Oregon vs. The Pac-12: One Truly Amazing Fact

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After my last article on Oregon’s all-time series record against the Washington Huskies, it got me thinking about how the Ducks are doing against the rest of the Pac-12.


Below, I include the all-time series record, as well as the record since 1994. Lots of readers in the comments noted the Ducks’ record versus the Huskies since 1994, which provides us with a, “What have you done lately?” perspective. That year, Oregon went to the Rose Bowl for the first time in 37 years, propelling the school into becoming the nationally recognized program that it is today.


Arizona: All-time, Ducks 27-17. Since 1994, Ducks 19-6. 


The Ducks have dominated since 1994. But Arizona has come away with some extremely critical, if not season-destroying victories over Oregon. In 2007, the Ducks had national titles dreams until Dennis Dixon’s knee crumbled in Tucson. A 2013 loss knocked the Ducks out of Rose Bowl contention, while the 2018 loss was an ugly, “What the heck?” moment for the Ducks, dropping them to the lowly Red Box Bowl.


Arizona State: All-time, Ducks 20-18. Since 1994, Ducks 16-8. 


The Ducks have won twice as many since 1994, including a 10-game win streak from 2005-2016. The 1995 loss to the Sun Devils at Autzen Stadium, featuring the great Jake Plummer, knocked the Ducks out of back-to-back Rose Bowl appearances. The 2000 game in the desert was one of the craziest games of all-time, i.e., no defense.


Oregon’s recent success began with Danny O’Neil and the Ducks winning the 1994 Pac-12 Championship. The program has steadily improved ever since.

Cal: All-time, Cal 41-40. Since 1994, Ducks 18-5. 


This was a bitter rivalry during the 2000s, after former Oregon offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford took over as head coach for the Bears in 2002. The Ducks lost 4 out of 5 from 2004-2008 but otherwise have dominated since 1994. The 2008 game in Berkeley was the wettest game I had ever attended, and unlike some wimps (who shall remain nameless), I didn’t seek shelter in a Memorial Stadium tunnel or restroom.    


Colorado: All-time, Ducks 13-9. Since 1994, Ducks 7-3. 


While in control of the series, two losses in the ’90s came against Rick “The Weasel” Neuheisel in bowl games. This includes his infamous fake punt in the 1996 Cotton Bowl, occurring late in the game and with a large lead over the Ducks. All Duck fans who witnessed this simultaneously barfed in their mouths, and the bitter taste remains.  


Oregon is 6-1 since the Buffs joined the Pac-12 in 2011.


Oregon State: All-time, Ducks 66-47. Since 1994, Ducks 19-7. 


Of course, the Civil War deserves a series of articles all its own. 1994, 2000 and 2009 were all classics and with the Rose Bowl on the line, with 2009 being a winner-takes-all trip to Pasadena.


Jeff Tedford: From friend to foe. After a successful run as Oregon’s OC, he helped make the Ducks vs. Cal game something special during the 2000s.

Stanford: All-time, Stanford 49-33. Since 1994, Ducks 14-10. 


The 2001 loss ruined an otherwise perfect season and a trip to the Rose Bowl to play a dominating Miami Hurricanes team for the national championship. In fact, Miami was so dominant and stacked with so many future NFL players that it led many Duck fans to believe that the loss to the Cardinal was a blessing in disguise, as Oregon might have been dismantled by the Hurricanes. Maybe so, but I would have liked to see that game.


Stanford has been the Ducks’ chief conference rival during the 2010s, as they are 5-5 against each other. I am intentionally not bringing up the 2012 loss in Eugene.


UCLA: All-time, UCLA 39-29. Since 1994, Ducks 13-7. 


The Ducks have won 12 of the last 15. The Ducks are getting within striking distance in this series. Unfortunately, since the inception of the Pac-12, they do not play nearly as often (two years on, two years off), so it will take a lot longer to catch the Bruins. How important was Dixon in 2007? The Ducks lost 16-0 without him in a game that was just plain ugly.


USC: All-time, USC 38-21. Since 1994, Ducks 11-7. 


Fortunately, the Ducks missed the Trojans in 2003-2004, otherwise, that mid-2000s three-game skid would have easily been five. But, other than that, the Ducks have controlled things against the Pac-12’s one, true, all-time blue-blood.


Perhaps nothing illustrates the importance of the program’s transition in that magical 1994 season than Oregon’s record vs. USC. While 11-7 since ’94, from 1972 to 1993, the Ducks were 1-15-1 against the Trojans.

Whoa! How times have changed.


In 2020, Johnny Johnson III and the Ducks stand as the current Pac-12 champions.

Utah: All-time, Ducks 23-10. Since 1994, Ducks 9-4. 


Ironically, the Ducks started out their iconic 1994 season with an early non-conference loss to the Utes. The Ducks are 5-2 since Utah joined the Pac-12. Of course, the biggest game in the series just occurred last December, in the Pac-12 Championship game.


Washington: All-time, UW 60-47. Since 1994, Ducks 19-6. 


Twelve-game winning streak anyone? (Read more here.


Washington State. All-time, Ducks 50-42. Since 1994, Ducks 16-10. 


In 2003, after the Ducks beat Michigan for one of the biggest wins in program history, the were exposed as frauds the very next Saturday by the Cougars at Autzen. That and the recent four-game skid are the pain points since 1994, but otherwise, the Ducks have handled the Cougars. This includes an eight-game win streak from 2007-2015.

Oregon’s All-time Series Record 6-5. Since 1994, 11-0.

That’s right, since 1994, the Ducks have a better record against every conference opponent.

Take a deep breath, let that sink in for a moment.

Oregon has built a solid college football foundation featuring excellence, while also withstanding some critical down-turns. And now with Mario Cristobal leading the program, the Ducks should only increase those all-time series leads. While the national championship has slipped through the Ducks fingers (or is it webbed feet?) multiple times, the Ducks look to be a contender year in and year out for the foreseeable future.

With that, it is only a matter of time before the Ducks capture the ultimate prize.

Darren Perkins
Spokane, WA
Top photo credit: Matt Zlaket

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