy and fun of those glorious days in the past as I have. We all owe so much to Kurt Liedtke, the Unofficial, Official Oregon Football Historian, and I hope you enjoy the link to the clips as I have!

Keith Lewis made a big block against Michigan in 2003.


Oregon vs. Michigan 2003 Video Highlight Clips (29)

Video Clip Thread: Published September 17, 2011
The link above takes you to a group of short video clips created by Kurt Liedtke that you will love.


Oregon safety Keith Lewis blocks a punt recovered for TD vs. Michigan 9-20-03
Video Clip: Published September 18, 2011
The clip above (thanks to Kurt Liedtke) is my favorite as it is the loudest I’ve heard the crowd at Autzen for such an extended play. When it was over–the Duck Buddy at the game with me was trying to communicate above the noise, but couldn’t. So he began shouting into my ear….and I still couldn’t hear him due to the roar of the Oregon fans in jubilation. What a moment!


2003 Mike Bellotti Show: Michigan at Oregon 9-20-2003
Video: Published July 15, 2017
This is pretty remarkable as the UO Sports Archive (founded by Kurt Liedtke) is beginning to share these shows on YouTube and this one was just posted last summer.

Jason Fife scoring on a play that made Sports Illustrated.


2003 Michigan vs Oregon
Published February 5, 2017
This is the full game to watch again.


The Day the Ducks Stunned the College Football World
Text Article at
Published September 20, 2013
This is article from this site that has some entertaining quotes from always interesting Keith Lewis!

Look for more from over the next couple of months!

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

(The Top Photo and this one below are from former UO Photographer John Giustina)

A sack is coming against Michigan, 2003.
(We are all indebted to John Giustina who has donated his vast collection of Oregon pictures.

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