Charles Fischer, The Man: A Toast to FishDuck

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We all know Charles Fischer, aka The FishDuck, host and moderator of, chieftain of chatboard chivalry, dean of Duckfan diplomacy. But from what humble beginnings arose this Charles Fischer, The FishDuck? And more importantly, who is Charles Fischer, the Man?

Charles started in 2011 out of pure fandom. He recognized the power of social media, the appeal of special-interest user groups, and rapidly improving editing and production technologies and thought a discussion website would be fun and rewarding for all Duck fans.“What could be more fun than a dialogue with devoted fans of Ducks Football?” he asked. So, he invested the effort, risk and money to put the site together.

Now, in 2019, Charles has a professional home studio that has evolved with the times. headquarters now come complete with a green wall, professional cameras, custom video editing software, supporting apps and software, massive storage and professional surround sound. Charles uses a Mac Pro with life-sized displays that connect to TiVo, with capabilities for still frames and slow-mo playback.

Charles is in the process of constructing a new forum, the Our Beloved Ducks Board, which he promises will be different than any other message board — ever. Charles’s capital investment has created the infrastructure for to create, edit, release, and store all and message-board content — past, present and future.

Charles and Abbie explain the Outside Zone Read to millions of viewers on YouTube.

Now between you, me and the internet, Charles does have one particularly dirty little secret: he grew up in Corvallis!  Moreover, his father was an OSU professor. That’s right …


Now hold on. Before you unsubscribe, note that Charles, like all of us, was a product of his environment.  Eventually wriggling free of his Beaver trappings, he went on to meet a lovely Oregon woman named Lois, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. Charles moved to Eugene, married Lois, and lo and behold his Beaver heart began to soften. Charles is living proof that there is hope of salvation, even for the most troll-like Beavers who repent and see the light.

Some of you may be surprised to learn that Charles does not work, eat, and sleep in his green room: he actually has a real life. For 35 years, Charles has owned and operated a financial planning business in Eugene near Valley River Center while he and Lois raised their daughter. But Charles has recently answered the call of another passion — Charitable Planned Giving — and is in the process of a career transition. Charles continues to live in North Eugene, and is working full-time toward his new career.

Charles loved the Golden era with Chip Kelly.

Though he works tirelessly at his business, Charles devotes time each day to He works with Editor-in-Chief Joshua Whitted, to help manage the site and schedule to keep all the moving parts organized. Over 20 volunteer editors and writers contribute most of the analysis and editorial content to the site, while Charles reviews daily articles, moderates comments, and keeps the site free of trolls and personal insults. Charles’s driving desire to keep the site fun and positive is borne of true conviction. It is a part of Charles Fischer The FishDuck as well as Charles Fischer the Man. It is his quality promise to all of us.

Charles Fischer is beginning his career as a Shameless Beggar asking for volunteers in one of his first videos.

As we tee up a fresh season of Ducks Football, let us all raise a glass to Charles Fischer, The FishDuck and a true Man of Oregon, and join him in saying …

“Oh how we love our Beloved Ducks”.

Brent Pennington
Greenville, South Carolina                                                                                                                                                              Top Photo by Lois Fischer

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Phil Anderson, the Volunteer editor for this article, is a trial lawyer in Bend Oregon.


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