Learn from Retired College Coach Ken Woody (2017 & 2018)

Len Casanova and Ken Woody at an Alumni Game.

Learn from Retired College Coach Ken Woody

(30 Analyses from both 2017 & 2018)

Retired College Coach and former Oregon player Ken Woody breaks down the games of the 2017 and 2018 seasons (2019 season analyses are right here) and helps fans learn from his teaching and slow-motion videos the inside look at football strategy, and techniques by the players on both sides of the ball. He does not sugar-coat it, and points out the negative as well as the positive by our beloved Ducks so all readers can grow in their football knowledge.

Thank you Coach Woody! 

2018 Season Analyses


–30.  Duck Offense Loses in Santa Clara, Defense Wins Game
Text and Video Analysis: Published January 2, 2018
Coach Ken Woody explains the successes and the issues with our 2018 Ducks and gives a glimpse of what to look for in the upcoming 2019 season.


–29.  Ducks’ Ground Assault Breeches Beavers; Herbert Down and Out?
Text and Video Analysis: November 28, 2018
Coach Ken Woody breaks down superb play in the trenches versus the Beavers.

Justin Herbert


–28.  Duck Offense Found, Then LOST AGAIN
Text and Video Analysis: November 21, 2018
Coach Ken Woody shows some “Pin-and-Pull” technique on the offensive line and explains a superb Bubble or “Tunnel” screen versus the Sun Devils.


–27.  Battered Ducks Playing for Pride
Text and Video Analysis: November 14, 2018
Coach Ken Woody breaks down the disappointing elements in a tough loss to the Utes.


–26.  Kelly, Bruins get Run Over by Ducks
Text and Video Analysis: November 7, 2018
Coach Ken Woody breaks down some winning plays and ones to learn from against Chip Kelly and UCLA.


–25.  What HAPPENED to the Oregon Ducks?
Text and Video Analysis: October 31, 2018
Coach Ken Woody shows us the key plays that created the disaster in Tucson versus Arizona.


–24.  Game Day — A Perfect Storm for the Cougars
Text and Video Analysis: October 24, 2018
Coach Ken Woody breaks down some nice defensive plays and shows us just how close this comeback almost was versus Washington State.


–23.  Nobody Saw THIS Coming — Ducks Pound Huskies
Text and Video Analysis: October 17, 2018
Coach Ken Woody explains how Oregon achieved the victory of the season over the hated Huskies and broke down the game-winning play better than anyone.

Ken Woody during his playing days at Oregon…


–22.  Washington’s Huskies-A Team I Loved to Hate
Text Editorial Article: October 11, 2018
Coach Ken Woody gives Oregon fans a treat as he explains how it is be a player and coach in the rivalry game with Washington and no one else in either state could.  A fun and enlightening article on the bye week going before the Ducks play the Huskies.


–21.  Ducks Make a Psychological Rebound vs. Cal
Text and Video Analysis: October 3, 2018
Coach Ken Woody points out and explains a superb swing pass and a tremendous swim move that created a big turnover for the defense in the victory against Cal.


–20.  Ducks Show Promise; Coaches Need to Catch Up
Text and Video Analysis: September 26, 2018
Coach Ken Woody explains the superb gap control and downhill linebacker flow that keeps the Cardinal bottled up for much of the tough loss versus Stanford.


–19.  Coach’s Analysis: Are the Safeties and Corners on the Right Page?
Text and Video Analysis: September 19, 2018
Coach Ken Woody gives us three examples of how a corner at Oregon needs to improve his technique to prevent the big explosion plays via the air.

Jaylon Redd


–18.  Coach’s Analysis: Learning Moments for Young Ducks vs. PSU
Text and Video Analysis: September 12, 2018
Coach Ken Woody explains some technique at QB that could use more improvement and we fans learn more as a result from his expertise.


–17.  Coach’s Analysis: Ducks Smash Bowling Green, 58-24
Text and Video Analysis: September 5, 2018
Coach Ken Woody explains the good zone read by the quarterback for his biggest run of the season, and explains the many components of a scoring pass play with Jaylon Redd.


