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Want to see a movie shot in Oregon and primarily in Eugene? It is a movie created by local artist Jerry Thompson, who has written many articles for FishDuck.com, and I’ve lost count how many articles I have contributed to his local magazine Ducks Illustrated. And you get to see Oregon Basketball Coach Kelly Graves in it, and a tremendous performance by retired college coach Ken Woody, who has written a ton of analyses for FishDuck.com and will be doing so again each week during the season!

Translated is a story that is fun, inspirational and will get you thinking as a Christian. And the scenery will make you smile…often! Silver Creek Falls, amazing views in Eastern Oregon, and so many recognizable areas around Eugene. So cool to see, as, unlike Animal House, this is meant to be shot in Eugene; they refer to Eugene, Oregon in the movie and not a fictional place. And the wonderful song we hear at the end of every first quarter in Autzen Stadium by country singer Matt Kearney, “Coming Home,” is stirring in the first part of the movie. Whew!

Jerry Thompson

Jerry Thompson should be very proud…

Translated is only running another six days in Eugene at the Valley River 15 Movie Cinema, and I wish every local Christian of every denomination would watch it, as the message is for us all. The Apostle Paul has been transported in time, or “translated,” and his visit to present day Eugene is quite interesting — and again, a fun movie for an Oregonian.

The majority of the cast are Oregonians, and Jerry told me that unlike on most movie sets “there was not a single big ego among the actors.” Wow. Later he was told by the major actors that every day on the set was “magical” for them too. I believe it!

I am so happy for Jerry, as this is quite a lifetime achievement, and I’m delighted for Christians in Oregon and especially in Eugene. The movie will be out on DVD in the future, and I would encourage you to buy it and support Jerry and the faith message.

I am still smiling, (thinking about the movie) and I wish my friend Jerry Thompson much further success.

Charles Fischer
Eugene, Oregon                                                                                                                Top Photo from Video

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