–16.  Ken Woody: “Ducks on the Right Track”
Text Analysis: May 9, 2018
Coach Ken Woody breaks down the Spring Game like few could imagine with features on both sides of the ball and gives Oregon fans hope for the upcoming 2018 season.


2017 Season Analyses


–15.  Ducks Not Ready to Play; Boise was…
Text and Video Analysis: December 20, 2017
Coach Ken Woody explains what went wrong in the Las Vegas Bowl with looking at the offensive line and linebacker technique. Watch the details in show motion video!


–14.  Ducks, Taggart Punish Beavers; Earn Bowling Trip
Text and Video Analysis: December 1, 2017
Coach Woody shows us why a play in the passing attack succeeded so well, and describes important details in offensive line pass protection.

Retired Coach Ken Woody


–13.  Textbook Defense, Herbert’s Return Energize Duck Victory; Civil War Next
Text and Video Analysis: November 22, 2017
Coach Woody demonstrates the superb leverage of the linebacker in slowing down the running attack of Arizona quarterback Khalil Tate, and the technique of freshman Jordon Scott at Nose Tackle for the Ducks. A fun analysis to learn from!


–12.  Ducks (Coaches and Players) Need to Focus Against Arizona
Text and Video Analysis: November 17, 2017
The Coach explains how the secondary coverage works and doesn’t, and explains how a Special Teams play changed the game and why.


–11.  Husky Nightmare Over; Time to Heal for Arizona
Text and Video Analysis: November 10, 2017
Coach Woody breaks down a passing play and excellent defensive line technique–from our opponent. Important points to learn!


–10.  After Duck’s Utah Win, Huskies to Test if Oregon’s Swag is Real
Text and Video Analysis: November 3, 2017
Coach Woody explain the superior leverage and pursuit angles by linebacker Troy Dye, and why sacks were made by defensive linemen Jalen Jelks, Henry Mondeaux and Jonah Moi.

Troy Dye


–9.  Ducks Must “Do Something DIFFERENT” versus Utah
Text and Video Analysis: October 27, 2017
Coach Woody explains how the quarterback made a superb play in a “Zone Read,” but missed a great opportunity on a passing down to keep a drive alive and what the error was…


–8.  Stanford Defeat Seems Like Last Year — Explosive Bruins Wait Their Turn
Text and Video Analysis: October 19, 2017
Coach Ken Woody explains how the Ducks learned proper defensive leverage and gap control the hard way…


–7.  Ducks Can’t Catch Cougars; Stanford Looms Ahead
Text and Video Analysis: October 13, 2017
The Coach emphasizes the importance of pad level for both sides of the line in a good learning session for all fans.


–6.  Only the Strong Survive: How the Ducks Dominated Cal and Prepare for WSU
Text and Video Analysis: October 6, 2017
Coach Woody breaks down an important defensive back technique and calls attention to some really special run blocking by the Ducks in this game.


-5.  A Look Back: Why the Ducks Lost in the Desert
Text and Video Analysis: September 29, 2017
Retired College Coach Ken Woody examines the pad level of the trenches for Oregon in this game and shows us through video the impact along with a Special Teams play.

FREEMAN: Continues his record breaking ways.


–4.  Coach Ken Woody: Breaking Down the New Oregon Offense
Text and Video Analysis: September 22, 2017
Coach Woody explains the success of a Run-Pass-Option play, (RPO) and some inner workings of the Power game on offense for Oregon.


–3.  Duck Defense Sets the Edge; Herbert Needs to Set His Feet
Text and Video Analysis: September 15, 2017
Coach Woody breaks down the defensive coverage of Nebraska and how one small component of running a route determines it’s success.


–2.  Can Nebraska Solve the Duck’s Offensive Skullduggery?
Text and Video Analysis: September 8, 2017
Coach Woody explains the assignments in Oregon’s running attack and how the numbers in the box can determine success of the play.


–1.  Coach Ken Woody: Observe the “Leverage” of Taggart’s Team
Text and Video Analysis: September 1, 2017
Coach Ken Woody explains and shows through slow-motion video the importance of  leverage and pad level of the Oregon offensive and defensive lines. A great primer for all!


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